Large selection of bodystockings

Here you will find a selection of Bodystocking and Corsets. What Bodystocking and Corsages have in common is that they provide good support for the bust and, not least, hold and support the stomach. This makes them extremely suitable for use under tight-fitting clothes or party/wedding dresses. You probably already know about bodystockings, bodies or bodies, and maybe you are already lucky enough to own one. It's always nice to have some different lingerie to choose from. A bodystocking is a "must have" for your wardrobe, and it can help you create the perfect fashion piece for your outfit, whether it's for everyday life or for good parties. There are many different models, colours, shapes and brands when you need to go out and find the perfect bodystocking.

What is a bodystocking

A bodystocking is the same as a one piece that you can use instead of a bra and a pair of panties. Bodystockings are comfortable to wear and thus also give you a beautiful silhouette under the clothes. A bodystocking can be a brilliant piece of fabric for you who wear tight-fitting clothes. There will be no elastic edge that cuts into the hips or at the normal line edge of the bra. You avoid the annoying elastic edges, because your bodystocking is a whole piece of fabric. There are many designs that are both for everyday use and for party wear. There will be designs with both long and short sleeves. You can use both designs with your skirt or jeans to spice up your look a bit.

A bodystocking also comes in cup sizes if you still need the regular bra shape and support. You can also find bodystockings that no cup wants, however you will have the option to take your own bra underneath, depending on what you want. At the bottom of the bodystocking by the panty there is a closure of either buttons or hooks. The closure will be easy for you to open when you have to take off the bodysuit or go to the toilet. You can use your new bodystocking as lingerie or as part of your outfit. Your new bodystocking will give you a beautiful silhouette all day.

The different bodystockings – Find your favorite

You may already have an idea of how your new bodystocking should look. Maybe it should be with the feminine lace in the back or just the classic black, which makes your dress fit perfectly. With a selection of different designs, there will definitely be something that you are missing and want fit perfectly for a certain occasion. If you absolutely love lace, which can certainly make your outfit a little more interesting, there will of course be that too. We have both bodystockings that have lace all over the body, on the sleeves and at the butt. There is plenty of lace, it's just a matter of choosing.

If you are more into the classic look, where you would like to be free of lace and the elastic edges, you should look at the Marie Jo Láventure model. The Láventure bodystocking is made of a smooth material, again has lace and is available in white and black. Whether it is the classic or more trend-based bodystocking you are looking at, you must be aware that there will be different cuts front and rear as well as the stops may vary. A bodystocking can be transparent, which is part of the design. You can choose from the brands Marie Jo, Missya and sloggi and more when you go out and look at a new bodystocking.

Find a Bodystocking with underwire

Fortunately, bodystockings are also available with underwire. When you buy a bodystocking with underwire, you must pay attention to the cup size. The rest of the bodystocking model to be adapted to the cup size. If you are looking for a bodystocking with underwire and inserts, we have the fantastic brand Marie Jo Láventure. Marie Jo has long had the model "Tom" which is the joy of many women. The body stocking has a smooth material without details of lace or similar. The Tom model is also available in a regular bra.

The stops on the Tom model will have small patterns that make the body stocking extra nice and elegant to wear. The sizes are available in 75-85 in the circumference where the cup sizes are from B to D. If your new bodystocking or corsage is to be used under a party dress, or perhaps a wedding dress, you must pay attention to the cut of the dress and whether it matches the bra. For dresses in light or white shades, it is of course also important that you choose a bodystocking or a corsage, in off-white or skin-coloured, as it will otherwise be able to be seen through the dress. Conversely, it often makes sense to choose a black or dark model for black dresses. See the Tom bodystocking here in white and black.

Bodystocking as underwear

A bodystocking is a substitute for your underwear, so you don't need to wear your underwear underneath. A bodystocking can have the bra model and the panty will still have the same shape as a regular panty. At the legs of your bodystocking there will be hooks or buttons with which you can open and close your bodystocking. A smart opening at the legs makes going to the toilet much easier, so you don't have to take off the whole bodystocking. A bodystocking is one-piece that can be used under your clothes, but also as a piece of clothing, with your jeans, skirt or under your blazer and thus get a more elegant look. Choose a basic body or spice up your look with a bodystocking made of beautiful lace.

Bodystocking with perfect support

Bodystockings and corsets are available with different degrees of support in the form of underwires, shapewear effect on the stomach or filling in the bra itself. An alternative to underwear for tight dresses, tops and trousers can be shapewear. Shapewear focuses more on the tightening effect, which can still be beautiful and feminine. See the shapewear selection here.

How to wash your bodystocking - Read here

When you wash your lingerie, you must always pay attention to the washing instructions. In addition, you must also pay attention to what your lingerie is made of. If your lingerie is made of delicate materials such as lace, tulle or silk, you should wash it by hand to avoid damaging the fine materials and details.

If you have lingerie made of cotton, viscose or microfibres you wash it in the machine, at 30-40 degrees and in a laundry bag for only EUR 5. We recommend that you wash your lingerie by hand unless the washing instructions say otherwise. If you wash your lingerie by hand, you are gentler on it and thus have a longer lifespan.

How do you wash your lingerie by hand? Read here

  • Fill a washtub with lukewarm water. Make sure the water doesn't get too hot, as it can break the elastic in your lingerie.
  • Put detergent in and make sure it's dissolved.
  • Put your lingerie in the water and wash it quietly, without pressing the cup or the fabric.
  • Leave the lingerie in the tub for 5 min.
  • Rinse your lingerie thoroughly and then hang your lingerie so that the cups are still facing the right way.

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