Large selection of Mey underwear

At Netlingeri you will find the always popular brand Mey with a multitude of beautiful designs of bras, panties, and tops. The creme de la creme has been decided for those of you who want soft and comfortable underwear and lingerie that are both beautiful, feminine and, not least, functional. Look forward to a range that usually offers:

  • Mey bras
  • Mey tops
  • Mey undershirts
  • Mey panties

Here you can choose from many exciting variants, and the range also offers the popular Emotion series with extra soft and comfortable materials, lots of beautiful details and prices, so everyone can participate. Look forward to discovering a world of beautiful, feminine, functional and not least trendy underwear - always at attractive prices here at Netlingeri.

Mey underwear and lingerie with nice details

Regardless of whether you are looking for an ever-popular Mey undershirt or perhaps a Mey Emotion top, which is also available in several different versions such as a tank top, you can certainly be pleased you to a multitude of delicious styles and, not least, luxurious details. Here you will find, among other things:

  1. Beautiful and feminine lace
  2. Variants with thin or wide straps
  3. Soft seams and stitching

You can be sure of high comfort and always a nice fit, almost regardless of which style you choose. Quality is judged to be in a special class with delights in several colours, shapes and materials. Here, the collections over time have also offered e.g. the popular Mey nightwear such as the Mey babydoll in several variants. Find your own favorite within delicious Mey underwear depending on the seasonal collections and hottest trends here at Netlingeri.

Beautiful and feminine Mey bra

The designers behind Mey follow the company's motto, "We follow no rules", when it comes to design. They design based on innovative ideas and a penchant for high quality. Therefore, the range can also time and again manage to surprise its fans with beautiful and, not least, exciting details, colors and shapes. If you are looking for a feminine Mey bra, then you will definitely not be cheated. The range offers trendy designs in several color variants – all with a focus on the good fit and the comfortable materials. Beautiful, feminine and not least functional with:

  • Molded bowls
  • Bowls with good depth
  • Extra soft material

Pure indulgence is guaranteed on all levels with popular designs from this always stylish brand. Choose your favorite bra for everyday life and for festive occasions and enjoy a life of luxury inside your body. The many exciting styles in the Mey collections give you the opportunity to combine bras as well as panties and undershirts in many different variants , so you always wear your favorite underwear.

Tai, maxi or pants

It will never be boring to shop this popular brand, which always gives you a world of possibilities. The many different variants within panties offer something for all female shapes and all types of clothing. Find the variant that matches your personal style or choose several so that you can switch to exactly the type of panties that best suits your day. The range usually offers variants such as:

  • Tai briefs
  • Midi briefs
  • Maxi briefs
  • Pants

There is again a focus on comfortable materials that give you delicious, soft and breathable designs that feel extremely comfortable to wear. It's just a little more delicious to face the day with delicious lingerie and underwear that sit perfectly on the body.

Popular German lingerie and underwear brand

The stylish, feminine and exclusive brand Mey has German roots. Their simultaneously sophisticated and innovative designs have managed to keep up with the time's development of trends and use of materials. Mey dates back to 1928, but the company has managed to impress over the years with their many smart designs that tempt women of all ages.

An international brand with a strong focus on high quality and innovative design. Quality is a matter of course when you shop at Mey, and you look for absolute highest standards when designing for dealers in large parts of the world. Another brand that testifies to German thoroughness and the use of quality materials – regardless of the choice of design.

Mey underwear sale

You will find this German brand in many delicious variants here at Netlingeri. You will therefore also find exciting Mey underwear offers at regular intervals. Keep an eye on the site and look forward to exclusive designs from popular brands for pure pampering for you and your wardrobe – both when it comes to underwear and lingerie, but also to a great extent nightwear, swimwear and homewear. You find the best of the best at always great prices here at Netlingeri. We also offer fantastic service such as:

  • Day-to-day delivery
  • Lingerie-trained customer service
  • Free shipping in Denmark with purchases for more than EUR 49

There is also a 365-day right of return and a customer service that is ready to help you on all weekdays from 8.00-11.00. You can contact us on tel. +45 41 40 75 00 or by email We look forward to helping you find goodies for your wardrobe from both Danish and international brands.