Tai panties

Large selection of tai panties

Here are Tai panties for every taste! For those who want the piquant and lacy and for those who want a little more from their panties. All Tai knickers are in delicious materials, with soft lace and a super good fit. The Tai panties are characterized by the fact that they go up to the waist and have high leg cutouts. This can give the illusion of longer legs, which most women would welcome. Tights cover a good part of the rear.

A selection of variations of tai panties

Although all tai panties have these common features in common, there are great variations in the design and choice of materials. This gives you the opportunity to find a pair of panties that suit your personal style. Are you more into lace designed as fine flowers or sexy patterns? Or perhaps for beautiful colors that bring to mind summer and parties? It could also be that you just want some comfortable panties in the highest quality material, which feel soft and delicious against your skin.

Fortunately, Netlingeri has collected a large and wide range, so you can find everything from comfortable models from Sloggi to sexy panties from Calvin Klein. In between, of course, there are many variations, so it's just a matter of exploring.

Tai panties for every taste

Netlingeri carries the best brands, which is your guarantee for a high quality whatever it is Tai panties, nursing bras or nightwear, which must be added to your shopping cart. We have a 365-day right of return on all goods and quickly dispatch your order. If you buy for more than EUR 49, we even pay the shipping.