Triumph tops

Large selection of Triumph tops

With a top from Triumph you get a very nice top that is extremely comfortable to wear. On this page you will find a large selection of many beautiful tops from the popular brand Triumph. Like the rest of their well-known range, the tops are both functional and modern.

Triumph's large range of beautiful tops, quality and design are always top priority. Therefore, you are always guaranteed good comfort in Triumph's many different tops, regardless of which top in Triumph's large range you fall for. All tops from the German brand are produced in delicious qualities such as soft cotton, polyamide and elastane. Therefore, you can always expect a top of high quality when you buy a top from the brand Triumph.

The Triumph top can do it all

The German underwear brand has since the beginning produced delicious underwear for women of all ages, including many beautiful tops. The tops are all produced in beautiful materials that ensure you a nice top that you can use for many things, and which at the same time feels incredibly nice to wear. Many women often choose to use a smart top, both on the job or to attend to at home. It can be for practical reasons and to keep warm. But a top is actually much more than just a practical part of the outfit. A top has many good functions, and can therefore, in addition to keeping you warm on a cold winter's day, also be used as a beautiful feminine part of your daily outfit.

Use one of the beautiful tops from Triumph under a cute shirt or together with a nice kimono and your favorite jeans. Triumph's many tops are designed in many different styles and designs, and can therefore also be easily worn with a suit jacket and jeans. The tops from Triumph are available in many different materials, including soft cotton, polyamide and elastane. A top in soft cotton will not scratch your skin, and is therefore an obvious top that you can easily wear on a daily basis. Polyamide and elastane ensure that your top from Triumph has the ability to stretch and adapt to your body. It therefore sits very close to the skin, but in a very comfortable way. Such a comfortable way that you almost forget to have put the top on.

Many different models of Triumph tops

Good quality and long durability are what characterize the many beautiful tops from Triumph. This applies regardless of which of the many tops from Triumph you choose. If you like the classic and very simple look, you can choose one of the very simple tops from Triumph. The tops are monochromatic with a very minimalist look. They are often monochromatic with very small and fine details.

The tops from Triumph all have many different cuts, colors and designs. The many tops can be both long or short, depending on what it is to be used with. For example, you can use one of the long tops from Triumph, together with a beautiful skirt. The top will give you a nice and feminine look, especially if you choose a top that is decorated with fine lace details on the front. Regardless of which top you choose, you can be sure to get a top that is produced to the same high standards as the rest of Triumph's range.

Are you looking for a nice and functional top that you can use both under a nice knit, under a nice silk shirt or a whole third thing. Then the many wonderful different tops from Triumph are an obvious choice. Buy your top from Triumph from us and enjoy a top that can be used for almost everything.