Large selection of petticoats

As the name suggests, petticoats are made to be worn under a dress or a skirt and top. On this page, we have collected Netlingeri's selection of petticoats and petticoats. They come in different colors and lengths so you have the best possible chance of finding one that suits your needs. Petticoats and skirts for you must be made of soft and supple material, which must be pleasant to wear on the skin. The petticoat and skirt should also help your clothes slide easily and effortlessly on the body.

You must use a petticoat or an underskirt under your dress, skirt or sweater. You probably know that your dress clings to your body and sits incorrectly, instead of falling easily and nicely on you. In the long run, it will be annoying with a dress that fits incorrectly, and therefore it is always good to have a solution, such as a petticoat or something else in the wardrobe. You can choose petticoats but also petticoats, depending on what you must wear. The most important thing is that your clothes fit properly, so that you can feel comfortable on any occasion.

The petticoat for you

Petticoats must be both practical, comfortable and attractive. Of course, there are still opinions that they should not be seen in the same way as the party dress or the nice pencil shirt. With a soft and delicious petticoat or skirt that makes your clothes fit perfectly, will make your weekdays and festive evenings even better. Don't you need a petticoat that covers both the upper and lower body? Then you will be able to find petticoats and petticoats that have the same effect as the petticoat. If you have a skirt that teases but the shirt fits perfectly, the petticoat will be perfect. It can also be the other way around, that it is the shirt that teases, but that you are wearing jeans. Then the undershirt, which sits close to the body, will be the good solution.

  • Among the petticoats, you will find Triumph BODY MAKE-UP petticoats, which are fantastic. The material and design will sit super well on your body. It's the petticoats that fit tight, but the elastic makes it incredibly comfortable to wear and won't stifle you anywhere. Another great detail is that the petticoat has adjustable straps, which can be styled in many ways, so that your look can be completed all the way.
  • The petticoat is a good choice if you have many skirts and would like to have them fits perfectly every time you wear them. The skirt prevents the skirts from sticking to and between the thighs. The petticoats are ultra-soft, so the extra layer under your skirt will not bother you in any way.
  • Finally, you can find the petticoat that has a shape up effect, which makes your silhouettes clear and beautiful underneath the jersey or the shirt. The undershirts are made of materials that are fine materials and ensure that your fine shirt sits perfectly on you all day or evening.

How do you choose a petticoat?

The petticoat will most likely come into contact with your skin and therefore it is important that you choose a model that is made of quality material that is soft and comfortable. When you buy from Netlingeri, you get the guarantee that comes with the delicious brands we carry. The brands you find at Netlingeri only deliver products where the quality is in order. In most cases, however, you will also need a bra and panties. In addition to material selection, you must also think about color and length when choosing petticoats and petticoats. Color is important as you typically do not want it to be visible through the dress or skirt you are wearing on the outside.

Therefore, you must of course choose a white petticoat if it is to be worn under the wedding dress or other white clothing and conversely, choose black if the clothes are dark on the outside. The length is also one of the most important factors, just as it may make sense to consider whether it is a dress or skirt you need under the clothes. The length must of course be adapted to the length of what you have on the outside. However, you can choose a short skirt, even if the dress or skirt is long on the outside to get a nice effect at the bottom without it being transparent at the top.

The solution for your see-through dress

Have you ordered a dress home that is a bit see-through? Then you will find the solution here. You can find a petticoat or a skirt that you can wear under your dress. Of course, the color of the petticoat must match the color of the dress to complete your look.

What size should your petticoat be in

When you go out to find a new petticoat or skirt, you should almost always take the same size as you do when you buy new clothes. The petticoats and skirts of course sit close to the body, but the material contains elastic, and therefore can give but still lie perfectly on the body. You can currently find sizes from S to XL, but also sizes 34 to 46. If you are in doubt about the sizes, please feel free to contact us. If you are looking for a petticoat, panties or undershirts with shapewear, you can also find it under the Shapewear category. Underwear with shapewear.

Are you looking for a dress to sleep in?

Was it not exactly a petticoat you were looking for, but instead a light, fine and comfortable babydoll to sleep in. Then you have to go to the nightwear category, where there will be a nice selection of many different babydolls. Find your babydoll here.

Maintenance and washing of your petticoat

Your beautiful petticoat or skirt must of course be treated properly, just like all your other lingerie at home. There will always be washing instructions with the goods you buy, which you must follow carefully. If you do not follow the washing instructions, the right to claim will disappear. Most petticoats can only withstand washing at 30 degrees. If you wash at temperatures that are too hot, the elastic and the material will be destroyed and thus not have the same good effect. After washing, hang your underwear for normal drying. However, some of the products can withstand being ironed at a low temperature, but this is usually not necessary, as the material in skirts and petticoats does not tend to curl.

Online shopping at Netlingeri

When you buy from Netlingeri, you get fast delivery and a 365-day right of return. We have a large and wide selection from the most delicious, well-known brands. If you buy for more than EUR 49, you even get free shipping. If you are in doubt about the length, model or something else entirely, dvi will be very happy to help you find the right item for your home. You are welcome to contact us on +45 41 40 75 00 or by email You can get hold of us all weekdays between 08.00 and 11.00.