Large selection of socks

There will always be a nice selection of stockings for you, whether they are the classic stockings for everyday use or for the nice black party dress where you need the patterned stockings. The selection of tights and stockings is of high quality for the fashion-conscious woman. There will always be an exciting selection of fashion products and collections in basic products. Whether you choose one or the other sock, you will get a good quality sock in many different models and thicknesses. A little advice from the start:

  • Always buy an extra pair with you, so you are sure that you will always have a spare pair with you should things go wrong.

Netlingeri offers you everything from warm thick tights to thin and fine stockings. You can choose between the coloured, patterned but also the completely classic tights, which can be used for parties, the office and everyday life. Look in the range and find exactly the stocking you need.

What does "Den" mean?

"Den" is an abbreviation of the word denier, which tells you something about the thickness of your tights. The number in front of Denier tells how thick your tights are. The bigger the number, the thicker the stocking.

  • 60 Den, is a stocking that is thick and strong. A 60 Den, you won't be able to see your leg through. A tights with 60 Den, is good for autumn and winter, because it is a little stronger. You can get pantyhose up to 100 Denier.
  • 20 Denier is a pantyhose that is very thin and fine, and thus you will be able to see through your legs. A 20 den in the skin color will be a nice make-up on your leg. A black thin stocking can help make your look lighter. You can get tights down to 8 Denier.

There will be different Deniers to choose from so you can have the right thickness for every occasion. Which pantyhose is best? It is difficult to answer. Of course, it depends on the quality, but also how you treat your socks. If you have the right size, are careful and wash them properly, they can actually last a year, depending on how often you use them. Heavy tights are of course more firm than thin tights.

What are the stockings made of

Most tights are made of Nylon, also called polyamide. As early as 1939, it was used for women's stockings, and since then the models and designs have developed extremely. There is a reason why your tights are made of nylon, as the tensile strength and elastic means that the tights adapt to your shapes and the length of your legs. With elastic in the tights, it will not be possible for them to shrink as the elastic shrinks to the shape it started with. That's why your tights can never be too big after use.

Nylon has fantastic wear resistance and is wrinkle resistant. A little trick if you have bought your socks in good quality and you update a small tear in the sock. Then you can save the sock from running.

  • Go inside with your hand and scratch quietly in the small tear or started hole. If the pantyhose is of good quality, the small tear will disappear and become one with the pantyhose again, but be careful.

The only downside to nylon is that they can have a poor insulating ability on the legs, but there will almost always be cotton at the panty waistband.

Tricks to make your tights last longer.

You must have realized that this one time you have actually invested in a pair of expensive tights in the hope that they won't run. Here are some good tips on how to keep your tights from running.

  1. Start by buying the right size so that they are not too small or too big.
  2. Start at the very bottom of the feet and move the stocking with the "back and forth" movements, so that you lay the stocking on the leg instead of pulling it up the leg.
  3. Every time you go to the toilet, take the whole the sock down to the foot and start again by moving the sock up the leg. If you don't do this, you won't get enough fabric up the thigh and butt, as a lot of fabric will end up on the shin.
  4. When you're not using your socks, put them back in the packaging or in a bag, so that they are not bothered by other material that can go in and damage the material.
  5. Be careful with finger rings and dry skin, it can easily catch the nylon string end and tear a hole. You can use some thin finger gloves, so that the sock will be easier to fold up on the leg.
  6. Always wash your socks in a laundry bag or by hand.

What size socks should you buy

It is incredibly important that you get the right size when you buy tights, leggings, ankle socks or knee socks.

  • If your tights are too small, you will not be able to get the stockings up properly, and thus the stockings will fall on. If the socks are too small, there will not be enough socks for the whole leg and up above the butt, and this is where the socks are challenged and thus can run.
  • You are probably thinking "rather too big socks than too small" ”. There is of course more fabric to grab onto, but after 10 minutes you will have to tear the pantyhose open again, because it will quietly move down on you and the fabric will also fall down between your legs, and this can be incredibly annoying when you are in movement.
  • If you get the right size in your tights, your socks will last longer and be comfortable for every occasion. When choosing a size, consider your leg length, height, shoe size and weight.

Self-fitting stockings

Beautiful, feminine and cheeky self-fitting tights are also something you can find at Netlingeri. If you have the party dress or skirt ready, but lack the feminine stockings, find yourself a pair of self-fitting stockings. Self-fitting stockings have a silicone edge that will stick to the thigh. Never put cream on the leg where the silicone edge is supposed to sit, as this means that the silicone edge cannot take hold of the leg properly.

Socks with patterns

Socks with patterns will always be in stock. It will constantly be updated with the latest models, patterns, colors and designs. Then you are in need of smart stockings for the party dress or everyday skirt, find them here. With patterned stockings, you will always be able to make your look even more exciting. It may also be that you have your black classic dress, which can seem a bit heavy, so choose the patterned tights to make your dress look lighter-

Tights on sale

Sometimes there will be stockings on sale. Why not take advantage of the offers and fill your wardrobe with fine patterns and classic tights. You may be lucky enough to find tights with up to 50% off, so hurry up and order home and be prepared for the future parties.

Be careful when washing your nylon tights.

After using your tights, they must of course be washed. It is important that you follow the washing instructions carefully so that your socks are as good as new after washing. Most stockings with elastic and nylon cannot withstand being washed in too hot temperatures, as the material will become limp or may even burst open.

If you wash your stockings or leggings in the machine, use your washing bag, so that the washing machine does not damage or tear the socks, or other clothes that may have sharp edges. If you are in doubt about washing your socks or what the washing instructions tell you, you can get some tips and advice here.

Fast and cheap delivery

We want you to have the best experience when you treat yourself to stockings. That's why we offer you fast and cheap delivery on everything in the store. It actually includes everything that Netlingeri has in stock. If you buy for more than EUR 49, the delivery is even free, another little treat for you. In addition, we also offer a full 365-day right of return if it turns out to be the wrong size. If you are in doubt about size, delivery or something else entirely, you are welcome to contact us on +45 41 40 75 00 or by email We help you every weekday from 08.00 to 11.00.