Marie Jo swimwear

Large selection of Marie Jo swimwear

With swimwear from Marie Jo you are guaranteed delicious swimwear, which has been developed to have you at the centre. On this page you will find a wide selection of delicious and comfortable swimwear from the well-known Belgian brand Marie Jo. See also the selection of Marie Jo bikinis and swimsuits.

When choosing your swimwear, it is very important that the model fits you perfectly. Swimwear with a good fit is extremely important if you want to be happy with your new purchase and feel good when you wear it. All swimwear from the Belgian underwear brand Marie Jo is produced in exclusive materials that help make you feel really comfortable, regardless of whether it's under or above the water.

Exclusive swimwear from Marie Jo

Most women have become familiar with the Belgian brand Marie Jo at some point in their lives. Most people also know that Marie Jo is exclusive products for the discerning woman who does not compromise on either quality or fit. Marie Jo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known underwear brands in the world, which is with good reason. The swimwear from the well-known brand is timeless and beautifully designed right down to the smallest detail.

The swimwear also ensures you a completely unique fit. The products from Marie Jo are all produced in exclusive qualities that feel good on the bare skin. In addition to producing delicious exclusive underwear, Marie Jo also makes delicious swimwear. The swimwear is made of beautiful materials and in beautiful designs, which help to make you appear as a sexy, exclusive and modern woman, even when you bathe.

Use the swimwear from Marie Jo as an exclusive accessory

Although most people probably think that swimwear should primarily be used for swimming. However, there are exceptions. In addition to a refreshing swim in the blue waves, the exclusive swimwear from Marie Jo can be used as a beautiful accessory on a hot summer day. For example, wear the swimwear under a beautiful summer dress when you really need to relax under the southern sun beautiful sun.

Or wear the bathing suit from Marie Jo, under a pair of your favorite shorts. Then you are always ready to jump in the waves if the chance presents itself. Marie Jo's beautiful swimwear is designed in many different looks and with many different fits. If you are into the maritime look on the beach, many of the exclusive products are available in beautiful stripes that complete your desired look. If you are more into the beautiful romantic Mediterranean atmosphere, you will also find a beautiful selection from Marie Jo, for example in a beautiful crocheted look.

How to preserve the color and shape of your new swimwear from Marie Jo

It is important to treat your swimwear properly after a good and long swim. Otherwise, you run the risk of the color and shape just as quietly disappearing. It is therefore important that you wash your swimwear in the right way. After a swim in the sea or in the pool, it is a good idea to rinse your swimwear free of chlorine and salt. Some beaches and pools are equipped with individual showers where you can easily wash off the worst of it. If not, you have to wait until you get home. The most important thing is that the swimwear is rinsed well and thoroughly, so that all the chlorine and salt water do not destroy the fibers in the fabric.

Wash your swimwear by hand with a mild detergent, especially if there is a hanger in it the swimwear. Sunscreen is a good idea, and if you use it, you can benefit from applying it to your body before putting on your swimwear. Sunscreen is hard on your swimwear, so avoid touching the fabric as it can give your swimwear some ugly and large marks. Buy your Marie Jo swimwear from us and enjoy the exclusive and delicious quality in each of the delicious products.