Large selection of Femilet underwear

Femilet is a Danish company that started back in 1923. Over time, Femilet has developed into a company with a focus on beautiful design and delicious details in order to fulfill their desire to create well-being from within. Large selection of bras and panties from the Femilet series: Juliana, Mary and Norah. Classic, feminine or sporty bras, whatever you want there will be a wide range of beautiful styles, cuts and fits for you. Femilet caters to every woman's body and ensures that there is something for every fit, so that you can follow yourself from the inside out.

In addition to lingerie, Femilet also offers:

Femilet makes both basic lingerie and fashion lingerie. Common to both collections is that all their products are produced in high quality, nice design and with a perfect fit.

The family provides inspiration for well-being

Find the latest inspiration and stay updated on the latest trends in lingerie and underwear. Here you can always find beauty, well-being and guides that make you more knowledgeable about the wonderful world of lingerie. Femilet doesn't just sell lingerie from Femilet's own brand. Chantelle is also part of the Femilet family. Both Femilet and Chantelle each have their own personality, each their own characteristics and each their own collection. They in no way resemble each other. With new collections and changing seasons, there will always be new inspiration for you. See lingerie from Chantelle.

What sizes does Femilet come in?

At Netlingeri we carry Femilet bras from AG bowl, so whether you have a small or a large bust, we are sure to have a bra to suit you. You can get the circumference from 70 and up to 95. You will find Femilet lingerie with push up effect, slightly padded or completely without padding. With several options, you can get just the Femilet bra that suits your needs. There will usually be 2 different sale Femilet panty models to choose from. You can also find beautiful bra tops in different models and designs. Some of the tops are available in sizes 34-44. When the bra tops are specified in these sizes, the cup size and circumference will be followed. Panty, Hipster, tai and string are carried in sizes 34-44 and sometimes up to size 46 in panties.

Which Femilet size should I get?

Well-being from within starts with the perfect size bra, and it is important that you find the right bra that fits your size and your shapes. If you are in doubt about which size you should use, you can take a look at our guide on bra sizes. With the size guide, you can be more sure of hitting the right size the first time. In addition, your bra size can easily change, but the sizes of the different lingerie brands can also have different sizes. It may be that one brand is tighter in the elastic than the other brand. That's why it's always a good idea to try your bra on before you cut off the price tag.

When you try on your new bra, pay attention to this:

  1. Covers the whole cup your bust
  2. Does the underwire sit outside your bust, and thus does not press anywhere on the chest
  3. Can you take the hook in the inner one, is the circumference too large
  4. Does the cup fit your bust without giving a double breast

Read more about our underwear from Femilet here

The wonderful Soft feel series from Femilet, lingerie is produced with extra soft qualities on the details such as straps, closures and side pieces, all of which gives it an optimal feeling and well-being. Even if your lingerie is not from the soft feel series, the materials on all the other lingerie still comfortable to wear. Femilet only makes lingerie that sits well on the body and has the perfect fit.

Are you interested in news from Femilet?

New lingerie will be released continuously throughout the season, both inside basic and fashion. Femilet has 4 annual seasonal collections, spring, summer, autumn and winter, so there is always new and exciting underwear to be found from Femilet. From Femilet, you can get underwear with beautiful soft lace, either in a mix with smooth qualities, or where it is completely pure lace both on the bra and panties.

You can also get completely smooth plain t-shirt bras' is if you want the bra to be almost invisible under the t-shirt. If you want the straps to be invisible for, for example, a top or a dress, we also have bras with removable straps. The family supplies both lingerie, bras, underwear, swimwear and nightwear/homewear. Common to all our collections is that they are fashionable designs, optimal fits and sizes from AG cup. If you want a larger selection of bras up to H and I cup, you should look for our brand PrimaDonna.

You can mix and match your Femilet

We have advantageously made it possible for you to mix and match the different lingerie brands with each other. This means that you can choose a bra from one brand and then find a pair of panties from another brand. You can therefore create your own beautiful lingerie set according to the colors, models and designs you like. best about. It is always an advantage to buy two pairs of panties when you buy one bra, since you will be wearing your bra for more than one day. There will be a lot of options for you when you can mix the different burned together. If you like basic panties, see the sloggi selection of seamless panties or panties made of pure cotton.

The selection of underwear from Femilet

Here at Netlingeri you will find a large selection of both Femilet basic and Femilet fashion items. Of the more popular basic series, we carry Angel, Lullu, Helena, Mary, Kristen and Platinum. These are also available in the fashion collection and in the current colors of the season, where we often have the colors white and black as a base.

We usually have most things in stock and can send your items to you immediately, but in a few cases the goods may be temporarily sold out from our warehouse, and we will therefore contact you to see if you want to wait the approximately 10 days it will take us to get the ordered size to your home. Shipping is always cheap and free on purchases over EUR 49.

Family swimwear and bikini sets

There is nothing better than summer, sun and warmth. Are you ready to hit the beach and still need your bikini? With the Femilet collection of swimwear, you'll probably need to be ready. Femilet surprises us not only with beautiful lingerie but also beautiful bikini sets and swim suit. Every spring Femilet will come up with a new collection of swimwear, where there will be both classic models but also colorful and more challenging models. All swimwear Femilet makes has its own design and fit. You will find both Femilet bikini tops with Big Cup, padding or with push up. A large selection of models where most have 2 pairs of panties to choose from, tai, hipster, midi or maxi.

The family has the classic Philippines bikini model, both with padding and in the Big Cup model, as always will be in the range, or can be ordered to your home. It may be that you are lucky enough to be traveling in the autumn, when the selection of swimwear is not particularly large. Then you will always be able to find help with Femiles Philippines models, which are adjustable and perfect for many women. Find your swimwear here.

Wash Femilet lingerie

We hope you are happy with your lingerie or swimwear from Femilet, and therefore we think you deserve it to last for a long time time. That's why you get a little guide on how to give your lingerie a longer life.

  • Always follow the washing instructions carefully. If you do not follow the washing instructions, you will lose the claim and the right to return.
  • If you must machine wash, always use your washing bag. The washing bag ensures that your lingerie does not catch in the machine or, conversely, that your lingerie gets stuck.
  • Wash gently to protect your lingerie from harsh winds.
  • Do not wash your lingerie or swimwear in excessively hot temperatures, also applies to hand washing. The hot temperature causes the elastic to break or become loose and then your lingerie will be ready to throw away.
  • You must not dry tumble your lingerie. Hang it to dry instead of on a clothesline.

If you want to know more about washing lingerie and swimwear, get tips and advice here.

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Do you have questions for Femilet

If you have one or more questions, we will of course be happy to help you. You can contact us on the phone number +45 41 40 75 00 all weekdays from 08.00 – 11.00. You are also welcome to send us an email at support@netlingeri.com, and we will reply as soon as possible.