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A strapless bra, or multi-functional bra as it may also be called, has removable straps, so the bra can be used without straps, or with crossed straps. Wear a strapless bra under a t-shirt or under the big party dress. See all bras in the shop. A strapless bra or multi-function bra, as it may also be called, is a bra where you can remove the stops. When you remove the straps, the bra will still sit close to your bust and around the waist.

A woman should have at least one strapless bra in her wardrobe. Why? Because your beautiful halterneck dress or summer top, which goes down around your shoulders, won't look nearly as beautiful if the straps stick out where there shouldn't normally be any. When you buy a beautiful backless dress, you need to complete your look so that you still have the support and function of the bra, but with the stops removed. With a selection of strapless bras' is you can find the right one for you and get ready to complete your look. The brands you can find your strapless bra in are Femilet, PrimaDonna and Triumph.

Which functions does a strapless bra have - Read here

A strapless bra has many functions, which is why it can also be called a multifunction bra. With the strapless bra, you can remove the stops completely and use the bra without straps for your dress and shirt, where you can show off your back beautifully. You can keep the stops on, but instead of want them to go straight over the shoulder, you can cross the straps instead. The straps that cross the back give a good effect to your outfit if you don't feel comfortable going without straps. Another advantage of being able to cross the straps is that the stops don't always fit together place on the shoulder, and your shoulders will not be burdened in the same place all the time.

It is not only your strapless bras that can be adjusted by the straps and put on a cross. Quite ordinary bras can also have the detail of being regulated and changed in the straps. You may actually have a BRA at home that you can change the straps on without you knowing. Another function your stops can do is the halterneck function, where the stops can be put around the neck. With the halter neck bra, you can still have a free back and still have some form of support. A strapless bra can be both padded and with a push up effect. Both models give your bust a round shape when you wear your tight-fitting dress or T-shirt.

Remember the right size when buying a strapless bra - Read why

When you try on a strapless bra, it is really important that you get the right size and model. If you don't have the right size in both circumference, cup and fit, the bra won't stay put when you take off the straps. The strapless bra models in stock go from A to G bowl. You can find the circumference in sizes 65 to 80. In addition, you can find different models, each with their own cut and height of the bowl. With strapless bras from different brands, there is a great chance that you will find the right bra for your bust. In the selection you will be able to find the colors; black, white, nude, skin-coloured and off-white, where different fashion colors will come in during the year. The colors will be constantly updated, so you can get the right color for your clothes.

Which strapless bra is for big breasts?

A strapless bra for big breasts will also be something you can find in the selection. If you have a large bust, it can of course sometimes be difficult to find the right bra. It is therefore very important that you have the right bra size and the right fit, which must give you the support you need. The circumference of your strapless bra is a very important part when choosing a bra. The circumference must be perfect, as it is the circumference that gives support to the bust and holds your chest up, even when you take off the straps. A bra with a wide circumference gives you the best support and comfort.

If your bust is large and you need optimal support, choose a full cup bra that covers your entire bust. A full cup is good because there is room for the breasts in the cup, and it also prevents the cup from giving a quadruple breast. When you have a large bust and are looking for a strapless bra with the best possible support, is Prima Donna a good choice. Prima Donna is the most leading brand in lingerie for big girls. Find your strapless bra for the summer dress, the T-shirt or perhaps the wedding dress here. Be aware that it is not your straps that should support your bust, but instead the circumference of your bra.

If your strapless bra falls down when you take off the straps – Here's some advice

If you haven't used a strapless bra before, or haven't had much luck use or choose them correctly, here are some good tips.

  • If you can't hold up your strapless bra, you can use the transparent stops so that you still have the straps, but they are not nearly as obvious.
  • If your dress crosses the back, it is also possible for you to cross the straps with each other, so that both the model of the dress and the straps match.

If you have control over the size and fit of your strapless bra, your strapless bra will have the perfect effect and will be able to act as a strapless bra shell.

Which strapless bra is best – find out here

It's not about which strapless bra is best, as it can vary between fit, model, cup size and what you need. The lucky thing is that the lingerie brands have their focus areas, which means that there is a large selection of strapless bras, so you can get just the best one. Some brands are better at making strapless bras with a push up effect for smaller breasts, while other brands focus on women with large breasts who therefore need much more support.

You get 4 tips for finding the best strapless bra here:

  • Circumference: Pay attention to the circumference, it must not be too loose or too tight.
  • The bowl: The bowl must not be too big or too small. Also pay attention to how the fit and height of the cup sits on you - Does the cup go up high enough and cover the chest completely.
  • The underwire: The underwire must fit the shape of your chest. Be aware that the underwire does not sit on your chest, as this means that the whole bra does not sit as it should. Your underwire should sit outside and around your bust.
  • The middle piece: The middle piece between the two cups should lie right up to the sternum, so that the bra optimally supports your bust. There must be no air between the middle piece and your skin.

It is a good idea to try between the different brands, as they each have their own fits. That way you can also find out which model, brand and fit suit your bust best.

Are a strapless bra and a self adhesive bra the same

When you takes the stops off your bra, your bra will stay on you unless you have the wrong girth, fit and cup. On most strapless bras, there will be a silicone strip around the edges of the bra, which makes the cup fit against the skin. The silicone edge that you see at the top of the cup plays an important role. The silicone means that the cup will lie close to your bosom and you will not experience air between the cup and your bosom. However, a strapless bra and a self adhesive bra are not the same thing. A self adhesive bra has no back, and thus no support all the way around your body. A self adhesive bra or self-adhesive bra is actually also the same as an adhesive bra, as you attach the bra to the body.

Strapless with silicone edge - Read and get good advice here

Most strapless bras have a silicone edge that sits along the edge of your bra. The silicone edge helps the bra to sit close to your body when you take off the straps. Do not use body cream before putting on your strapless bra. The silicone will not be able to adhere to your skin, but will instead slide around on the skin. Using fabric softener and towel drying on the silicone edge is not recommended, as they destroy the effect of the silicone and thus make the strapless Bra does not fit as it should after a short period of use.

Bikini without straps - also called Bandeau

You will be able to find a selection of bikini tops without straps as well. A bikini top without straps is better known as the bandeau top. A Bandeau top is a bikini top where you can remove the straps or tie them around the neck. A Bandeau can be both with and without an underwire, it's entirely up to you. See our selection of strapless bikini tops here.

How do you wash your strapless bra?

Rule number one is important and is that you must always check the washing instructions on your bra. The warranty on your lingerie disappears if you do not follow the washing instructions. However, it is best for your bra to be hand washed, as it wears the least on the bra's materials and fit. Wash your bra in lukewarm water and then hang it up so that the cups hang with a small gap between them.

Avoid wringing your bra when you wash and take the water out of it, as this can ruin the good shape on the cups. If the washing instructions indicate that you may wash your strapless bra in the machine, remember that you must wash at the lowest temperature and preferably without centrifugation. Your strapless bra must be washed in a laundry bag and with similar colors.

So how do you store your lingerie after washing?

  • You must not take off the bra the same two bowls into each other, so that the padding of one bowl faces the opposite of what it should. It destroys both the shape of the cup and the underwire, which is twisted the wrong way.
  • To keep the shape of your bra cups, you can stack your bras on top of each other so that they support the padding and keep the shape.
  • You can also hang your lingerie on a hanger. Your lingerie is just as important as all your other clothes, so if you treat it properly, it will last longer.