Large selection of bikinis

A bikini is indispensable for many women. When it comes to summer, sun and heat, the two small parts make a big difference, so you get the full experience in sun and water when you are at the beach, on holiday or simply enjoying the summer weather in the garden. Shop for example bikinis from Marie Jo, PrimaDonna, Calvin Klein and Wiki. Here at you will find a large selection of bikinis for the summer sun and beach and for your upcoming holiday. On this page you will find matching bikinis for ladies in fine colours, stylish shapes and trendy designs from the most leading brands in swimwear. You can also choose to mix and match yourself, so that you get exactly the bikini combination that suits your personal needs. Find your favorite bikini here and get smartly dressed for the next time you go to the beach.

The bikini is an invention that many women today highly value, and for most it is a permanent part of the wardrobe. The inspiration comes from lingerie, and this has given rise to following the biggest trends in the underwear industry, so that you can both look good on the beach and in the pool when the weather is good. There are no rules for how your bikini should look. You decide for yourself how covering it should be, whether you want to tie it behind the neck or whether it should give your breasts extra fullness. At you can always find a large and wide selection of beautiful bikinis, so you can get ready for the lovely Danish summer or the journey south. We have a varied range of bikinis from all the best brands in many different models and designs, so you can find just the bikini that best suits your style and taste. That way, you don't have to compromise your personal style to be able to jump into the sea or the pool.

Beautiful bikinis from exclusive brands

At we want you to face the summer and the warm months in style, so that you can feel comfortable on the beach and by the pool in a beautiful bikini. We have therefore selected a wide range of bikinis from some of the most popular and exclusive brands within swimwear, so that you can find a bikini that is of a delicious quality and that can look good for the next several swimming seasons. In addition, you will also find a sea of bikinis in beautiful designs. Just as it is important that you choose clothes that suit your personal style, it is also important to have a bikini that fits you and your figure perfectly. When you find a bikini that fits you well and sits perfectly on your body, you will feel comfortable at the same time.

On this page you will find a wide selection of different brands of swimwear. What they all have in common is that they offer bikinis of high quality and in a good and fashionable design. In addition to your bikini having to be beautiful, it is also important that it gives you the right support and has a perfect fit.

Put together your personal bikini

Enjoy summer and sunshine with a smart bikini here from our webshop. With us, you have the opportunity to put together your own luxury bikini so that it fits your exact size and personality. This allows all women to choose the best bikini that suits each woman's figure and bust. There are many different models and designs of bikinis, and it can therefore be difficult to find the right top and bottom that sit perfectly on both the bust and bottom. That's why we sell many of our bikini parts separately, so you can put together your personal bikini and choose the size of both top and bottom that suits your body shape, as well as choose the design(s) that you like best. By mixing and matching, you can thus create a unique bikini set that suits your style and taste.

Which bikini suits you and your figure best?

With a selection from different brands that you will find here at, there will be something for every female body shape. Regardless of whether you have a pear-shaped, apple-shaped or hourglass-shaped figure, here we give you some good advice so that you get the perfect bikini model for you.

  • Pear-shaped body shape: If you have narrow shoulders and waist compared to your hips, then the strapless bikini model is good for you. The strapless bikini is also called a bandeau. This type of bikini makes your shoulders look a little wider. In addition, you can choose bikini briefs that have a high leg cut that makes your hips appear smaller and your legs appear longer.
  • Apple-shaped body shape: Do you have thin legs and narrow hips, but is your upper body shorter and fuller? Then you should choose a bikini with low-rise panties, which create the illusion of a longer upper body.
  • Hourglass shape: If you have a narrow waist but broad hips and shoulders, you must emphasize your waist and shoulders. Here you can advantageously choose a bikini top with a halter neck. If you have a larger bust that needs more support, then a bikini top with an underwire and regular straps might be a good idea.

Find the right bikini that suits you

When you buy a new bikini, it is important that it fits well and that you feel comfortable when you wear it. There is not much in having a bikini in a nice design, but the bottom and top do not fit properly. It is important that you feel comfortable in your new bikini so that you can go to the beach or the swimming pool with confidence. That's why we always have a large selection of bikinis in different designs and different shapes, so you can find just the bikini that best suits your personal taste and your body. Here at Netlingeri, you will always find a large and delicious selection of bikinis that meet every need. You will therefore find plenty of patterns, fabrics and colors that suit you and your wishes within bikinis perfectly.

Dive into the large selection of bikinis on this page and find your favorites for the upcoming holiday. Shopping online at is a pleasure and super easy, as you can shop when it suits you. Simply settle down on the sofa with a cup of coffee or tea and look at the beautiful bikinis for women that you will find here on the webshop. We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can be jumping in the waves in your new smart bikini before long.