Cotton underwear

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Cotton underwear is for everyone, and we aim to have a selection that appeals to most people. The cotton underwear at Netlingeri is exclusively of the best qualities and brands. Cotton underwear is for you who place great importance on soft materials and a good fit. You will find underwear from amazing lingerie brands that strive to deliver their products of high quality, whether you are looking for panties, lingerie or undershirts. You will be presented with cotton in the best brands, Femilet, Sloggi and Triumph, which together can give you a large selection in different models and designs. If you are looking for cotton underwear, then you have come to the right place.

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Cotton is a natural fiber that is also called cotton. Cotton has been used in the textile industry for at least 3,000 years. The use of cotton is still increasing. Cotton can be spun into small threads that can be used to produce clothes, lingerie and many other textiles. Cotton is a fiber that grows on the cotton plants that are grown on 5% of the world's total agricultural area. A cotton plant requires sun and a lot of heat, which is why it grows in countries further south than Denmark. China and India are the leading countries in cotton production.

When you use cotton, you can be sure that you are working with a fiber that is strong, moisture absorbent, comfortable on the skin and easy to dye. If you want your underwear or lingerie to be made of natural materials, cotton will be a good start for good comfort. Be aware that viscose and cotton are not the same. Viscose fiber is a synthetic fiber, as it is based on mixed natural materials, which is why it can resemble cotton.

What is cotton underwear

When you go shopping underwear for yourself, of course it must fit properly and be comfortable for you to use. Cotton underwear is mostly in classic and neutral designs. It is a material that makes your lingerie comfortable to wear on your skin in everyday life, as well as being breathable and moisture absorbent. Your cotton underwear is made of a strong material and thus also lasts a long time. You will find that you can wear your cotton underwear for a long time.

Cotton has for many years been a large part of the textile industry, and many manufacturers make good use of this fantastic natural fiber. You will find the brands Femilet, Sloggi and Triumph, which all supply underwear made of 100% cotton. You can choose between cotton undershirts with narrow and wide straps, with or without lace. There will also be panty models, tai, midi, maxi and short, which can be chosen with lace if you want some detail. There will surely be what you are looking for. You will find designs in black, off-white and white colours. You can also see the selection of wool underwear here.

When should you use cotton underwear?

You can actually use cotton underwear all year round, as it is both breathable but also gives you some warmth. Cotton is comfortable on the body and therefore a lot of clothes and underwear are made in cotton today. If you are outside in the cold to a greater extent and winter is coming, it may of course be necessary to supplement with wool underwear, which provides you warmer than what cotton does. See the selection of wool underwear here.

Another option is to use cotton undershirts over the bra if the top or dress you are wearing is too sheer or low-cut. You can also use the cotton panties together with another bra at home if you prefer the comfort of cotton as panties, but still want a nice and colorful bra. The advantages of choosing cotton underwear are that is durable, comfortable and breathable. Cotton is not a fiber that retains body heat, you'd better switch to some wool.

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You will find panties from Triumph among the cotton underwear, which look different in the description. The panties in the material Modal, which is a natural fiber and is very similar to cotton, but it is more absorbent than cotton.

How to wash and maintain your cotton underwear

When you If you want to wash your cotton underwear, you must follow the washing instructions carefully so that your underwear lasts as long as possible. It can be different between the lingerie brands what they recommend you wash your underwear in. Your underwear sits closest to the body and must be completely clean, therefore it will most often be able to withstand being washed at 60 degrees. If you are in doubt about what the washing label tells you, you can see it here.

How much your cotton underwear shrinks

There are some rules of thumb you can follow when buying your underwear. There can be a difference in the quality of cotton, and the better the quality, the less the clothes change when you use and wash them. You can use the price to guide you a little. The price and quality usually go hand in hand. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton will give when used, but not so much that there are several sizes in change. Cotton is a loosely woven fiber that can shrink to 10 percent. Woven cotton often shrinks less than knitted cotton.

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Cotton underwear is here to stay, and if you find the right model and fit, then don't be afraid of it disappearing. The cotton underwear from Femilet, Sloggi and Triumph are brands that will be in stock every day and the cotton goods are basic items. You can quickly get an overview of the selection of cotton underwear, and thus click it right to your home. Your goods will be sent to your home and if you buy for more than EUR 49, we will pay for the shipping. You will have a full 365 days to return your goods if they do not quite fit the size. You can read more about your purchase, delivery and return here.

Cotton nightwear and tights – See here

It is not only in your underwear that the natural material cotton is. You can also find nice nightwear, soft dressing gowns and stockings that are made of cotton. If you have just come out of the bath and need something soft and comfortable for your body, jump into your new lovely nightwear or dressing gown which you can find here. You can also write "cotton" in the search field at the top of the page, where you will be shown different products in cotton materials. Decoy has made leggings in cotton, with a little elastic in them, so they fit your leg naturally. Leggings are tights without feet and can be found here.