Lace bra

A lace bra is a must-have in every feminine woman's wardrobe

A lace bra is not only beautiful to look at, it also makes you feel extra feminine dressed deep down. A lace bra can do something special for both everyday life and for the more romantic evening. It makes you feel sexy and completes your beautiful feminine style. With a lace bra, you get many fine and beautiful details on your underwear. At Netlingeri you will find many different bras with lace. We have a wide selection of feminine lingerie both with and without underwire, push-up effect and as a triangle bra. So no matter what type of lace bra you are looking for, you can definitely find what you are looking for here on the site.

Feminine and seductive lace bras

A lace bra is a must-have in every feminine woman's wardrobe, making this the perfect addition to your lingerie drawer. The bra is aimed at you who want an extraordinary, seductive and feminine look, where materials, graphic details and beautiful delicate laces match each other.

Over time, the lace bra has often been used by women for finer parties and events where the female figure must be displayed. The fine lace details were just the icing on the cake, combining the lace with embroidery and a firm, supportive material. For example, by sewing in a push-up. Like many other bra models, they are available in several different colors and designs, where the laces will be different from model to model and brand to brand.

Lace bra for all occasions

You can use a lace bra for any occasion. Whatever it is for everyday life or for a special occasion where you want to give your look an extra oomph. For example, leave your lacy bra visible under the blouse or dress and let it be part of your outfit. If you choose a lacy bra with a push-up effect, you also get a nice cavalier gait. When you choose a bra with lace, you get many fine and delicious details that make your bra extra sexy and feminine.

The laces can both be placed as a nice pattern on top of the bra itself. This helps to make a lacy bra extra exclusive. There are many different lace bras. At Netlingeri, we have selected a special selection from women's favorite lingerie brands. Shop e.g. bras from Marie Jo, Triumph, PrimaDonna and Chantelle. Whether you're looking for a sexy red lace bra, a romantic white lace bra or black lace bra that you can use with any outfit, you've come to the right place.

Lace bra for any size bust

There is nothing sexier, feminine and romantic at the same time than a lace bra. It is therefore not without reason that the vast majority of women love to wear a bra with lace when they want to feel extra feminine, seductive and sexy dressed deep down. Lace bras give self-confidence a boost, and as a woman it's nice to know that there is control on the inside as well as the outside.

It is of course not always that others can see that you are wearing a lacy bra underneath, but just the thought that you yourself know what you are wearing closest to the skin gives the vast majority of women greater self-confidence and a more slender figure attitude. Our range of lace bras comes in many different models, colors and sizes. You can therefore definitely also find your favorite among them, which you will love to wear.

Large selection of lace bras at

At you will always find a large selection of lace bras for women of all ages. Let yourself be inspired by the many models and types of bras with lace, which you can use for both everyday life, parties and very special occasions. At you can choose from a multitude of sizes and colours, so you can find exactly the lace bra that fits your bust and your style perfectly. If you're looking for the perfect lace bra, you've come to the right place. On this page, we have collected our entire large selection of feminine models that will suit any bust. We deliver directly to your home within a few working days, so you can use your new lace bra in no time.