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Are you dreaming of a bra that suits you and your style? We buy from the best bra brands on the market, and always give you great designs, exclusive materials and value for money when you have to choose a new bra. Not sure about your size? See our detailed bra size guide. Explore our large selection of beautiful bras where fit, quality and design are exactly what suits your bust and curves. If you need to find a new bra, we have the largest selection with over 200 bras in stock with everything from the very small A cups all the way up to I cups for large breasts. Regardless of your age, size, taste or bust type, you will be able to find the right bra in our range, which we look forward to showing you. You will be able to find cup sizes from A to J in a wide selection of models, colors and fits etc.

Are you looking for the romantic lace bra, a simple bra for everyday use or a backless bra, then you will have a large selection that you can look at. Along with the bra of your choice, you will also be able to find panties that match. There will be many quality brands on lingerie and underwear stock to choose from: Marie Jo, Chantelle, Sloggi, PrimaDonna, Triumph, Marie Jo and more. You have the opportunity to choose from more than 500 different bras, each of which has a specific fit, function and beauty.

It started with the corset - Read about the bra's history here

Through many years, the bra has supported and shaped women's breasts. The construction of the bra has largely not changed very much, however fashion, social structure and needs have changed and helped to change the look of the bra. The bra has actually followed women ever since men started wearing ties.

It started with the corset in the 1900s, where women used the corsets to hold their breasts up and tighten the wasp waist, and in 1914 the corset became replaced with the bra, which was then sewn together from two handkerchiefs and a ribbon. The two handkerchiefs and a ribbon were the beginning of the bra as you know it today. In fact, it was in 2014 that the bra had been around for 100 years, and today we can thank Mary P. Jacobsen when she sat in her living room 100 years ago and invented the bra.

There are many models in bras - Read which ones are best for you

The need to feel comfortable, sexy, feminine and exciting means that today there are many bra models to choose from in between and the same applies to you. There is a huge selection for you, so you can find the right bra that suits you best. In our bra category, you will find different types of bras that can be found on the market, whether it is fashion or a basic bra you are looking for. There is a huge selection between both self adhesive bras, Bras without straps, Wireless bras, Wire bras , Bras with lace, Minimizer Bra and push up bras, which nicely lift your bust. Also be aware that bras -models have different fits. Some bra models are roomier in the cup than others and some are tighter around the circumference than others. Find out which model suits you best here.

What should you pay attention to when buying a new bra - Get tips here

Be aware that the waistband and wings must be of a strong and elastic material, as the weight of your bosom must be supported. The material must not be so elastic that it can easily be stretched out from the body. If the elastic doesn't sit close to you from the start, the bra will go limp quickly and be ready to be discarded.

Your bra circumference needs to be just right. The circumference must sit close to your body, because it is precisely the circumference that must support your bust and not the straps. A little tip for those of you who are in doubt as to whether your bra is too big - If you can put your bra hooked into the innermost hook from the start, then this is a sign that you should take a size smaller in circumference. Correct size in circumference means that you can use your bra for a long time.

What size bra should I use? Find the right bra size here

It is important that you find the right bra that fits your size and your shape perfectly. If you are in doubt about which size you should use, you can take a look at our guide on bra sizes. With the size guide, you can be more sure of hitting the right size the first time.

For every bra you click on and are interested in, there will be a size guide available, so you can be sure of get the right size ordered to your home. There will be different size guides for each of our bra models, as all models are not the same. You can measure yourself and then be guide to the right size.

Be aware – Not all brands have the same size measurement

The circumference tells what size a person the bra fits. This is because the bra is made of elastic around the circumference. The brands Freya. Elomo, Goddes and Fantasi which are all from the same English company are different in their sizes, both in circumference and cup size. The English company does not work in centimetres, but instead they work in inches. Therefore, the sizes for those brands will be different compared to the other brands you find in stock. You will be able to get a size guide for your bra size inside each individual bra you click on.

Always new collections and designs – so you can get the latest items

There will always be a selection of new items, trends and models in our warehouse, just for you. We follow the trend and the new collections from the popular brands. You will always be able to find the latest bras and thus also be able to keep up with the trend.

Which bra brands can we offer you - See here

You will be presented with a huge selection of bras in different models, colours, fits and functions. You will be able to find the best bra brands on the market, which can give you great designs, exclusive materials and value for money. There are many quality brands of lingerie and underwear to choose from: Marie Jo, Chantelle, Sloggi, PrimaDonna & Triumph, Missya, Change, Chantelle, Femilet, Freya and Neo Noir. With all the quality brands, we can offer you more than 500 bras to choose from.

Treat yourself with bras at good prices and great deals - Look here

You can also find sales and discounted bras on the website. There will be good offers for cheap money and offers as low as 60%. Find the good and cheap offers on bras here.

Your bra consists of many parts – Up to 48 parts

You may think your bra looks very simple, but your bra can actually be made up of many individual parts. Your lingerie can contain up to 48 parts. The parts that make up the bra all have a function. The many parts mean that you can get the right size, function and the best bra just for you. There is a big difference between the different bra models, and therefore the bras are also made of different parts. When you buy your bra, the parts will not be described. You must hold the item in your hand and feel for yourself how it is built. Here you can read about any of the parts your bra is made of.

  • The waistband, which is the narrow piece of fabric that sits on the lower part of your bra just below the cup. Some bra models are without a waistband, as women with narrow torsos risk the waistband "rolling up" and will bother the body.
  • The wings are sewn together with the waistbands. It is the wings that form the back of the bra. And it is very important that you remember that it is the waistband and the wings that must support the majority of your chest, and not the straps
  • The middle piece is the triangular piece that sits in the middle of the cups and is the distance between the cups of the bra. The center piece also defines the neckline of the bra. If the middle part is high, you usually have a bra with a full cup, where a low middle part would be for a push up bra or balcony bra model.
  • The function of the stoppers is to stabilize your bra. It must help carry a small part of the breast's weight. The placement of the straps depends a lot on which bra model you choose. There are wide, narrow and thick straps.
  • Support panels are the pieces of fabric that are placed on the side of the bra cup. They help to support the chest away from the armpit and forward instead. The support panel is perfect for those of you who have looser breasts and need more support.

How often should I wash my bra? Read here

There are no rules or regulations on when you should wash your lingerie. But lingerie that sits close to the body is more exposed to sweat, dirt and bacteria, and therefore it is recommended that you wash your lingerie after 2-3 times, even if you don't think it smells. Of course, you will often have to wash your bra, and it will also wear out your lingerie, because you can use the delicate wash. Delicate wash or gentle wash is available on most washing machines today. There is a program that takes less time than a normal wash. You must always follow the washing instructions, which are on the inside of your clothes, which you can follow. If you need more information about washing your lingerie, you can click here.

How often should I change my bra?

If you take care of your lingerie and wash it according to the washing instructions, it will have a longer life. Your bra should only be replaced when it does not give you the right support or does not have the effect it once had. If you experience that your bra slips or slides around your body when you move, and you already have the girth in the inner hinge, it's time to treat yourself to a new bra before the old one starts to irritate your skin.

Why does my bra squeak? - See how to avoid it

You may find that both your old and new bras will squeak when you wear them, but fortunately this rarely happens. But if you find that your bra will bother you with clear church sounds, we recommend that you try to take the underwire out of the bra, as it may have something to do with the space and how the underwire has been placed in the bra. one.

Ask us about your bra if you are in doubt - We will help you

If you need information or have questions about our selection of bras or the bra you have ordered for home, please feel free to contact our customer service on the telephone number +41 40 75 00 or e-mail You will be able to contact us every weekday from 08.00-11.00.