Which bra size is best for you?

You can get the answer to that here in Netlingeri.com's large bra size guide. A Bra is today an important part of almost every woman's wardrobe. It comes in many shapes and colors, and has several different purposes, depending on the type of bra used. Typically, it must support the breasts, accentuate them, make them bigger, or fulfill a practical purpose in connection with sports, or as a nursing bra.


STEP 1  

Measure your circumference

STEP 2  

Find your bra size

STEP 3  

Find your chest measurement


Find your cup size


When you buy lingerie online, you must of course buy the sizes you normally buy, and here is just a short guide to find your right size. All you need is a tape measure.

You need to start by measuring your circumference just below the bust, and then you need to make sure that the measurement is not too tight/loose. A rule of thumb is that you should be able to get two fingers under the bra, and the piece between the breasts should sit close to the body.

Once you have the measurement, you can use the following guide to find your bra size:

63-67 cm = Size 65
38-72 cm = Size 70
73-77 cm = Size 75
78-82 cm = Size 80
83-87 cm = Size 85
88-92 cm = Size 90
93-97 cm = Size 95
98-102 cm = Size 100
103-107 cm = Size 105
108-112 cm = Size 110
113-117 cm = Size 115
118-122 cm = Size 120
123-127 cm = Size 125