Sports bra

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A Sports Bra is built to provide maximum support during fast movements. Researchers have found that a bra without the right support during exercise and sports risks weakening the connective tissue so that the breasts start to hang. A good sports bra can reduce up to 75% of breast movement during exercise. It is very important that when you buy a sports bra for fast and hard movement, that it gives you maximum support, both for your bosom, but also for your shoulder and back.

A sports bra or a sports bra is a piece of underwear that you can use when you are physically active, especially in connection with running, in the gym or just doing sports exercises. The sports bra is a bra that focuses on minimizing the movements of the chest and gives you better comfort. Your sports bra should help reduce the risk of you getting damage to your breast tissue. On the website you will be able to find a selection of different sports bras, and hopefully there is one for you too. Look at our website and feel comfortable when you play sports.

What effect does your sports bra have on your breast tissue?

A bra with or without underwire helps to support your bosom and breast tissue. It is important that your breast tissue gets good support with a bra, so that the breast tissue does not become too loose. If your bosom does not get some kind of support, you may find that your bosom will sag after some time.

When you do sports, it is incredibly important to use a sports bra, as your breasts must have the maximum support when you make hard movements. If you do not use a support for the hard sports movements, the breast tissue will quickly become limp. Take care of your breast tissue and use a sports bra when you play sports.

Notice the fit - Read more here

When you go out and choose a sports bra there are several things you should consider. Firstly, it is of course important that your sports bra fits correctly when you are out exercising. So it is not enough to stand in front of the mirror and see if it fits nicely - it has to feel right. Swing your arms, run on the spot, jump up and down a little - and notice if there is anything that tightens or bothers you. If there is something that bothers you when you jump or run a little instead, it only gets worse when you have to go out and use your Sports Bra for real. Your sports bra must fit perfectly, hold your bosom firmly and not slide around your body when you move.

When checking a sports bra, pay attention to the circumference. Is the circumference fixed in the natural way, and does not slide around the body when you lift your arms or similar. then you have just the right circumference. The circumference is the one that should support your bust the most, it's not the straps that should support your bust. However, you should also look at the thickness and shape of the straps and see how they sit on your shoulders. You will be able to find a selection of sports bras where you can adjust the straps to a cross on the back. A sports bra with a cross back can have the advantage for you that the pressure on your shoulders is in a different and better place.

Which sports bra is best

It all depends of what size your bust is, as well as which model suits you best. No brand is better than other brands. The different brands will have different models, which of course means that there will be many options for you to choose from. You can find sports bras that are both best for you with a small bust, but also you with a large bosom who needs good support, both for your chest but also for your shoulders and back. For you with a large bosom, you have the option of finding a sports bra 'are with wide stops, which will be distributed over a larger area on your shoulders. Wide straps will be more comfortable for you. If you cross your bras on your back, your chest won't feel nearly as heavy when you do sports.

Proper bust support – Be aware of your support

It is of course your Sports Bra's most important job to provide proper support to the bust. But proper support is not the same as your bust being pressed completely flat. Then you simply run the risk of the breasts bumping into each other in the passageway, and it can become really uncomfortable in the long run. It is important that you get a bra that is the right size in the cup, so your bosom gets enough room to move. The bowl should of course still fit tightly in the bowl and around the circumference, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. The cup must close naturally around your breasts, so that the bosom does not jump out when you are in motion.

The materials that the brands Triumph, Anita and PrimaDonna uses is of high quality. The materials give you the best efficiency and allow your skin to breathe. Your sports bra may contain polyamide, which makes your sports bra more firm and also wet. The strong fiber material, polyester, helps make your sports bra easy to use and clean, as it does not shrinks. There will also be elastane in your sports bra, which is the elastic that makes your sports bra elastic to use.

Find your favorite - and try something new

You probably have found your favorite sports bra, which you have always been used to using, as it is the best for you and your sport. That's why you'll probably also go in and buy the same model the next time you need a sports bra. Even if it's the same Sports Bra you buy every time, the design and materials can easily change a little over the years. It could also be that there are some new Sports Bras on the market, which you actually fit better. So find a good sports bra, but also try new ones once in a while. It could also be that your breasts change over the years.

You will always have a selection to choose from, this applies to both brands, sizes, models, colors and much more. You can find sports bras in cup sizes A to F, and with a circumference from 70 to 90. The new trends and fashion colors will also be found on the website. See the large selection of sports bras but also accessories such as running shorts, running pants, running shirts in both short and long sleeves.

Brands, buckles and pleats on your sports bra

What do you need your sports bra for? If it is intended for yoga, gymnastics or other sports where you lie on your back, please note that the Sports Bra must not have buckles on the back. Most sports bras today do not have very many details as it is most important that it does not bother you anywhere when you do sports.

You will certainly also notice that there are instructions stuck on your new bra, which will definitely bother you in the sport. So that it doesn't bother you, you can just as well cut them off - but remember to make a note of how to wash and treat your sports bra correctly or save the washing instructions just in case.

Ask us if you are in doubt

It can be difficult to feel how a sports bra fits when you shop online. That is why we naturally also offer a full 365-day right of return, so that you can try on your Sports Bra at home in the living room before you really put it to use. Do you have any questions about sizes or For other details on our Sports Bras, you are of course welcome to call customer service on +45 41 40 75 00 or send us an email at Also remember to see our selection of Bras & Nursing Bra and if you are in doubt about how to find the right bra size, you can read more in our guide on bra sizes .

Durability and washing

A sports bra does not last forever. The many stretches and stresses stretch the fabric every time you use it, and eventually all the support in the bra is unfortunately gone. If you have a sports bra that you only use once or twice a week, you should expect it to last approx. a year - maybe 8 months at the most. How often should you wash your sports bra? When you wash your bra often, it actually lasts longer, and that may sound crazy. When the elastic is washed and is clean, it retains its strength much better.

Of course, it also depends on how often you play sports, which sports you play and how much you sweat, but we recommend that you wash your sports bra after 2 workouts, also because your sports bra sits close to the body's skin, where such small bacteria will always form. Here you will get some tips on how to properly wash your sports bra. Always remember to follow the washing instructions carefully.

  • Always wash your sports bra in your washing bag, and if you don't have a washing bag, you can buy one from us.

    • If you are going to wash your sports bra in the washing machine, use a washing bag and use a detergent for fine material and a fine washing programme.
    • Do not put your sports bra in the tumble dryer. The elastic in your sports bra cannot withstand the high temperature, and your sports bra will dry quickly anyway.