Large selection of Wolford tights

At Netlingeri you will find an always exciting selection of quality tights. With the highly popular and not least extremely comfortable design, which you will find in many variants from the innovative Austrian brand Wolford, pampering in a special class is guaranteed. Look forward to collections that usually offer:

  • Tights – many colours, shapes and thicknesses
  • Tights with a push-up effect
  • Tights with and without shine
  • Tights with and without pearl glitter effect

It is never boring to shop for goodies from this exciting manufacturer that does not alone manages to create both cool, casual, feminine and eye-catching styles, but also styles with a great focus on perfect fit and elasticity, which make the tights comfortable to wear. Look forward to a multitude of beautiful designs in many variants from the always exciting Wolford - of course at always attractive prices here at Netlingeri.

Tights in a special class

If you are looking for tights that are a little out of the ordinary, then you can look forward to exploring the exciting range of Wolford stockings or Wolford tights. It can be almost difficult to choose between the many designs that each have their own little subtleties.

  1. Trendy as well as classic designs
  2. Exciting details such as pearl glitter, gloss or shaping effect

Get an exclusive look by choosing the right tights. Here you can shine up your dress with one of the many exciting effects that these Wolford tights offer. The pampering is great with comfortable materials and, not least, designs that just fit perfectly.

Popular Wolford nylon stockings

It is not only in Denmark that Wolford stockings are a hit with women of all ages. Women in large parts of the world have fallen in love with this stylish and quality-assured brand, which really focuses on the details. The Austrian brand here has managed to constantly stay up-to-date with the trends of the time, just like they have also managed to produce both classic and more innovative designs, which include offers a shaping effect with push-up in the design.

Tights push-up effect

Underwear, lingerie and stockings with a shaping effect have become extremely popular among women of all shapes and ages.

Wolford tights are therefore also a hit with their popular push-up tights for women in several variants.

  • Tights with push up effect at the back

Give the rear extra firmness and hold with a pair of beautiful and functional tights in a soft and comfortable design. Here you can look forward to several variants that, depending on the collection and season, for example offer a pearl glitter effect.

No wardrobe without Wolford

Wolford tights are an absolute must-have for your wardrobe. Almost regardless of the season, you can always use a pair of nice nylon stockings. With Wolford nylon stockings and tights, you are always guaranteed beautiful and shiny legs in your favorite colour. With or without glitter, with or without push-up effect or with or without thickness. You can get Wolford socks in several thicknesses. Find your own favorite and pamper both legs and wardrobe with comfortable designs from this professional brand.

15, 20, 30 or 50 denier

There are several different thicknesses or qualities when it comes to tights. Wolford is no exception. When talking about the thickness of tights, it is largely about the tightness of the stocking. This is about the weight of the sock and the thickness and weight of the thread end of the sock. The higher the denier number - the thicker and stronger the stocking. Here you can also come across the term DEN, which is an abbreviation for denier.

  • Tights 15 denier
  • Tights 20 denier
  • Tights 30 denier
  • Tights 50 denier

Here you can choose between the thicker and thinner variants, which also give you either more or less transparent or tight stocking. Find your own favorite among the many variants in thickness, colour, design and effect. There is plenty to choose from in the always exciting range from Wolford.

Stocking manufacturer with extensive experience

Wolford is not new to his ballpark. With more than 65 years of experience and know-how in the design and manufacture of high-quality women's stockings and tights, you can safely expect delights for your wardrobe.

  • Stylish design that can used every day by all kinds of women for all occasions

Over the years, the Austrian brand has refined their vast experience to have created a brand that stands for innovative design to such an extent with a focus on great comfort – comfort in styles that can be worn every day, for all occasions, by all kinds of women.

Wolford sale

You will also find lots of exciting Wolford tights offers here at Netlingeri. We always tempt you with attractive prices on all lingerie, underwear, stockings, swimwear and homewear from both Danish and international brands. You also get good service with:

  • Lingerie trained customer service
  • Day-to-day delivery
  • Delivery to a parcel shop near you
  • Free shipping in Denmark for purchases of EUR 49.
  • 365 day right of return

Our service-oriented and, not least, lingerie-trained staff are ready to to help you with any questions about your order. You can meet us on all weekdays between 8.00 and 11.00 on tel. +45 41 40 75 00 or by email support@netlingeri.com.