Period panties

What is period panties?

Period panties both look and feel like regular panties. The big difference is that you can bleed in them without having to worry about whether you bleed through. Period panties are designed both for days with light bleeding and for days with heavier periods. Period panties, also known as period panties, are underpants that are specially designed to be worn during menstrual periods.

The panties mean that you do not need to use pads and/or tampons. With period panties, disposable products are over when you have your period. Instead, you can enjoy a pair of comfortable period panties that keep track of your bleeding - without any risk of leakage. Many women find that period panties offer a more comfortable and convenient option than traditional pads or tampons. In addition, they are also often more affordable than disposable products, and they can then be reused several times.

How do period panties work?

Although period panties look like a pair of regular panties, they are not the same. Period panties quickly and effectively absorb the bleeding and encapsulate it in the fabric, so you don't walk around with wet panties. In period panties, an extra layer of fabric is built in, which acts as an absorbent when you bleed. The layers encapsulate the bleeding so you don't have to worry about bleeding through. In addition, they also encapsulate bad odors and moisture, so you can feel dry and safe.

Period panties – a sustainable alternative

  1. Avoid single use
    A woman who is menstruating uses many disposable products in the form of pads and tampons in her life. This in itself is unnecessary disposable consumption, but in addition there is also packaging, which is often made of plastic.
  2. Save money with period panties
    Disposable pads and tampons cost quite a bit to buy. Especially when it's something you have to have every month. In addition, it is also an expense that you, as a woman, have to have for most of your life. In the long term, it is therefore also more sustainable to invest in period panties that you can use month after month.
  3. Avoid unnecessary chemical substances and chemistry on your body and the environment
  4. Sanitary napkins and tampons are often made of bleached cotton, which is both bad for the environment and not healthy for you. In addition, it may contain perfume and other types of chemistry that should not come into contact with your skin.

Washing period panties

Before use:
  • Wash the panties in the washing machine at 30 degrees before using them
After use:
  • Rinse the panties in cold water until the water is clear
  • Wash them in the washing machine at 30-40 degrees. Use regular detergent and no fabric softener, as it wears out the period panties unnecessarily. We recommend using a laundry bag so that the material is protected during washing
  • Let the panties air dry after washing on a clothesline outside or on a drying rack indoors
  • The period panties cannot withstand tumble dryers and bleaching agents, as this lining the quality significantly

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