Wool underwear

Wool underwear can be used in changing weather conditions

Today, only the finest wool is used for woolen underwear, which means that it does not scratch. Woolen undershirts are available in models ranging from narrow straps to long sleeves, and in both off white and black. Woolen underwear is used to keep warm, it holds up well and is good at transporting body moisture. Wool is one of the most widely used textile materials for underwear. Wool underwear can be used in changing weather conditions, as wool adapts to your body temperature. Wool underwear breathes well and can transport sweat away from the body.

The many good properties wool has in it make it possible for you to use wool for all kinds of purposes. Whether it's warm underwear you need for everyday life or a thin top for summer hiking. Even if you don't believe it, wool can actually be used at any time. Wool has a reputation for being rough and scratchy, but wool has long been soft and perfect for underwear. You are welcome to look around the range and maybe you will find something you cannot do without.

What is wool

Wool comes in a large selection of types and qualities, each of which has its own characteristics, which also means that the wool varies in price. Most of the wool comes from sheep, and it's all about how long, fine and twisted the wool fibers are. The finer the wool fibre, the softer and less scratchy they are. Most wool comes from sheep and is a textile fiber which is spun into yarn or thread. Wool is remembered by many as being frizzy, but today wool can become incredibly soft and comfortable to wear on the body.

Wool can both keep you warm in the cold winter weather, but conversely it can also help you not getting too overheated in the hot weather. Wool adapts to your body temperature so that your body feels as comfortable as possible. Wool transports moisture away from the body, and the surface structure of the wool fibers can make your underwear more antibacterial. Wool can continue to warm your body even when it gets wet.

Wool underwear with good properties

You may come to love wool, and it may become absolutely indispensable for you. Wool is a fantastic material and especially for your inner layer, which sits directly on the body. Wool underwear is incredibly comfortable and functional on the body. You're probably thinking that you shouldn't wear wool underwear because it scratches. You can think again. Much underwear is made from fine wool types and qualities, which will be incredibly soft when worn. Wool as the inner layer means that you can always stay warm, dry and comfortable. Here we give you some reasons why you should choose woolen underwear.

  • Wool keeps you warm in the cold weather, but is also cooling in the warm weather. Wool will help the body to regulate its temperature in all kinds of weather.
  • Even if wool gets wet, it will continue to retain its insulating and temperature-regulating properties. Wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight.
  • Wool is sweat wicking, and transports sweat away from the body and keeps your body dry.
  • Wool won't smell because the wool is so good at handling moisture and is antibacterial.
  • Wool does not curl in the wash or when used.

If you still want breathable underwear, but it doesn't have to be wool, you can look at cotton underwear here.

Nice wool underwear

You will be able to find wool underwear that is classic and neutral, but also underwear that has small details. Even if you think wool underwear is boring, it can suddenly become a "must have" for you. Once you've tried wool underwear for the cold winter, which you won't be without next winter. The brand Femilet, which has wool underwear, has a small detail on their wool range that you can use under your dress or T-shirt with a low neckline.

The brands Femilet and Triumph are good at making good quality 100 percent wool underwear that doesn't scratch. The woolen underwear is available with narrow and wide stops as well as with long sleeves. In addition, the panty models, maxi, panty and hipster will also be in the selection. You can choose between black and off-white. If you are in doubt about which panty model you should use or which suits you best, you can click here and get instructions in panty models. If you want lingerie with more details or colors, you can go to the category "products", where come a large selection of options.

What are the properties of the different wool qualities

  • Angora wool is wool that is light, soft and some of the warmest wool available. However, Angora wool is very fragile and is therefore often mixed with other types of wool.
  • Kashmir wool comes from the Kashmir goat, which lives in India, China and Pakistan. The wool is incredibly fine and soft, and is some of the most expensive wool you will find on the market.
  • Merino wool comes from the merino sheep. The wool is made of fine wool fibres. Merino wool is really good for underwear because it is light, airy and does not scratch.

But woolen underwear is scratchy!

No - fortunately the time of scratchy woolen underwear is long over. Today, our wool underwear is made from the softest wool fibres, which are gently treated to maintain maximum softness. If you buy one of the good items in wool, you will not experience any kind of discomfort. Your everyday life with wool will be fantastic.

Wool underwear does not smell

If you are in a situation where you have to use your wool underwear several days in a row, you will also be helped along the way by the wool's good properties. Wool underwear does not absorb body odors in the same way as cotton clothes do. It is actually possible to wear it for several days in a row, with moderate physical activity, without it smelling. Fortunately, it also dries quickly, so if you have the opportunity to wash it in the evening, it will usually be dry by the next day.

How to wash and maintain your woolen underwear

You must wash your woolen underwear gently and follow the washing instructions. It can be a great advantage to use the right wool detergent, as it preserves the lanolin in the wool fibers - and it is precisely the lanolin that helps preserve many of the wool's good, natural properties. Instead of washing your woolen undershirts, you can initially try airing them instead, it may be enough once in a while.

But how can your undershirt be ready for use without washing it? Wool has a natural self-cleaning ability, which is why you can go many days with your undershirt before it starts to smell of sweat. You must not wash your woolen underwear in too hot temperatures, as your clothes can risk shrinking. If you want to know more about washing or what the washing instructions say, you can look at our page tips and advice.

Ask us if you have any doubts

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