Large selection of Freya underwear

Freya is a super good brand for girls with slightly larger or heavier breasts. Freya has some super good basic models, but is also always with the brand new trends. All their bras have a super good hold and support, and are produced in delicious materials. The brand specializes in bras in large cup sizes and the design is anything but boring. Freya is not only meant to make you feel beautiful, but also to make you look beautiful. A mission to give you the perfect fit and the beautiful expression and make you feel beautiful and feminine.

Freya has existed since the 1920s and has a strong focus on women with a larger breast size. Even if you have a big bust, it doesn't mean you don't have beautiful shapes, and Freya wants to show you that. You have to see the beauty in yourself. With good fits, strong materials and the greatest knowledge, Freya gives you great opportunities to find just the right bra and panties. Freya gives you fashion, trends and perfect fits, so you can feel comfortable both in everyday life and at parties.

Freya history

Since 1998, Freya lingerie has worked on making women feel amazing. However, the company behind this delicious brand dates back to 1920. A lot has happened since 1998, and Freya not only stands for beautiful lingerie, but also for e.g. swimwear.

Freya is innovative and innovative

Freya works every day to make their lingerie or swimwear even better. They strive to provide you with the perfect bra, with good materials and with good support. They keep up with the developments and changes and always keep up with fashion and trends. Freya pays attention to the materials, fits and sizes.

Freya is dedicated to providing you with the best underwear

Freya can provide you with the perfect underwear or the best bikini set, with beautiful details and good support. Freya's hottest styles give you just what you need. Freya focuses on the large cup sizes, so if you think your bust is large and perhaps heavy, there are beautiful designs and models for you that can make your everyday life better. You will find cup sizes from D cup all the way up to K cup, and circumferences from 70 to 85.

Since Freya has cups all the way up to K cup, this means that Freya addresses you, who have a full bosoms that will not compromise with a nice design or fit. There will be padded lingerie for you, but also bras without. All the Freya bras you can find in the selection have the perfect fit, the best material that supports your bust 100 percent, and at the same time gives you a nice and natural lift and rounding of the bust.

Freya does not have the same cup sizes as other lingerie brands

About 80% of us women, unfortunately, have the wrong cup size. Are you one of them? And why do you really need the right bra size and what makes the right fit for you?

  • More or better comfort
  • Less chance of sagging the busts and straining the breast tissue
  • Better posture
  • More confidence - If you feel good under your clothes, you also look better and more satisfied without on

It is a good idea to pay attention to Freya's lingerie sizes, as they are not the same as the sizes of the other lingerie brands that you are familiar with. We familiarize you with Freya's sizes so that you can get the right size from the start. Freya is an English company and therefore they work in sizes called inches. The sizes will therefore be different, both in cup size and circumference size.

You can find your size for Europe and then see which size to choose in Freya, who works in UK sizes. If you are in doubt about which size you use in European sizes, you can get a size guide here, and then look in the table at Freya's sizes.

  • If you have a normal circumference of 75, it will be a size 34 in Freya's lingerie
  • Do you have a normal cup size is E, then cup sizes will be DD instead when it is Freya

The sizes are therefore not the same at all, and therefore you must be aware of what you click home when you shop with Freya.

Mix and match Freya with another brand

At we make it possible for you to mix and match the many different brands with each other. You can choose a bra or bikini top from Freya and mix it with a pair of panties from Missya if they have a model you'd rather have. It's always exciting to be able to mix and match between the stock and create your own. own lingerie set or bikini set. Knowing that you can choose between models, colors and designs, you can get exactly what you want. Find your new Freya bra and then see the selection of panties and shapewear which can match it.

Offers on Freya

Of course you have to pamper yourself with lingerie from Freya a once in a while. You can therefore be lucky enough that there will be an offer on Freya and even luckier that your size is waiting for you. There will be both colorful bras on sale, but also soothing and neutral colors for you. If you are interested in more pampering, lingerie and swimwear at sharp and cheap prices, you will be able to find it under offers here.

Swimwear from Freya

Luckily Freya also makes swimwear with the same great focus as they have on their lingerie. You will find a lot of fresh designs, colors and good models, so you can feel comfortable when the summer comes. has a huge selection of swimwear in many different shapes and models that will surely be something for you and your needs. See the range of swimwear.

How to wash your Big Cup bra – Read here and give your bra a longer life

Here you have the opportunity to read about how to wash your Freya lingerie and swimwear, as you must of course enjoy it for a long time and for several seasons. It will always be a good idea to follow the washing instructions carefully, so that you ensure yourself that you are washing your lingerie correctly. When you buy quality underwear, lingerie and swimwear, you must treat the products properly. Here are some tips for you.

  • When you are not using your bra, it is a good idea to lay it down as it is shaped. You must not put one cup inside the other cup, as the cup shape will disappear.
  • Wash your lingerie by hand, unless the washing instructions say otherwise.
  • If you wash your lingerie in your machine, you must remember your washing bag so that your bra is not destroyed in the machine or vice versa.

If you need more advice, read on: Advice and tips.

How quickly can you receive your new bra - Read here

When you order your goods, you will receive them as soon as possible if they are in stock. You have a full 365-day right of return, so you can try your new Freya lingerie. Also remember that you get free delivery when you buy over EUR 49. If a pair of bras and maybe two matching panties are included in the shopping basket, don't feel guilty - it just makes the delivery free. At the same time, you can also read our trade conditions here.

Ask us about your bra if you are in doubt - We will help you

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