Large selection of swimsuits

We have beautiful and classic swim suit from several of our well-known brands - e.g. Triumph, Femilet, PrimaDonna, Wiki and Marie Jo. Once upon a time, swim suit were boring and suited the slightly older generation - But luckily, that's no longer the case! Today there are a multitude of beautiful and feminine swimsuits that scream elegance. How good are the swim suit. Swimsuits are ready for the swimming lanes, but can also be for those of you who don't like wearing bikinis. Swimsuits will continue to be hot because there are constant changes and new designs coming to the market.

You will be able to choose from classic to luxurious or challenging colorful designs to those with a shaping effect. Whether you are into one or the other, there will certainly be something for you and your needs. When you find the absolutely perfect bathing suit, you will be more confident and radiate that you feel perfect and then you don't have to worry about anything.

Make your bathing suit a complete and fresh look

There are many swim suit that have the finest and most beautiful designs, which you don't only have to use on the beach. Swing a skirt around and put on the sunglasses and you're ready to look good when you leave the pool or the beach.

New seasonal items every year

If you didn't manage to get a swimsuit this year, don't worry. Soon there will be new and fresh designs, in new models or colors. You will get the opportunity to get the latest new. So remember to keep an eye on the home page and be ready to click home your new favorite swimsuit. We look forward to showing you the next season of swimwear, because there is always something surprising. It can be swimsuits with an open back, cross back or something completely different that we have not seen before.

Bikini briefs in good brands

When you have a large selection of bikini briefs, there must of course also be different brands to choose from. With the brands, they can do that there is such a large selection of many designs and shapes. When it is not the summer season, the selection of swimsuits will be smaller, but there will always be basic swimsuits in stock for you. The season for swimwear actually starts already in the spring, so remember to keep an eye out. Here you see brands that offer you a selection of bikini briefs:

  • Femilet
  • Freya
  • Missya
  • PrimaDonna
  • Sloggi
  • Triumph
you can keep your favorite swimwear for longer than just one summer season.

Swimsuits with patterns and details

Swimsuits are always a good idea, they can take the focus away from your body shapes or, conversely, make them even more striking. Stripes on your swimsuit can have a great effect on your body. If you want to hide your stomach a little or the width of your body, you can find a swimsuit with vertical stripes that will make your body look longer.

It may also be that you want your stomach to show less, then the model "Argentina swimsuit" from the brand Missya will be a huge help. You can always find the Argentina swimsuit in black, but every season it comes in many beautiful colors. Swimsuits for pregnant women who need good support, the "Argentina model" will also be fantastic, because is support in the material.

Many new designs for the swimsuits

We are surprised every year with new beautiful designs from the wonderful brands. You will always be able to find basic models, but every year they also come in beautiful new fashion colors. You will also be surprised with completely new models that can be more challenging, such as swimsuits with an open back or with a cut in the front. So if you love to try something new and make your everyday life a little more exciting, then you can look forward to the next summer season.

Swimsuits with good support

There are, of course, swimsuits with good support, both for your body, but also for your bust. There will be swimsuits that have cup sizes inserted so you can still get lift and support for your bust. Of course, there must be swimsuits for you who have larger breasts, but also just for you who feel most comfortable with support from an underwire.

Swimsuits with support for your bust will usually have cup sizes, so you just get a lift but also support from the circumference of the swimsuit. When you choose a swimsuit with a cup, it will be cup sizes you choose your swimsuit in, and the rest of the swimsuit will be adapted to that cup size. There will be cup sizes from B to E and the circumference from 75 to 100.

Your bathing suit is made of good materials

The brands pay attention to the qualities of which your swimwear is made, so that it is comfortable, susceptible to chlorine and that it retains its color and fit better in the sun and in the wash. Good materials that are treated properly and washed properly will last longer. You can find:

  • Nylon/polyamide: Which makes your swimwear comfortable to wear, and has the advantage of being a strong material that does not give way.
  • Polyester: Is a light material in your swimwear, which makes it dry faster and is also sweat-wicking.
  • Elastane: Is the material that gives your swimsuit the good fit. Elastane means that your new swimsuit is stretchy and closes nicely to the shape of your body.

It will always say what materials your swimsuit is made of, as well as suitable washing instructions to what your swimwear can withstand being washed in. If you take care of your new swimwear, you will also enjoy it for a longer time. When summer comes and we are ready to get some color, our swimwear will be exposed to the sun, chlorine and sunscreen, which can be hard on your swimwear and the materials.

Your swimwear will of course be worn out with the time. Pay particular attention to your bikini bottoms or the bottom of your bathing suit, which can become transparent over time. Your bottoms will wear out faster than the top, as we sit on surfaces that can disturb the material, for example beach sand, water edges or in the slide.

Follow the steps and enjoy your swimwear for several seasons

  • You must always wash your swimwear after use in chlorine or salt water. This ensures that the colors and quality are preserved as best as possible.
  • The sun is strong and will always bleach the color of the swimwear, if you only use the briefs, for example, then throw the top out into the sun. Thereby you reduce the color difference between the panties and the top.
  • When you use sunscreen and sun oil, avoid it coming into contact with your swimwear. Unfortunately, this can cause your swimwear to become scaly and discolored.
  • When it's time to wash your swimwear, you can use detergent and mild washing powder. You don't need that much, so just use a little bit. Remember that you should never wash your swimwear with washing powder containing bleach. Thereby you achieve that the color lasts as well as possible.
  • Coloured swimwear: Wash your colored swimwear with detergent for delicate washing or detergent for colored clothes.
  • White swimwear: To preserve the white color as best as possible, use a mild detergent.
  • You should never throw your swimwear in the dryer, the heat simply destroys the fibers of the swimwear.
  • The color fastness of neon colors is generally lower than on other colours, therefore the color will fade faster in use.
  • Silver and gold colors wear off in use and washing.
  • There is no guarantee for pearls, beads, sequins, stones and other applied effects.