Sloggi underwear

Large selection of Sloggi underwear

Sloggi underwear is known for its good fit. From Sloggi, we have chosen to stock both adult ladies and young women. Double comfort and Zero Feel is the classic series from Sloggi. Find Sloggi panties and Sloggi bras for every taste. All Sloggi underwear have in common that they love the washing machine. White Sloggi panties in cotton can be washed at 95 degrees, so they will be completely clean, while maintaining the fit and remaining white. See all ours: Sloggi panties and Sloggi hipster.

Soft and comfortable underwear from Sloggi

Sloggi underwear is the ultimate pampering. You probably won't find a better fit from any other brand - Sloggi panties hug your body and feel soft against your skin. The soft and comfortable Sensitive touch material is breathable, fits like a dream, and there are no unpleasant labels that irritate the skin. You can move however you want and no seams or edges will bother you. Under a pair of tight jeans or the tight-fitting dress, the seamless panties feel almost invisible. The temperature-regulating microfiber underwear is perfect for both everyday and parties. Drop your lingerie which tightens and gives its body marks and instead choose Sloggi where you can feel free, light and comfortable.

Sloggi part of Triumph underwear

Sloggi is part of the Triumph brand and it is not hard to see the connection. Both underwear brands are known for their high quality, good comfortable fit and luxurious design. In general, Sloggi underwear is characterized by a simple design, neutral colors and a comfortable fit. You can feel beautiful and sexy in Sloggi lingerie because it fits your body so well no matter how you move.

Wide range from Sloggi

Sloggi has a wide range, both of basic knickers in modal or cotton but also a varied selection of bras, which are available with or without underwire. Is If you are looking for basic panties that are comfortable to wear on weekdays or at parties, then you have come to the right place. Sloggi gives you the opportunity to choose from many panty models, so you can get the model that best suits your body shape.

See sloggi's selection of bras, where you can find both the classic cotton tops but also the trendy wire bras, lace and beautiful details. Whether you choose the cotton panties or the panties with lace, quality and materials still be super good and comfortable to move in. Sloggi wants you to have the best experience of their products and that you find out that well-being from the inside has a great importance for well-being on the outside.

Sloggi Double Comfort – the classic series

Delicious series in the softest and finest cotton. In Sloggi's Double Comfort series, you can choose between Double comfort shorts, Double comfort tai panties or double comfort maxi panties. The basic colors here are black, white and skin-colored. When you try the panties on for the first time, you will find out why so many women love to wear them. With 95% cotton and the perfect fit, the Double Comfort series is attractive. The Sloggi Comfort cotton briefs have a wide elastic edge at the top, which is incredibly comfortable as the elastic is on a wider area than if it had been a thin elastic.

Sloggi Evernew

The Evernew cotton series is for you who are looking for comfort and good comfort. Sloggi Evernew is made of 95% cotton, but the fabric is slightly thinner than the double comfort series. You can choose between the tai, hipster midi and maxi models in the basic colors black, white and skin-tone. In addition, you can also choose sloggi Evernew bra tops. The quality of Evernew is firm and durable, which means you can enjoy the panties for a long time, even if they are washed often.

The Evernew series has fine glossy surfaces with no pilling effect. From the sloggi EverNew series you get a nice shape and they are wonderful to wear. You get the lifetime guarantee when you buy a pair of Evernew panties. A folder with the panties will follow, with a number that you can use if the panties do not meet expectations. Remember, however, that panties can become worn and thus cannot be exchanged.

Sloggi seamless

Seamless panties in several models that are super light, soft and well-fitting. The seamless panties, which can be found in the string, tai, hip and shorts models, will be without seams and completely without any kind of seam that tightens and cuts in the middle of the ball. The seamless panties mold to your shape and give a natural look. Sloggi seamless is a must have in the wardrobe. It's always great to have a pair of knickers for that tight-fitting party dress or when you just need to feel comfortable in everyday life.

Sloggi Zero Model

Sloggi ZERO Feel gives you support without forcing your body to a specific form. The Zero model lies close to the body and adapts to your shape. Without seams, the seamless panties are invisible under the clothes and you get full freedom of movement as the fabric follows your movements and snuggles up to the body due to the fantastic materials.

In sloggi's range you will find Zero modal which is 75% modal and 25% elastane, which are light and comfortable panties. You can find the panties in the basic colors black, white and skin-colored in the sizes XS-XL. Your new Zero sloggi panties are made of a smooth fabric with 360 degree stretch. The Sloggi Zero models have the OEKO-TEX environmental label. Also shop Zero Feel Bralette.

What does Sloggi OEKO-TEX mean?

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, which is the product label with the nickname "trust in textiles". These are a number of certifications and labeling schemes that exist within the production of textiles. With products marked with OEKO-TEX, will be sustainable production and have been tested for various substances harmful to health and the environment.

How do you wash your sloggi underwear?

How to wash your sloggi underwear can be different, as the materials and fibers are different and withstand different temperatures. You must always follow the washing instructions that come with your new purchases. In this way, your lingerie retains its fit and quality. If you do not follow the washing instructions, the return and the right to complain will disappear.

  • The Double Comfort panty, which is made of 95% cotton and can therefore withstand being washed at up to 95 degrees. However, we believe that 60 degrees will be enough.
  • Sloggi Evernew, we recommend that you wash at 60 degrees, as the washing instructions also show.
  • Sloggi Zero must be washed at 40 degrees, which is the highest temperature the series can withstand. If you wash your lingerie too hot, the elastic will go limp or worse, will go and pop.

Buy Sloggi underwear at Netlingeri

Netlingeri has a pretty nice selection from Sloggi online, whether it's white, black or some of the colorful soft hipsters, well-fitting bras or thongs. You can easily and conveniently buy new underwear from wherever you are and have it sent to you. It may take 1 to 2 business days before you see your ordered items if they are in stock. If it is not in stock, we will order it to your home. If you buy over EUR 49, shipping is even free.

Questions for Sloggi underwear

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