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A backless bra is used by many girls and women, and is very popular under, for example, tops and dresses that have a low back or are completely backless. Here at Netlingeri, we have many different backless bras, so you can choose just the model that best suits your needs and your figure.

On this page you will find different models and colors from, among other things, the popular Dutch brand in backless bras, Magic Bodyfashion. Take a look and find your favorite and get dressed inside, where you still give your breasts the right support, but your back will be bare, so your dress or top will still have the perfect look.

The wardrobe must have for dresses and tops with an open back

A BRA without a back is a must have in any wardrobe, as it lends itself particularly well to strapless tops and dresses or to a bodice with a plunging back. When you have slightly large breasts, you need good support. Many girls and women are therefore in doubt as to whether you can use a bra without a back, even if you have a large and full bust. You can of course easily do that if you find a good, well-fitting bra without a back. We have both backless bras that fit a small and a large bust. You will therefore find something on this page that suits every woman's body.

How do you put on a backless bra?

It is important that a backless bra is put on correctly so that you don't risk the adhesive not working optimally.

  • Apply your backless bra to clean skin - therefore do not apply lotion, perfume or make-up to your breasts as this will damage the adhesive.
  • Place your backless bra in the desired position - For example, if it has loose cups, you must first fasten one cup and then the other.
  • Press on the bra with both hands so that you are sure that it is properly attached - Has you a self-fitting backless bra with cups, you must close it in the front first.

How do I wash my backless bra?

To keep your backless bra clean, it is recommended that you clean it by hand with a little water and mild soap after each time you wear it. Rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry. Then reapply the protective layer to prevent the adhesive from becoming dusty and losing the effect of sticking to the skin. Do not use your fingernails or brushes to clean your backless bra, and never dry it with a towel, as the fibers will stick to the adhesive, risking damage and losing its effectiveness.

Backless bra that stays where it should

Our backless bras are self-adhesive and stay where they should. This type of bra is ideal under open-back dresses and strapless tops, so you can feel comfortable in your outfit while keeping your breasts where they should be. Here at you will find a wide selection of backless bras, which are ideal for an outfit where the back is visible and you don't want to show off your bra. You will find a wide selection of self-adhesive bras from Magic Bodyfashion, from which we also offer tape, nipple covers and other lingerie accessories.

Find your next backless bra online here at

Are you in need of a backless bra that you can use under, for example, tops and dresses that have a low back or are completely backless? Then you have come to the right place. Backless bras are practical and comfortable and therefore something every woman should own at least one of.

Here with us you will find exactly what you are looking for. In addition to backless bras, you will also find a selection of lift covers, breast tape, nipple covers and other breast-covering lingerie accessories on this site. Take a look at our large selection, which you will find on this page, and find your personal favorite backless bra. We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can enjoy your new backless bra before long.