Large selection of Aubade lingerie

Aubade is luxurious, glamorous and seductive French lingerie for women. It is lingerie that is full of feminine details, beautiful lace and fine bows in perfect harmony with function and fit. The French brand is for you who love sensual lingerie and who want to add to your underwear that extra something that cannot be found among other brands. If you are into luxurious lingerie, then Aubade is definitely for you. Pamper yourself with the very best lingerie and feel like a real queen deep inside wearing underwear from Aubade!

Aubade is a French underwear brand that has been producing lingerie since 1958. Since their foundation, the French brand has only become more and more popular among women worldwide and this is not without reason. For example, they are the first brand to start making bras and panties that match together as a set. The other underwear brands have since followed suit. In addition, Aubade is particularly known for their balconette bras and panties with fine lace and feminine details. However, they don't just stick to lingerie. You will also find nightwear from Aubade – babydolls, nightpants, kimonos and much more. The fine details, exclusive design, elegant lace and top quality materials are just some of what Aubade is known for. Not only do women love the popular brand, every man will also love to see his partner wearing elegant and exclusive lingerie from Aubade.

Large selection of French lingerie from Aubade

At, we have chosen to collect our entire wide selection of Aubade lingerie in one place - namely on this page. Here you will find several underwear sets in beautiful colors and with unique and elegant details that you will surely love. In addition, you will also find a wide selection of panties, bras, suspenders and much more, so you can get exactly the lingerie set from Aubade that you dream of. Aubade is both sensual, beautiful, elegant and exclusive.

Aubade continuously launches new collections which reflect the trends of the time. There is always new thinking when Aubade designs lingerie for women who appreciate delicious, elegant and sensual lingerie in their underwear drawer. Find the set or part from Aubade that suits you right here on the page.

Beautiful lingerie requires the right care

Aubade's lingerie is beautiful and feminine lingerie, which is in the slightly more expensive price range. For that reason alone, you will definitely want to give it the best care so that it can last as long as possible. If you are in doubt as to how your lingerie can last for a long time, you will find here a number of good tips that can be useful to follow when you want to take care of your lingerie.

  • When you need to wash your new Aubade lingerie, it is a good idea to follow the washing instructions, which are often included.
  • Avoid washing your Aubade lingerie in the washing machine. A trip in the washing machine can very easily ruin the fine lingerie.
  • On the other hand, wash your Aubade lingerie by hand. Especially if it contains a hanger.
  • Also avoid overdoing your detergent.
  • Never leave your lingerie in the water, but instead wash it immediately
  • Always avoid using fabric softener for your lingerie. The fabric softener will close the fibers in the fabric, meaning it cannot breathe.
  • Avoid drying your lingerie in the tumble dryer. You can advantageously dab or squeeze the water out before you lay it out to dry. But never in the direct sun.

Buy your exclusive lingerie from Aubade here with us and be seduced by the brand's beautiful, exclusive and seductive designs.

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Aubade is worth a closer look if you are looking for luxurious, glamorous and seductive underwear. We have collected a wide selection of different designs, colors and models from the renowned French brand, which means that there should be something for every woman who does not want to compromise. We have also made it relatively easy and clear for you to find what you are looking for, as we have collected a sea of the different Aubade collections in one place - namely right here on the page.

If you are in doubt about what to choose or what size you should have, you are always welcome to contact our customer service, who is available on the phone Monday to Friday between 8.00-11.00. They can be reached on phone +41 40 75 00. We hope you will be happy with your new lingerie from Aubade, and that you will return when you again need to pamper yourself with beautiful lingerie.