Bikini panties

Large selection of bikini panties

We have a huge selection of smart and adult bikini panties such as hipster, high tai, low tai and tanga. Use the bikini briefs with the matching bikini top, or mix it up according to your mood. Large selection from several of our well-known brands such as Triumph, Femilet, PrimaDonna, Wiki and Marie Jo.

If you are looking for a pair of bikini briefs for the summer, then you have come to the right place. We look forward to showing you what we have, and you will surely be able to find something that suits your wishes. When you need to find a new bikini bottom, you must not buy the top with it. The swimwear parts can be bought individually, so you can mix and match the bikini set you want. A wide selection of delicious swimwear for the summer sun and beach, or perhaps just a trip to the swimming pool. You will find all goods in good quality, which both look good and have a perfect fit.

Be ready for the summer

Although there are many things you must take care of before you go on summer holiday, you must also remember the swimwear. With a nice selection of swimwear, where you can find both bikini bottoms, bikini tops and swim suit in many different designs. Most swimwear is available as a set, but you can still choose them separately if, for example, you don't like the bikini bottom.

You will have options to choose between different parts. Maybe you want a bikini top in a fresh color with an exciting pattern, but the bikini briefs must be black. The fact that you can mix and match your upcoming bikini set means that you get exactly the bikini you feel best in.

Choose from an endless selection of bikini bottoms.

When you go out and find a bikini bottom, the possibilities are endless. It is you who decides what you absolutely want and what you think suits you. We have plenty of bikini briefs in fresh and wild patterns, but also bikini briefs in neutral colours, which can tone down the bikini top. Models you can find include:

  • Hipster models
  • Italian brief model
  • Midi model
  • Tanga brief model
  • Tai model

You will surely find the right model that suits your body type.

Bikini for your body shape

It can be difficult to find out which model actually suits your body type best. There are many bikini panty models to choose from. Below you can find out your body shape and you will be guided to your bikini briefs. So find out which bikini bottom suits you and be ready for summer.

  • Pear-shaped body shape: If you have narrow shoulders and waist compared to your hips, the strapless model is good for you. The strapless bikini is also called a bandeau. A bandeau makes your shoulders look a little wider. You can find bikini bottoms that have a high leg cut, this makes the hips appear smaller and your legs appear longer
  • The apple-shaped body shape: You have thin legs and narrow hips, but your upper body is shorter and fuller. Then you must use a bikini brief that is low-waisted, which creates the illusion of a longer upper body. A bathing suit or tankini can hide the stomach, but also make your waist visible.
  • The hourglass shape: if you have a narrow waist but broad hips and shoulders, you must highlight your waist and your shoulders. Go hunting for the halter neck bikini top. If you have a larger bust that needs more support, the bikini top with underwire and regular straps is also a good idea.
  • Athletic physique: the body is slim with subtle curves. You can look for swimwear that has details of fringes or prints that make your body look fuller. You can also look at the padded triangle bikini. Find a bikini bottom that you can adjust at the sides yourself.
  • The inverted triangle body shape: If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you must therefore shift the focus to your body shape. Use bright or light tops, where the bottom should be with details or fresh colors.

Give yourself the perfect bikini briefs

When you go out and buy a bikini set or just a brief, you need to pay attention to the size. The size must not be just a little too big, because when you jump in the water your bikini will get wet and thus also give a little in size. Do your bikini briefs fall on you, or do you think they are too loose after a few times of use?

You must always be sure that when you buy your bikini briefs, that they fit extra well to the bottom. If the bikini panty is just a little too big, the back fabric of the bikini panty will fall and become saggy, and then you already have to go out and find a new one. Your bikini bottom is also too loose if it opens away from your body when you swim forward.

Bikini briefs in good brands

When you have a large selection of bikini briefs, there must of course also be different brands to choose from. With the brands, they can do that there is such a large selection of many designs and shapes. Here you see brands that offer you a selection of bikini briefs:

  • Femilet
  • Freya
  • Missya
  • PrimaDonna
  • Sloggi
  • Triumph
you can keep your favorite swimwear for longer than just one summer season.

Change between your bikini bottoms

Having more than one set of swimwear is always a good idea, both so that your swimwear can have a break, be washed or dry, but also for your own sake. It's always great to have several bikini sets to choose from, it could be a colorful and a neutral bikini set you have, or maybe 2 different models so you can vary where you get the sun lines on your body.

Bikini top always lasts longer than bikini briefs due to wear and tear. It might be a good idea to buy two bikini briefs that match the tops, or two different ones that you can use for the same top. If one bottom doesn't fit, you still have the other.

Good quality bikini briefs

The brands pay attention to the qualities your swimwear is made of, so that it is comfortable, susceptible to chlorine and that it keeps its color and fit better in the sun and in the wash. Good materials that are treated properly and washed properly will last longer. You can find:

  • Nylon/polyamide: Which makes your swimwear comfortable to wear, and has the advantage of being a strong material that does not give way.
  • Polyester: Is a light material in your swimwear, which makes it dry faster and is also sweat-wicking.
  • Elastane: Is the material that gives your bikini top and bottom the good fit. Elastane means that your swimwear stretches and closes nicely to the shape of your body.

It will always say what materials your swimwear is made of, as well as washing instructions that suit what your swimwear can withstand being washed in.

Give your swimwear a longer life

If you take care of your new swimwear, you will also enjoy it for a longer time. When summer comes and we are ready to get some color, our swimwear will be exposed to the sun, chlorine and sunscreen, which can be hard on your swimwear and the materials. Your swimwear will of course be worn out with the time. Pay particular attention to your bikini bottoms or the bottom of your bathing suit, which can become transparent over time. Your panties will wear out faster than the top, as we sit on surfaces that can disturb the material, for example beach sand, water edges or on the slide.

Follow the steps and enjoy your swimwear for several seasons:

  • You must always wash your swimwear after use in chlorine or salt water. This ensures that the colors and quality are preserved as best as possible.
  • The sun is strong and will always bleach the color of the swimwear, if you only use the briefs, for example, then throw the top out into the sun. Thereby you reduce the color difference between the panties and the top.
  • When you use sunscreen and sun oil, avoid it coming into contact with your swimwear. Unfortunately, this can cause your swimwear to become scaly and discolored.
  • When it's time to wash your swimwear, you can use detergent and mild washing powder. You don't need that much, so just use a little bit. Remember that you should never wash your swimwear with washing powder containing bleach. Thereby you achieve that the color lasts as well as possible.
  • Coloured swimwear: Wash your colored swimwear with detergent for delicate washing or detergent for colored clothes.
  • White swimwear: To preserve the white color as best as possible, use a mild detergent.
  • You should never throw your swimwear in the dryer, the heat simply destroys the fibers of the swimwear.
  • The color fastness of neon colors is generally lower than on other colours, therefore the color will fade faster in use.
  • Silver and gold colors wear off in use and washing.
  • There is no guarantee for pearls, beads, sequins, stones and other applied effects.