Marie Jo

Are you also crazy about Marie Jo?

The Marie Jo underwear is produced by Belgian Van De Velde. An exclusive brand that focuses on fit, the most delicious materials, soft lace and fashion-forward colours. Check out the large Marie Jo selection and shop e.g. bras, panties, bikini and good offers at Marie Jo will give every woman the feeling of total well-being. Marie Jo is the pinnacle of pop when it comes to lingerie and underwear, with the exceptional wearing comfort and the exclusive materials, it forms the framework for a perfect, seductive and elegant look, right down to the core.

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Marie Jo believes that all women are remarkable

You will often wear many things one time; a caring mother, passionate lover, supportive friend, successful business women, resourceful entrepreneurs. Since you can drive many different qualities, Marie also thinks you should pamper yourself. Marie Jo follows the world and adapts to women's needs and your needs too. They are aware of many factors and with that Marie Jo can deliver the best products for exactly what you need and want.

Marie Jo underwear is designed to support your beauty on the go and to inspire you to love the life you live. You must please yourself daily and say thank you for the beautiful shapes you have been given. Marie Jo will do everything they can to ensure that your everyday life is good and that you feel unique in their beautiful and elegant lingerie.

The story behind the luxurious brand Marie Jo

Marie jo is part of "Van De Velde", which focuses on building strong and complementary brands, such as Marie Jo and PrimaDonna. Van De Velde is able to offer women the very best in terms of fit, figure and fashion in the luxury underwear segment. With the luxurious, amazing and personal brands Van De Velde has, they will improve women's self-image through fashion underwear.

"Shaping women's body and mind"

Since the beginning of 1919, Van De Velde has developed and grown big and popular, and they look forward to seeing what the future brings in terms of new challenges, which will of course leave a mark on lingerie and its history.

Marie Jo in many fits

Marie contains fantastic materials that give you the best support and the best hold. Marie Jo bras are made in several fits, so you can get the right model for you.

  • Full Cup
  • Balcony
  • Heart-shaped

Marie Jo panty models:

  • String
  • Tai
  • Hipster
  • Hotpants
  • Midi

How do I find the perfect Marie Jo size?

Does your bra slide around on you when you are moving or can you see the edge of your bra when you wear a T-shirt. Then you haven't got the right bra size home. Only 30% of women use the right size today, and we need to change that.

Here you get a guide to how your Marie Jo bra should fit

  1. Start by loosening the straps a little
  2. Put on the bra and then lift your bust away from the underwires. Look at the back section, which should ideally be horizontal all the way around your body. The back is an important part of your new bra, as it must give you the necessary support all around, as well as the optimal lift for the bust.
  3. Many women do not have the same fullness in both breasts. Therefore, you must be aware that both breasts fit the cup size. With a little push up, you can reduce the size difference a little.
  4. The straps must only carry 10% of the support, otherwise it is the circumference. Your straps should fit close to your shoulders but not so that they lift the bust or cause the back section to move around. The characteristic of the straps is to close the cup beautifully to the bust.
  5. The material between the two cups must lie close to the body, so that you cannot put a finger under it.
  6. If you can insert the girth into the last crochet right from the start, you should consider a size smaller in girth, and perhaps a cup size larger.

Marie Jo is the perfect brand for you

If you want a bit of luxury in your lingerie drawer, Marie Jo could be just the right brand for you. Notice the beautiful details that decorate both Marie Jo bras and panties. Marie Jo designs incredibly delicious lingerie with beautiful colors and interesting designs both with and without lace. Marie Jo also makes cheeky, discreet or attention-seeking lingerie. Attention is paid to the details down to the smallest detail, even the straps on selected bras have a nice design in the form of embroidery or lace. You can also find models with removable or adjustable straps, which are completely perfect for tops and party dresses.

Marie Jo is a little sister to PrimaDonna. PrimaDonna is for the large sizes, where Marie Jo goes from A cup up to F cup. If you want the same strong and good materials as Marie Jo, you can look at PrimaDonna Twist, which has larger cup sizes and still has padding in the cup. As I said, the circumference is incredibly important for your Marie Jo The bra will fit perfectly on your bust. You can find circumferences from 70-85. All old and new models that Marie Jo presents will be available in all the sizes that are normally in Marie Jo's range.

What quality does Marie Jo have?

Marie Jo wants to give you the best experience with their brand, therefore quality and price go hand in hand. Marie Jo thinks you should feel comfortable in your everyday life or at parties, so they use strong and good materials that are also comfortable on the skin. If you treat your Marie Jo lingerie properly, your Marie Jo bra will follow you for many seasons and give you pleasure.

Marie Jo basic lingerie – Avero, Tom and Jane

Here at Netlingeri you will find a large selection of both Marie Jo basic as well as Marie Jo fashion items. Of the more popular basic series, we carry Marie Jo Tom, Marie Jo Avero and Marie Jo Jane. These are also available in the fashion collection and in the current colors of the season, where we often have the colors in white, black and skin tones.

We usually have most of them in stock and can send your goods immediately to you, but in a few cases the goods may be temporarily out of stock from our warehouse, and we will therefore contact you to ask if you want to wait the approximately 10 days it will take us to get the ordered size home to you.

The latest news from Marie Jo

If you love the luxurious lingerie brand Marie Jo, and would like to keep up with the latest trends and designs to come, you might want to treat yourself with our newsletter. That way you will also be notified of our good offers. Marie Jo surprises us every time when they make new collections. They manage to find the finest details, lace and colors that you, like us, will fall in love with.

What is Marie Jo's lingerie:

  • It's elegant
  • It's feminine
  • It's luxurious
  • It's designs with their own character
  • It's something you deserve

Be ready – Marie Jo on offer

If you love Marie Jo, you must always be ready on the website. From time to time there will be exciting and wild offers on Marie Jo lingerie. Offers on Marie don't happen often, but when they finally do, you have to be quick to click home your size before someone else clicks it home. You can also be lucky that once in a while we treat you to offers on Marie Jo Avero in a fashion colour.

Marie Jo bodies

Marie Jo has their classic Tom Bodystocking, which is available with an underwire and a padded cup, so it gives your bust a beautiful roundness and a nice lift. The Tom series gives you soft materials with a smooth look, so you can use it under any shirt or dress. See the Tom bodystocking here in black and white.

Wash by Marie Jo lingerie

Marie Jo is a luxurious brand with fine details that you should be pay attention to when you are going to wash your lingerie. We recommend that you wash your lingerie according to the washing instructions. Most lingerie from Marie Jo must be washed by hand, but the panties must of course be machine washed so that all bacteria disappear. Even if you wash by hand, you must still pay attention to the temperature of the water. If you wash or dry your lingerie at too high a temperature, the elastic may break or become loose.

Marie Jo with free delivery

You get a fast delivery of your new Marie Jo underwear, and if you buy for more than 59 EUR, shipping is even free. Also remember that you always have a 365-day right of return when you buy from Netlingeri. If you have one or more questions, we will of course be happy to help you. You can contact us on the telephone number +45 41 40 75 00 every weekday from 08.00 – 11.00. You are also welcome to send an email to, and we will reply as soon as possible.