Triumph swimwear

Large selection of Triumph swimwear

With swimwear from Triumph you get swimwear that is both modern and fits your body perfectly. On this page you will find a large assortment of beautiful swimwear from the German brand Triumph. Always a large selection of swimwear, bikinis and swimsuits at All the fine swimwear from the renowned brand is, like the rest of Triumph's many products, all created in the well-known and good quality.

When you have to choose your swimwear, it is important that it is swimwear that you feel comfortable in. After all, you often have to spend many hours in it, so it is important that it sits comfortably on the body. The swimwear from the popular brand Triumph is all produced in delicious qualities and materials, which ensure you a high comfort and fit.

What kind of Triumph swimwear should I choose?

The body changes throughout life. This applies to both breasts, buttocks, thighs and stomach. Therefore, for some women it can also be difficult to find the right swimwear, which sits comfortably on the body and without being tight. It can be difficult to find out what kind of swimwear you need. choose, and not everyone enjoys jumping in the little bikini either. That is why with us you can find many different models with many different options from the German brand. You can find, among other things, beautiful classic swim suit, tankinis and beautiful little bikinis.

When you have to choosing swimwear, it's mostly about what kind of swimwear you feel most comfortable in. For example, if you feel a bit exposed in a smart little bikini, you should of course choose one of the many beautiful swimsuits from Triumph. A bathing suit can help you hide a bit of your body and give the impression that you are not quite so undressed. For some, it can be the ideal swimwear, which they may not easily get rid of again.

Bikinis are popular and with the many beautiful models from Triumph, you also understand why. They are all designed in beautiful colors and in many different beautiful patterns. Before you buy your swimwear, there is one small rule to remember which is worth taking into consideration. Swimwear expands when it gets wet. It is therefore a good idea to always buy swimwear that fits a little tight on the body. In this way, you also avoid your bikini bottoms or bathing suit falling down on your bum when you bathe.

Retain the beautiful clear color of the Triumph swimwear

It is important that you take good care of your swimwear mainly because that way you can maintain the beautiful colors and elasticity of the swimwear. Chlorine and salt water are hard on your skin, your hair and not least your swimwear. After a good and long swim, in either chlorine or salt water, it is therefore important to rinse the swimwear in clean water. If it is not rinsed in clean water, it affects both color and elasticity. On some beaches, especially abroad, there are small showers where you can rinse your swimwear free of salt and chlorine in clean water.

Do you like lying on the beach and enjoying the sun's warm rays, You probably also use sunscreen. But sunscreen is like chlorine and salt, also hard on your swimwear. If necessary, make sure to lubricate yourself well before putting on the sunscreen. The sunscreen gives your swimwear ugly marks, which you should avoid completely. Wash your swimwear by hand with a mild detergent, especially if your swimwear has underwire. Buy your swimwear from Triumph here on the site and get swimwear that fits perfectly on the body. Both before and after a long swim.