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With a bra from Triumph you get the perfect bra, which is modern with a super good and comfortable fit. At you will find a wide selection of modern bras from the well-known German brand Triumph. Large selection of bras from the Triumph series: Minimizer and Amourette. Triumph is a world full of delicious underwear for women who like modern luxury mixed with feminine details.

Triumph is a gradually older brand that started way back in 1886. The good experience and ability to create innovative and modern underwear can also be seen in the large selection that you will find with us. All the beautiful bras from the well-known German underwear brand Triumph are all produced in wonderful materials that let your skin breathe and therefore feel very comfortable to wear. A bra from Triumph that you can always feel comfortable in.

How do I find the perfect Triumph bra?

All women are different and so are their breasts. Breasts are never the same and of course this makes great demands on the perfect bra. A bra must support, lift and shape the breasts so that they look natural and beautiful. Triumph's large selection of different bras makes it possible to find the perfect bra. Regardless of whether it is for large or small breasts. Comfort is alpha and omega, and the same principle applies to your bra. It is important that you find the right size, so that the bra does not pinch and squeeze into the skin.

Finding a bra with good wearing comfort is very decisive for how you will experience having your Triumph bra on every day. For that reason alone, it is important that you familiarize yourself with your needs and what you want your bra to emphasize on you. The carrying capacity is also decisive for whether your bra will press into the skin. Primarily because it is worn incorrectly or in the wrong places. With us you will find beautiful bras from Triumph, which vary widely in sizes from an A to a G cup. The bras are available in various modern colors and with small feminine details. The Triumph bras are available in many different variants, from those without underwire and with underwire, push up, strapless and full cup bras.

Triumph celebrates adorable and feminine lace

Since its inception in 1886, Triumph has been able to develop underwear and bras that are always full of the latest fashion and cut. This also applies to the many different models that the brand has designed over time. Among the many models you can find all kinds of bras, and therefore also beautiful bras that are suitable for many different apartments. Including beautiful seductive bras with and without lace, Minimizer Bras or a beautiful push-up bra. All Triumph bras are created in quality-conscious materials, which are made with an exclusive processing. A processing that gives you exceptional wearing comfort, regardless of which Triumph bra you choose.

When should I throw out my Triumph bra?

Not everyone thinks about it that. But a bra, like so many other things, can actually become too old. As a rule, a bra in a quality like the ones you find at Triumph can keep looking good for approx. 8 months. If you use it frequently. If you use your Triumph bra regularly and it starts to get too old, this can be seen by the small elastic bands in the bra starting to break. If your bra is finely decorated with small lace, these will also gradually start to look boring and worn. Buy your beautiful bra from the very popular underwear brand Triumph on this page and get a beautiful and modern Bra that gives you the perfect support and comfort that you need.