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Bras for large bust is Netlingeri's series that goes up to the large cup sizes. Big Cup is delivered up to GH cups and is for you with a large bust. They are produced in really good and solid materials - this does not mean, however, that they are boring models. There are lots of beautiful series with lace and in the fashionable colors from e.g. PrimaDonna, Marie Jo and Triumph. It is important that you find the right model for your type of body shape. That's why we offer you a large selection of bras, where the focus is on the large cup sizes in many beautiful designs and colors. You will never get tired of the selection, as new fashion items are continuously added, which you can delight yourself with or be inspired by. A Big Cup can shape your bust, highlight your advantages and hide them things you want to hide away.

What does a Big Cup mean - Read here

A Big cup is a bra series that many lingerie brands today have in their collections. Big cup is for large bowl sizes. A Big Cup is the same as a full bowl or whole bowl. A full cup covers the entire chest, and it is the best supportive bra available, especially for those of you with large breasts who are looking for the best and most optimal support. With a full-cup bra, the cup supports the entire chest and can thus distribute the weight of your bosom over a larger area, which gives you the feeling that you have less to wear. When you try on a bra in the full-cup model, you must pay attention to the intermediate piece and the hangers. The middle piece sits between the two bowls and must lie close to your body. The underwires must also fit close to the body.

The underwires must not open away from the skin, especially not near your arms. If the braces do not fit close to your body, they will bother you on the inside of your arms when you move. It is important that your Big Cup fits close to your body all over, so that it is just fantastic to wear. A Big Cup is made of solid and good materials, because your bra has to give you the best support. The different brands are skilled at making their lingerie in beautiful colors and with beautiful lace – Your new Big Cup will certainly not be boring.

What sizes can you find the Big Cup in – Find out of this

When searching for a Big Cup, you will be able to find sizes from D to J cups. In addition, you will get circumferences that go from 75-105. There will therefore be a large selection of sizes, so you can certainly have the opportunity to find your size. With a large selection, you can choose from many brands, models and fits.

When you are in the process of trying on and finding out your bra size, you must be aware that the underwires do not sit on your chest, but instead on the outside and thus optimally covers your entire chest. If the cup size is too small, the underwires will squeeze your skin at the bust and you will not experience the optimal breast shape.

Which models can you find with the Big Cup effect - Learn more about the models

There are many who do not know which bra they should use. It all depends on what size you have in the circumference and in the bowl. When you need to find your size, you must measure the circumference both under the chest, on the chest and just above. You must also take into account how full your bust is. There is a difference from model to model in how spacious the cups are and how wide their shape is in the cup size.

In the Big Cup models will find padded bras. Be aware that padding is not the same as filling and thus does not make your bust bigger. Padded cups mean that there is a small layer of cotton over the entire cup, which will give your breasts a uniform surface and a nice roundness under the clothes. It can be according to taste and pleasure if you want to have a bowl that is padded or not. The padded cup means that the nipple will be as obvious as possible, and will give you a nice rounding of the bust under tight-fitting clothes.

If you have a large bust, there are several bra models you can choose from. You can read more about the difference between models here and maybe learn which model you think is best.

  • The full cup is the best supportive bra you can find. It supports around the entire chest and thus distributes the weight on your bust, so it feels less heavy to wear. A full cup provides fantastic support for your bosom, which feels heavy, as it has good straps and good support around the circumference.
  • Balconette is one of the most common bra models. The cup will be slightly lower than that of the full cup, but the Balconette model still retains the good support for those with large breasts. The middle part of the model is lower between the two breast cups and can therefore give a natural cavalier gait.
  • Minimize, also spelled minimizer, saves you who think your breasts are far too big. The minimizer makes your chest area appear smaller. The fantastic model, which is made of good materials, makes your breast flatten a little and distributes it over a larger area. The model gives you less rounding at the top and less cavalier gait. Try it, it really makes a difference.

It can be difficult to find the right model that suits you, but when you order your lingerie home, you have for a 33-day return policy, so you have plenty of time to find out which model you think is best to wear.

Is your bra cup losing its shape here – Find out of the why

If your bra cup is out of shape, it may be because you wash your bra incorrectly, or it lies incorrectly when you are not using it. You must wash your Bra as the washing instructions describe. Use a laundry bag if you wash in a machine. To keep the shape of your lingerie, you must put it in the cupboard, in the same shape as when you are wearing it. Do not fold your bra cups into each other, as the shape of the cups will disappear, especially padded cups. It may be that you think it takes up too much space, but then you can lay your bras on top of each other, that way the cups also support each other's shapes.

Which brand is best for you - Find out

You've probably heard of Prima Donna and their Big Cup models. Prima Donna is one of the most well-known brands in lingerie for plus sizes and which has the best support. But there are also many other lingerie brands that sell Big Cup sizes: PrimaDonna, Chantelle, Femilet, Freya, Marie Jo and Triumph. At the many skilled lingerie brands, you can find a large and varied selection that means you can find what you are looking for and want. If you must use a bra in a large size, Big Cup without inserts is the most recommended model, as the underwire gives you the optimal support without making the bust look bigger. Even if you choose a bra without padding, your bra will still have a beautiful curve and give you a beautiful shape.

The Big Cups that we offer you that are without padding, have a strong but thin piece of fabric, which shapes the cup, covers your nipple and at the same time gives your bust support. Once you know your size and model, you can explore the great and beautiful designs, which are constantly updated with new models, trends and colours. Remember to pamper yourself with a complete lingerie set, both a bra and a pair of panties. There is nothing better than one's underwear fitting the same, and the thought that you also look beautiful and lovely under the clothes makes it all even better. See our selection of panties here so you can get a beautiful set for your home.

The swimwear is also available in the Big Cup model - See here

Of course you can find your bikini top in the Big Cup model as well. There will be different trend-based bikinis to be found on the website. The lingerie brands PrimaDonna and Marie Jo are the two lingerie brands that make full cup bikini tops and thus support your bust just as well as a normal bra would. You will find the selection of bikini tops here in different brands.

You must pay attention to that bikini tops must be washed carefully, as your swimwear should be able to last for a long time. You will be able to read more about washing your bikini on our tips and advice page here.

How to wash your Big Cup bra - Read here and give your bra a longer life

Here you have the opportunity to read about how to wash your Big Cup, as you should of course enjoy your bra for the longest possible time. It will always be a good idea to follow the washing instructions carefully, so that you ensure yourself that you wash your lingerie correctly. When you buy quality underwear, lingerie and swimwear, you must treat the products properly. Here are some tips for you.

  • When you are not using your bra, it is a good idea to lay it down as it is shaped. You must not put one cup inside the other cup, as the cup shape will disappear.
  • Wash your lingerie by hand, unless the washing instructions say otherwise.
  • If you wash your lingerie in your machine, you must remember your washing bag so that your bra is not destroyed in the machine or vice versa.

How soon can you receive your new Bra - Read here

When you order your items, you will receive them as soon as possible if they are in stock. You have a full 365 days right of return. Also remember that you get free delivery when you buy over EUR 49. If a pair of bras and maybe two matching panties are included in the shopping basket, don't feel guilty - it just makes the delivery free. At the same time, you can also read our trade conditions here.