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Large selection of self adhesive bras

Feel comfortable from the inside out with a self adhesive bra. A self adhesive bra is ideal to have in your wardrobe for both everyday life and parties, as it can sometimes be really useful. It is optimal if you are in need of a bra for strapless tops and dresses or for a top with a deep cut on the back, where the straps from your bra must not be visible. Because there is nothing more annoying than bra straps that are visible and thus irritating under a strapless top.

The self adhesive bras often offer a multitude of models in different designs, which add an extraordinary look where your bust still gets the support it needs. With a self adhesive bra, you will look fantastic without compromising on quality, comfort and your complete look. At, we have collected a wide range of self-fitting bras for girls and women, which you will find here on the page.

Advantages of a self adhesive bra

The self adhesive bra is indispensable in every woman's wardrobe. Especially for those of you who love open backs and strapless tops or dresses. With a self adhesive bra, you also don't have to worry about the straps being visible. A self adhesive bra:

  • Ideal for strapless blouses and dresses where the shoulder line remains seductive and attractive.
  • Allows you to wear any type of top that a normal bra might not be able to handle.
  • Stages your feminine curves and creates a wonderful look.

Must have bra for every occasion!

The self adhesive bra has no straps around the body. On the other hand, there is a silicone strip so that it does not slide down when you wear your bra. In this way, its function is unique and indispensable! We know how important the self adhesive bra is. Because who wants to sit in a meeting where thoughts are constantly revolving around the fact that the straps from the bra are ruining the outfit. The self adhesive bra is therefore the perfect companion for any occasion, and gives you a range of options to wear just the top you want. Depending on which model you choose, the self adhesive bras will often not have any seams, which will therefore ensure that it will be invisible.

With a self adhesive bra, you are ensured that the cut fits right in the closet, and with it you have the perfect lingerie for festive dresses and tops or just for everyday use. It leaves a fantastic and irresistible cut with high wearing comfort. Whether it's for the airy T-shirt with a bare back or for the little cheeky black one. One thing is certain, it will always ensure a perfect fit in soft and comfortable materials. Choose from different designs and stage your female forms with feminine and elegant cuts. Experience all the benefits here at and let yourself be inspired by our wide range of practical and feminine self adhesive bras.

How do I find the perfect size?

It's not about which self adhesive bra is the best, the perfect brand, etc. But more about having control over the right measurements, model and fit. Because if you find the right size and fit, your self adhesive bra will fit as it should and have just the right effect. When trying on the bra, it is important that all its dimensions match each other. That is, circumference, cup and fit. Otherwise, the bra will not stay put. The lucky thing is that the different lingerie brands design and produce different varieties, with many focusing on creating something for every woman. This makes the selection of self adhesive bras wide, so you can find just the right model that matches your bust.

With a self adhesive bra from Magic Bodyfashion, among others, which is a leader in self adhesive bras, there is great probability that you will find a suitable model for you and your body. It is a good idea to try the different fits, as you can experience very different results. In this way, you will also find out which model, brand and fit is best for your bust. We have collected some tips here to help and advise you in finding the right self adhesive bra:

  • The circumference is important, as it must be neither too loose nor too tight. Therefore, pay attention to the measurements before you buy your next self adhesive bra
  • The cup is important, as it must not be too big or too small. An important element in your choice of bra is therefore to pay attention to the fit and height of the cup. How does it fit you?
  • Having a midsection is important as this gives support to your bust. It is important that the middle piece sits between the two cups and lies close to the sternum. There must be no air between this and your skin.

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On this page you will find a wide selection of self adhesive bras, which are indispensable under a dress or top with bare shoulders or a low cut back. You will find a variety of self adhesive bras that are suitable for every occasion, both everyday and special events. We always stock the latest models of self adhesive bras, which every modern woman should own - regardless of whether the day offers a traditional everyday life or a more festive event. With a self adhesive bra, you'll notice how you won't have to worry about visible straps when wearing a top where your shoulders or back are visible.

Find your favorite on this page and order at a time of day that suits you - it couldn't be easier to shop for lingerie online. If you have any questions about one or more of our self adhesive bras or anything else, you are welcome to contact our customer service by phone or email, where we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.