Large selection of Chantelle underwear

The underwear has an absolutely fantastic comfort, is super nice and lasts, even after repeated washing. Chantelle goes from A to H cup and fits great on both large and small breasts. Shop Chantelle Bras and Chantelle Panties.

Chantelle History

The fantastic French lingerie brand Chantelle, came on the market and became incredibly popular in the 1950s. The lingerie Chantelle made then and makes today is designed and created due to requests that come from us amazing women. Chantelle manages to listen to you and all the other consumers, to find out what you need and want.

Chantelle makes their lingerie so they can give you women the perfect bra with beautiful lace and detailed design, as well as beautiful fine panties in various models, Tai, hipster, maxi etc. Chantelle hit the market with a lot of beautiful quotes. Chantelle is for you who want beautiful lines, details and pleasure.

“It may be a detail, but it's a Chantelle”.

“Chantelle, Paris dresses women of the world”.

Chantelle is French lingerie par excellence. Refined products with beautiful and exclusive lace. And with challenging fits combined with high comfort in the many different models, which offer heartfelt temptations for every woman – even the one with the big, full bosom.

Is Chantelle innovative and innovative?

One of Chantelle's trademarks is the constant focus on innovation and new thinking. To be at the forefront when it comes to developing and improving materials, fits and product categories. And although the French brand has been around for many years, the brand has managed to keep up with the trend and style in many year. This means that the focus has shifted from corsets to beautiful, luxuriously delicious lingerie as we know it today.

Chantelle is constantly finding new inspirations, which they so beautifully manage to get into their lingerie. They give you the latest trends in lingerie and hope to inspire you just as much. They hope that their new models and designs in the upcoming collections will make you take chances in new models and colors.

Seductive luxury from Chantelle

The underwear has the ability to take you into another world, where everyday chores are far away. With Chantelle lingerie, you can seduce and feel how the luxurious materials can transform you. Treat yourself with a beautiful body stocking, panties made of silky soft fabric, or a beautiful lace bra that will stand out among everyday underwear.

The materials are silky soft and comfortable to wear, even the beautiful bras with lacy details will be felt almost invisible on the body. Chantelle lingerie is made based on long traditions of innovative design and a strong focus on excellence. The trend always follows women's needs and wishes, so that comfort is paramount at the same time that no compromise is made with the design and the luxurious.

Basic lingerie set from Chantelle

Right from the start, Chantelle has followed what women want and need when it comes to lingerie. If you own Chantelle, it is important that you feel comfortable and that the materials lie comfortably on your skin and body. Throughout the years, Chantelle has had fantastic models, which today are their basic models. You can always find the basic models in stock in the basic colours, black, white, off-white and skin-coloured/nude. Find out which basic lingerie Chantelle has:

  • C Magnifique, which is one of their bra sets that has fantastic materials, and gives you really good support, also for those of you who have a larger bust and just need good support, for the cup and in the circumference. You can always get C Magnifique in Black, off-white, nude. The cup is smooth, but still has beautiful details on the cup.
  • Révéle Moi, is a "woah" beautiful bra, which has a lot of beautiful lace and details, but still covers the nipple and gives you the perfect support. Always available in black and cream.
  • The Festivité lingerie set is a beautiful, feminine and at the same time cheeky set of underwear, with beautiful details. The fit is perfect for you who want more fullness and a cavalier gait at the bust. It is available in both black and nude colours.

There are many more basic models from Chantelle, which you are welcome to discover in the Chantelle selection. The lingerie brand also makes their beautiful basic models in fashionable colours. So if you have fallen in love with a basic model and already have the black and nude colored one, then you can keep an eye out, because it will certainly also come in a beautiful seasonal color. There will of course also be the beautiful basic knickers from Chantelle, which are without lace or the like. They are perfect for everyday use. Take a closer look at the Basic panties:

Chantelle comes up with the latest trends for the next season

It's always nice to have something new. New lingerie, new colors and new designs. Fortunately, there is also new news from Chantelle all the time. Do you love Chantelle? Then you can certainly find new fantastic designs that you have to own. Chantelle is constantly following the trend and fashion and you will see a lot of fine, feminine and extremely beautiful designs. Chantelle will make sure you are surprised when you try one of their new bras. Chantelle will provide you with the best materials and the best fit so you can feel comfortable all day.

Are there good offers on Chantelle lingerie?

At Netlingeri, we hold Chantelle sales twice per year, where we sell out of our lingerie Fashion collections from Chantelle, Triumph, Hunkemöller, PrimaDonna, Marie Jo and many more. We always have leftovers from previous collections in the shop, which we have collected in a large sale category in the shop. Here you can be lucky that we just have a bra or panty in your sizes.

But we also often have a good offer or campaign running on selected brands and categories throughout the year. If you don't want to miss out on the best offers and would like to be updated on the latest news, sign up for our newsletter and be notified of sales, offers and news before everyone else.

Chantelle has fine lace and needs to be washed carefully

You have probably already noticed that almost all lingerie from Chantelle has beautiful lace, maybe all over the bra or just on the straps. Chantelle makes a lot of their lingerie to be feminine and therefore adds the beautiful details in the form of fine and small as well as big lace. It is important that you wash your Chantelle lingerie carefully. You must always follow the washing instructions that come with the bra. You must take care of both the materials, the underwires and the laces on all your lingerie.

  • If the washing instructions tell you to wash by hand, you must still pay attention to the temperature.
  • The temperature must not be too hot, as this will cause the materials to spring or become limp.
  • If you wash in the machine, you must use a laundry bag so that sharp edges from other clothes do not tear your lingerie.

If you are in doubt about how to wash your lingerie, you can get more tips and advice for washing here.

Buy Chantelle online at Netlingeri

Netlingeri has a strong selection of lingerie from all the best brands. We have collected the best Danish and international brands, so you can get brands such as Triumph and Chantelle in one shop. We deliver your new underwear, nightwear, tight-ups and everything else as quickly as possible, and buy you get over EUR 49, you get free delivery.

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