Triumph wireless bra

Large selection of wireless bras from Triumph

With a nice underwire bra from Triumph you get a super beautiful and comfortable bra with exceptional wearing comfort. On this page you will find a wide selection of the many beautiful wireless bras, from the well-known German underwear brand. With one of the many underwired bras from Triumph, you will get through the day elegantly. All the beautiful wireless bras are produced in soft and delicious materials, which ensure you good comfort throughout the day. The beautiful wireless bras from Triumph are all created without scratchy seams and annoying labels. This ensures you a super nice bra that you can use in almost all situations.

Looking for a perfect bra from Triumph, but without an underwire?

Bras without an underwire have become popular. They are comfortable and at the same time fantastically beautiful. A bra without an underwire from Triumph has been developed in a modern design that convinces everyone, also when it comes to the wearing comfort of the bra. Comfort is important, and particularly important for you to feel comfortable in your bra. If you've fallen for the many underwired bras from Triumph, then you might not be able to get rid of them again.

All the underwired bras from Triumph have been developed to sit perfectly on the body, regardless of what you have to do during the day. The underwire bras from Triumph have many options. They are all created with extra flat, almost invisible seams, which prevent the bra from pressing into your skin, and at the same time ensure a very pleasant wearing comfort. A wireless bra from Triumph is the perfect companion in everyday life. Regardless of whether it's for everyday use or whether it's for sports or a party. You will even find underwire bras with padding or push-up bras, which comes as a big surprise to many.

Is the Triumph bra without an underwire made of a good material?

The many fine bras without an underwire from Triumph are all produced in fine and soft materials, and give you a very comfortable feeling all day long. Among other things shiny satin, lace fabric and a soft mix of lycra and cotton. The fine and delicious materials help make each bra feel light and comfortable against the bare skin.

Cute details, lovely little bows and feminine little lace make every underwired bra something very special. Every underwire bra from Triumph is created with seamless edges, which ensure that your bra is not visible, even if you are wearing a tight skirt or dress. If you are expecting a child or breastfeeding your baby, have Triumph also many non-wired nursing bras to choose from. Like all other wireless bras, these are also produced in delicious materials, which ensure the best conditions for you and your baby.

Wireless bras from Triumph require good treatment

The fine wireless bras from Triumph last a long time, but even longer if they are treated in the right way. When you have to wash your bra without an underwire, it is therefore always a good idea to follow the washing instructions before washing. Wash your underwire bra from Triumph by hand, preferably with a mild detergent for colored clothes. Wash your bra immediately, do not let it soak. Never use fabric softener as it will close the fibers in the fabric and prevent it from breathing. Squeeze out the water before hanging it to dry, but never in direct sunlight or in a tumble dryer.

Looking for a beautiful bra without, perhaps one that can be used for many occasions. Which at the same time have a completely unique wearing comfort and fit, the underwire bras from Triumph are definitely worth looking into. Buy your underwire bra from Triumph on this page and be surprised at how many different opportunities there are.