You will find swimwear to all body types

Then came the smart swimwear! This year's collection offers many smart models and colors, both when it comes to bikinis, swimsuits and swimwear. We strive to offer swimwear for the young, but certainly also swimwear for those who like a bit of edge on their panties and a top with good support. It's always exciting to see what the next season will surprise you with. It can be completely new models that you haven't seen before, or maybe it's the seasonal colors that come and surprise you. It is impossible to know, but one thing you can be sure of is that the new items and new designs can always be found here on the netlingeri.com webshop.

Follow the website and be ready on the new seasonal products, so you can certainly get exactly what you want, in the right colors or models. Don't wait to snap your favorite bikini set home, as swimwear is selling fast. It would be a shame if you wait a day and then your size is gone. You will find swimwear in all body types, which can be both with classic designs or colors, but also with challenging details and in fresh colors. All bikini tops, bikini bottoms and swimsuits have their own beautiful designs. Choose swimwear from Marie Jo, Calvin Klein, Wiki, PrimaDonna and Triumph. There will definitely be something for you and your silhouettes.

What does the swimwear collection consist of

Every year there are new swimwear collections, and the swimwear already starts to enter the warehouse at the beginning of spring, so be ready. The swimwear collection gives you choices between bikini tops, bikini bottoms and swim suit. If you fall in love with a top, but don't like the bottom or vice versa, don't think about it any more. In the selection of swimwear, you can choose the parts separately. You can therefore mix and match between the colors and models you want. Create your own bikini set for the summer. As soon as you have your favorite bikini, the summer and the trip to the beach will be even better.

Pregnancy swimwear

Do you need some swimwear for the summer holiday or the swimming pool, but are pregnant. This is no problem, as here you can get a guide to which models you should use. The most important thing is that you get a bikini or swimsuit home that you feel comfortable in. Your body changes when you are pregnant, your breasts get bigger, etc. Of course, there must be small obstacles when you are in the process of creating a beautiful new life. But we help you with those obstacles. Bikini briefs for the first trimester: Bikini briefs with a high waist, which will support you extra well.

Bikini briefs for the slightly larger stomach: Here you can use a bikini brief that is low. The bikini bottom will sit just below your stomach. At whatever stage you are in your pregnancy, the low cut panty will be really good.

You can find some panty where you can tie them out at the sides, that way you decide how tight you want it to be. the bikini bottom must be on the side.

With a bikini top, you must be aware that the breast will grow and change during pregnancy. Your bust will become heavier and therefore you must be aware that your bikini has good support for your bust and your shoulders. A bathing suit or tankini is also a good solution for you who want to cover your stomach, for stretch marks or don't want to expose your stomach to the sun's rays.

Get ready for the summer holidays with the perfect swimwear

Are you ready for the coming summer. Whether you are going to be at home or abroad, you must of course bring your bathing suit or bikini with you. Fortunately, there is a large selection of bikini models and colors, so you can find just what you want for the coming summer. Show off your confidence with a colorful bikini and give your chest the support it needs.

You can choose anything between bikini tops that are designed as a bandeau, halter, push up or strapless bikini, where for most models there will usually be 2 pairs of panty models for you to choose from. Find out which bikini top and bikini briefs that suit you best.

Swimsuits for swimming

You can find swimsuits with different designs, cups and wearing options. There will also be swimsuits with beautiful cutouts and with perfect hold. Swimsuits must fit perfectly and at the same time they must be elegant and feminine. Go for the sporty model if you have to use the bathing suit for swimming, or find a light bathing suit with fine details if it is for beach trips. See the selection of swim suit.

When buying swimwear - Pay attention to the size

Even if you are sure of your size, remember that some brands can be tighter or too large in the model. When you try your new swimwear, it must fit close to the body, as swimwear always gets a little bigger when it gets wet. If you buy your bikini top too big, the cup will open in the water and thus won't close the bust inside. If you use panties that are too big, they will hang around the back, and you will feel that they are constantly falling down.

Which bikini suits you best

With a good selection of different brands, there will be something for all female shapes. If you have the pear-shaped, apple-shaped or hourglass shape or something completely different, we will give you some advice so that you get the right model for you.

  • Pear-shaped body shape: If you have narrow shoulders and waist compared to your hips, the strapless model is good for you. The strapless bikini is also called a bandeau. A bandeau makes your shoulders look a little wider. You can find bikini bottoms that have a high leg cut, this makes the hips appear smaller and your legs appear longer
  • The apple-shaped body shape: You have thin legs and narrow hips, but your upper body is shorter and fuller. Then you must use a bikini brief that is low-waisted, which creates the illusion of a longer upper body. A bathing suit or tankini can hide the stomach, but also make your waist visible.
  • The hourglass shape: if you have a narrow waist but broad hips and shoulders, you must highlight your waist and your shoulders. Go hunting for the halter neck bikini top. If you have a larger bust that needs more support, the bikini top with underwire and regular straps is also a good idea.
  • Athletic physique: the body is slim with subtle curves. You can look for swimwear that has details of fringes or prints that make your body look fuller. You can also look at the padded triangle bikini. Find a bikini bottom that you can adjust at the sides yourself.
  • The inverted triangle body shape: If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you must therefore shift the focus to your body shape. Use bright or light tops, where the bottom should be with details or fresh colors.

How to wash your swimwear - How to make your swimwear last longer.

Take good care of your swimwear so it lasts longer. Your swimwear is exposed to a lot, sun, chlorine and sunscreen over a summer. But if you take care of your swimwear, it will also be ready for next season and even more. Follow the steps and enjoy your swimwear for several seasons.

  • You must always wash your swimwear after use in chlorine or salt water. This ensures that the colors and quality are preserved as best as possible.
  • The sun is strong and will always bleach the color of the swimwear, if you only use the briefs, for example, then throw the top out into the sun. Thereby you reduce the color difference between the panties and the top.
  • When you use sunscreen and sun oil, avoid it coming into contact with your swimwear. Unfortunately, this can cause your swimwear to become scaly and discolored.
  • When it's time to wash your swimwear, you can use detergent and mild washing powder. You don't need that much, so just use a little bit. Remember that you should never wash your swimwear with washing powder containing bleach. Thereby you achieve that the color lasts as well as possible.
  • Coloured swimwear: Wash your colored swimwear with detergent for delicate washing or detergent for colored clothes
  • White swimwear: To preserve the white color as best as possible, use a mild detergent.
  • You should never throw your swimwear in the dryer, the heat simply destroys the fibers of the swimwear.
  • The color fastness of neon colors is generally lower than on other colours, therefore the color will fade faster in use.
  • Silver and gold colors wear off in use and washing.
  • There is no guarantee for pearls, beads, sequins, stones and other applied effects.