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Passionata is lingerie for you who love colors, patterns and beautiful lace. Passionata lingerie is lingerie made in high quality, combined with style. On this page you find beautiful bras, panties and swimwear from Passionata, which are designed for the youthful woman. Passionata is lingerie for you who love colors, patterns and beautiful lace. Passionata lingerie is lingerie made in high quality, combined with style. On this page you will find beautiful bras and panties from Passionata which are designed for the youthful woman. Passionata is for you who just want a good product - at a good price.

At Netlingeri you will find the Passionata brand, which is the creme de la creme for you who want lingerie for women in a beautiful and modern style filled with beautiful lace, colors, shapes and not least a wealth of admirable details. As always, the fit is impeccable and the materials, which are all carefully selected, ensure you high comfort and lingerie that you will love to wear for both everyday and festive occasions. We offer, among other things, on:

  • Beautiful bras in many exciting variants
  • Feminine panties, hipster and String

Treat yourself, your wardrobe or someone you care about with all the best from the ever popular brand Passionata. Luxury is guaranteed for body and soul with these beautiful materials and the always exciting looks that these designs offer. We bring you feminine underwear for women that fit like a dream.

Delicious, high-quality lingerie

It's just quality in a special class when we talk about the ever-popular Passionata. This brand has taken the big world by storm and not least the hearts of women worldwide. Once you've tried this luxurious brand, there's no going back. You will love the fit, the gentle shapes, the soft materials and not least the feminine look. Passionata is just exquisite quality. The brand offers:

  1. Soft and comfortable materials
  2. Nice fit
  3. High comfort
  4. Colors that last

It's just a little more delicious to wear goodies from this wonderful brand. There is something for everyone when you explore the collections, and it can be quite difficult to choose. Here you get materials that keep their colors and fit despite frequent washing and the comfort is, just like the quality, in a class of its own. Fortunately, you will find these beautiful designs at great prices here at Netlingeri, so you can really treat yourself to all the best from the great world of lingerie.

Beautiful feminine details

There is no hiding the agenda when you see the many beautiful designs from Passionata. The brand exudes beautiful feminine designs and not least beautiful details – details that often make all the difference to the perfect feminine look. Throughout the ages, the collections have offered, among other things:

  • Beautiful cuts with a sexy plunge effect
  • Lace in many exciting variants
  • Graphic lace and all-over print
  • Transparent materials for a sensual effect

There is something to use under the party dress, for the bedroom, for the weekend stay and for wear under everyday jeans and blouses. Everything has been thought of when you choose everything you need for your basic lingerie wardrobe from this wonderful brand. It is and remains beautiful feminine lingerie with a wealth of beautiful details.

Lots of lace

Passionata as a brand is known for using beautiful lace in many fine varieties. Shopping for women's lace underwear will definitely never be boring when it comes to this exciting and innovative brand. The pampering will never end regardless of your choice, as the many beautiful designs always focus on high quality and a nice fit. Here you will find a multitude of beautiful variants of:

  • Lace bras
  • Blonde panties

Lace is and has always been a unique way for women to emphasize the feminine and often with a slightly romantic and gently sexy style. Designs from Passionata are no exception – the many beautiful shapes and designs give you both a lace look in an innovative and trendy style as well as the more classic one. There is something for all occasions, shapes and tastes when you wear delights from this exciting brand.

Black, sexy or sophisticated

With lingerie for ladies from Passionata, you can choose a style for all the women you are. Black, sexy, feminine or perhaps sophisticated? The many exciting designs give you the opportunity to express your personality with exactly the lingerie and underwear that match your feminine shapes - regardless of size and preferences. You are always well dressed with beautiful Passionata.

When comfort is important

Comfort is important when it comes to lingerie. Fit, size and materials have a big influence on the level of comfort that you feel when you put on underwear and lingerie in general. At Netlingeri, we have a strong focus on comfort when we buy lingerie from the biggest and most popular brands - here there is professional design regardless of whether you choose bras or panties in the many exciting variants. When choosing a bra, you can enjoy our large range, which gives you all the options for:

  • Size that matches your shapes and curves
  • Design with good support for your bust
  • Durable designs with soft stitching
  • Designs that feel light and comfortable to wear

Smart underwear must feel good on the body. The right size is important – regardless of the type of lingerie you choose and regardless of the brand. Comfort, fit and well-being are largely connected.

Smart size guide on this page

With such a professional brand as Passionata, you are guaranteed the best conditions for lingerie that fits perfectly. If you are in doubt about size, do not hesitate to ask customer service or use our many popular size guides, which you will find on this page.

Bras with a good fit

Regardless of your desire for a bra, the fit must be perfect for you to feel comfortable. It is also regardless of your choice of brand, design and colors and shapes. We offer a large selection of different bras and the right size and fit is important regardless of whether you choose:

  • bra with push up
  • bra with padded insert
  • Bra with half-cup
  • Bra with minimize effect
  • Wire bra
  • Bra with wide straps
  • V-shaped bra
  • V-shaped bra

The above is just a selection of the many exciting types of bra 'is what our many exciting brands offer. Find the right size for your beautiful body, and you will experience an exquisite fit.

Panties, hipster and String

No lingerie without panties in many exciting variants. The popular brand Passionata also offers lots of goodies with different variants such as:

  • Hipster in exciting designs and materials
  • String in exciting designs and materials

Are you into the more classic or perhaps more sensual and seductive – there is something for every taste when you shop for delicious lingerie at Netlingeri.

2 annual collections

The beautiful brand Passionata, which belongs to the iconic Chantelle Group and first saw the light of day back in 1988, is here to stay. This brand is known for its 2 annual collections of beautiful lingerie for women of high quality. With a focus on the woman who lives life to the fullest, each collection is filled with:

  • Pure pampering
  • Beautiful details
  • Comfort in a class of its own

At Netlingeri, we have selected the most beautiful designs that match the woman with a penchant for modern lingerie in a beautiful and feminine style. Here you get lingerie for women with a passion (Passionata) for life's many wonderful opportunities - also opportunities to always be well-dressed from the inside out.

Beautiful colours, shapes and patterns

The collections are often characterized by a multitude of colours, shapes, patterns and not least lace. There is something for every taste – also in terms of design, in terms of body shape, curves and the many variants of the feminine look. You can safely look forward to exploring the magical Passionata universe with beautiful details, delicious materials and, not least, always favorable prices when you shop here at Netlingeri.

Passionata sale

At Netlingeri you will always find wonderful offers on Passionata underwear. Here you can find exciting prices on both Passionata bras and panties. Please also take a look at our exciting offers page, where you will find beautiful leftovers at crazy discounted prices. These are lingerie offers with big discounts on the biggest and most popular brands. Here you can find, for example, leftovers from previous collections or other exciting special offers.

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