PrimaDonna swimwear

Large selection of PrimaDonna swimwear

PrimaDonna is known for their beautiful swimwear which is specially created for women with a large bust. Ever since 1865, the exclusive brand has produced underwear, including beautiful swimwear, swimsuits and bikini with an unrivaled fit and an elegant and exclusive design. On this page you will find a wide range of beautiful swimwear from the renowned brand, all models with the same unique and good fit as the rest of the many exclusive products from the popular brand. The swimwear from PrimaDonna is all produced in delicious qualities that go unbearably well with the rest of the brand's image and values, to create unique underwear aimed at women with large breasts.

Have you found your right match for the beach?

It is not a natural thing for all women to jump into new and smart swimwear every summer. And as soon as the long-awaited summer announces its arrival, not everyone immediately jumps into the bathing suit, the little bikini or the smart tankini. For some women, having to show off their body in the minimal clothes can even be borderline-crossing. For women with large breasts, it can even feel overwhelming to find the right swimwear. Because a large bust requires the perfect focus on fit and support. Not all brands carry sizes as large as is sometimes required. Here, for some women, it can naturally feel difficult and unmanageable.

However, there is absolutely no reason to feel this way. Because with PrimaDonna's many different models of smart and fashionable swimwear, you will surely also find the swimwear that suits you perfectly. Among the beautiful swimwear from PrimaDonna you will find, among other things, beautiful swim suit, tankinis, various bikini bottoms with both high and low waist, and bikini tops with and without inserts. The swimwear is produced in delicious materials and all in beautiful, fashionable colors which are created with a comfort that especially suits women with large breasts.

Would you like to keep the beautiful color of your PrimaDonna swimwear?

It is important to remember to treat your swimwear correctly. The right treatment means that it can stay beautiful for a long time. If you have bought a set of the beautiful swimwear from PrimaDonna, you are certainly also interested in keeping it beautiful for a very long time. In addition to treating it well when you wear the swimwear, the way you washing it also has a big impact on how the swimwear holds up. When you wash your swimwear, you must wash it in a gentle way so that it retains its shape and colour. You can do this by washing it on a low temperature in your washing machine, or you can wash the swimwear by hand. If there is an underwire in the swimwear, it is usually the best idea to wash it by hand. Use detergent that is gentle and always dissolve it in the warm water before you put the swimwear in.

Chlorine and salt water are tough odds for your skin, and this also applies to your swimwear. After a swim in chlorine or salt water, it is therefore a very good idea to rinse your swimwear free of chlorine and salt. If not, it goes beyond both the color and the elasticity of the fabric, and the swimwear therefore quickly becomes boring and uninteresting to look at. Are you looking for nice swimwear that takes your fit into account and is also designed especially for women with large breasts. Then the many different models from PrimaDonna are worth looking for. Buy your swimwear from PrimaDonna with us and feel how each design takes unique consideration of you and your needs.