Large selection of Triumph underwear

Triumph underwear is produced in Austria and is today one of the biggest brands on the Danish market. In terms of design, Triumph bras and Triumph panties wide, and they have many classics and bestsellers that are sold year after year. It is not without reason that Triumph is sold all over the world, and of course also here at

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Netlingeri's selection of Triumph underwear and lingerie

At Netlingeri we carry a wide selection of lingerie, including a large selection of Triumph lingerie. Triumph means pampering and is your guarantee that quality and design are always top of mind. Regardless of whether it is a bra with lace, a practical bra or whether it is an everyday bra you are looking for, you will find the entire wide selection from Triumph at Netlingeri.

You can find both Triumph basics models where, among other things, emphasis is placed on the right choice of material and that it is underwear you can use every single day without ever getting tired of it. You can also find the great fashion collections filled with beautiful designs, lace and in the overall lingerie that will make you feel like a million. Triumph also offers you, nightwear, sports bras, which can reduce up to 75% of breast movement when you exercise. If it's swimwear or shapewear you're looking for, you can of course also find it.

The different models

It's not just in Denmark that Triumph is one of the most popular lingerie brands - in fact, the European brand is found in many places around the world, and there has been a lot of development since it all started back in 1886 with a few sewing machines and small collections. Triumph always tries to be innovative and innovative. Triumph strives to provide you with a large selection of lingerie, whether it is the classic or more trend-based models you are looking for.

Triumph wants you to always have many models to choose from, but you also want to be inspired and feel special. That's why Triumph makes beautiful collections every season, where they surprise you with new colors, models, patterns and designs. Today the selection is large and there is basically a bra model for everyone, regardless of whether it's a push up Bra, a padded bra, an underwire bra or a Minimizer bra. Read more about all the beautiful models below, which you can always find in stock, or order home.

Triumph Minimizer Bra

A Triumph Minimizer Bra visually reduces the bust by up to a cup size. It relieves stress, supports and is soft and comfortable to wear. The Minimizer Bra fits like a dream and without squeezing or pressing your bust, of course provided you have chosen the right size. The Minimizer Bra from Triumph is available in many different colors and versions, regardless whether you want a discreet bra without too many laces and details, or you want a bra with lots of fine details and sexy laces.

Enchanting Push up bras and bras with padding from Triumph

If you want a visually larger bust, you can try one of Triumph's many seductive and elegant push up bras that give a really nice and natural lift to the bust. You can also choose a padded bra or a bra with fullness, then you give your bust a really nice volume and get a bra with incredibly soft and pleasant comfort, great freedom of movement and also in a nice design.

Do you want to your bust for a bigger volume, you can look for the Sexy angel spotlight bra, which is a bra that has the most beautiful lace and the perfect fit for you who have a smaller bust. You can also find the padded lingerie without push up effect. There you can look for the Amourette spotlight bra, which has a smooth cup but where the straps are of fine detailed lace. The Amourette bra is perfect under a tight T-shirt or dress.

Bras with and without underwire from Triumph

Feminine and beautiful bras in various designs and forms. Find just the bra that suits your needs, regardless of whether it's a nice wire bra or whether it is a soft and comfortable wireless bra. No matter what you choose, all Triumph's bras are made of pleasant materials to create well-being and comfort and can be used both for everyday life and for parties.

Triumph shapewear

Triumph are great at making shapewear lingerie that gives you the best silhouettes and most beautiful shapes. With lingerie that contains the tightening effect, your clothes can fit perfectly and you can feel comfortable at the same time.

  • Panties
  • Bodystockings
  • undershirt

You can find Shapewear panties that are both high and low in the waist. The high ones will sit higher up in the waist and will be perfect under the tight dress. The panties give a nice lift to the bottom and smooth the stomach nicely. The body stocking and the undershirt with shapewear give you the perfect silhouette and smooth the stomach and the stomach nicely. The bodystocking has its advantages as it is a one-piece, and thus tightens all the places at once and gives you the most beautiful confidence when you pull on the party dress. See the selection of shapewear here.

Triumph sports bra

Triumph are so skilled in the field of to create lingerie made of strong and soft materials. With Triumph's attitude of thinking new and challenging themselves, they created their first collection of Sports Bras, which today have grown on you. Triumph sports bra collections have given them the desire to make sports bras with different designs and features. But before you buy a sports bra in a hurry, you must be aware of:

  • It is important that you get the right size and fit when you buy a sports bra. A sports bra must support your bosom when you are in hard movements, so that you avoid your breast tissue becoming limp. A sports bra should sit close to the body, that way you achieve the most optimal support.

There is a large selection of Triumph sports bras. You can find both classic and colorful and fresh sports bras. Triumph has taken care with the materials so that you will not experience any discomfort when doing sports.

Why should you choose a Triumph bra?

  • Light and functional
  • Innovative and super flexible fabric that ensures a good fit for a long time
  • Breathable material and moisture regulating
  • Wide circumference, which gives the optimal support
  • Can have adjustable straps

A large selection of Triumph bras on sale

We can please you with the fact that right now we can offer you lingerie from Triumph, which is on sale. You can find both the classic models but also the exciting and colorful models. If you find a lingerie set from Triumph on sale, don't wait too long, as the items disappear quickly. Sale items rarely come back into stock, as the models are only produced once.

Nightwear, robes and home sets from Triumph

We make your mornings extra cozy, or your evenings more relaxed on the sofa, then you should pull on the lovely nightwear or home set from Triumph. Both the robes and home sets are made of the softest and nicest materials you could possibly imagine. You are welcome to look at the selection. You can also find home sets and cozy clothes from the brands Missya and Femilet.

How do you wash your Triumph bra?

We hope you are happy with your lingerie from Triumph, and therefore we also think you deserve it to last a long time. That's why you get a little guide on how to give your lingerie a longer life.

  • Always follow the washing instructions carefully. If you do not follow the washing instructions, you lose the right to claim and return
  • If the washing instructions say that you may machine wash, then always use your washing bag. The washing bag ensures that your lingerie does not catch on the machine or, conversely, that your lingerie gets stuck
  • Wash gently to protect your lingerie from harsh winds
  • Do not wash your lingerie in warm temperature, this also applies to hand washing. The hot temperatures cause the elastic to break or become loose and then your lingerie will be ready to throw away
  • You must not dry tumble your lingerie. Hang it to dry instead of on a clothesline

Buy your underwear from Triumph at Netlingeri

When you buy at Netlingeri you get fast delivery and cheap shipping. If you buy for more than EUR 49, shipping is even free. There is therefore no need to look elsewhere for lingerie - we have it all. If you need help with the size or other questions about our lingerie, you can always contact our customer service on phone +45 41 40 75 00 or send an email to If you want to know more about washing lingerie and swimwear, get here tips and advice.