Triumph minimizer

Large selection of Triumph Minimizer bras

With a minimizer bra from Triumph you get a bra, which sits perfectly on your breasts. On this page you will find a large selection of many beautiful minimizer bras, which are also called big cup, all of which have been developed for women with large breasts.

When you need to find a minimizer bra, it is important to find a bra that fits comfortably on your large breasts. A minimizer bra should help support your chest and make it appear smaller, the beautiful big cup models from Triumph do that. All Triumph's fine minimizer bras are all produced in beautiful materials and with almost no visible seams. A minimizer bra is therefore the perfect bra if you are looking for a bra with perfect support.

What is a minimizer?

Since 1886, the German brand Triumph has created underwear for women of all ages. Among other things, beautiful bras that both support and shape the chest in exactly the right places. Because of the ever popular bra, Triumph has since developed a minimizer bra specifically for women with large breasts. Women are different and so are their breasts. Some women have been endowed by nature with small breasts, others with large ones. But just as many different breasts there are, women have just as many opinions about their breasts.

Not all women enjoy having very large breasts, and some even get a lot of discomfort due to of their large breasts. They are heavy and can also get in the way of many things. For these women, Triumph has developed a big cup bra, which helps to support and shape the breasts so that they both have a good posture and figure. A minimizer bra, also called a Big-Cup bra, has been designed to reduce your breasts so that they appear smaller. Therefore, it is designed with an optical effect, which makes the bra make the breasts appear smaller than they are. A minimizer bra can reduce the size of the breast by one cup size.

Triumph minimizer in high quality

Triumph is a well-known brand all over the world, and is known, among other things, for a very high quality and an absolutely perfect fit. This also applies to all their big cup models. Each of the many big cup models is designed to shape and support your large breasts. But in such a good way that it becomes an absolute pleasure to wear the popular big cup bra. The popular big cup models are all designed with high shaped cups. Which means that the bowl sits high on your chest. Triumph's big cup models are all designed with wide and seamless straps that ensure a comfortable, soft and pleasant fit. Each of the delicious big cup models is finely decorated with fine sweet details, such as small embroideries and feminine applications. All small things that leave you in no doubt as to who produced the beautiful big cup models.

A big cup model from Triumph's collection combines fine functionality with sumptuous design. You can freely choose between many beautiful and discreet colors and great patterns. If you are looking for a beautiful bra that does not pinch or press into your skin, then one of the very beautiful big cup models from Triumph is, a fantastic and innovative product. The big cup models are created with a completely unique wearing comfort that you won't find in many other bras from the renowned German brand Triumph. Buy your minimizer bra from Triumph from us and get excited about the bra' same excellent quality.