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PrimaDonna was founded back in 1865 in Germany, and is produced by Belgian Van De Velde. With their many years within lingerie, they are therefore one of the most experienced lingerie brands within underwear, bras and panties. PrimaDonna goes from D to H cup and is produced with a view to the slightly heavier bust. PrimaDonna is not just underwear for large-breasted women, it is also feminine and beautiful lingerie, which also provides good support and has a perfect fit. The underwear is made with perfection down to the smallest detail, which can also be seen in the soft lace and the soft underwire with a special protective layer, which all provide the perfect fit for women with slightly larger breasts.

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PrimaDonna has the best selection for you

If you are looking for a bra for large breasts, then you have come to the right place. Netlingeri has a large and exciting selection of PrimaDonna lingerie for you. PrimaDonna is an excellent design that should inspire you. The core of PrimaDonna is to give you a magical feeling of love when you try on a PrimaDonna bra for the first time.

PrimaDonna gives love to their lingerie

Since 1865, PrimaDonna has a great love and passion for making underwear for women with large cup sizes. They want to be innovative and create innovative designs, with exquisite materials and great knowledge of how the pieces are put together. PrimaDonna always works to make the collaboration with the women genuine, so that they can fulfill everyone's needs and wishes. PrimaDonna wants to create the best results for you, so that you will be happy and satisfied. During PrimaDonna's 18 month production process, they work closely with the women to check the fits while the process is underway. In this way, PrimaDonna creates lingerie that is extremely perfect. All the results at the lingerie brand are nothing less than a miracle.

The story behind the underwear from PrimaDonna

PrimaDonna is the perfect brand for you who want delicious lingerie in the big sizes without compromising on the design, even if you use a large bowl. PrimaDonna's history goes all the way back to 1865 when the company was established in Germany. Since then a lot has happened and today the brand is owned by a Belgian lingerie company called Van De Velde.

Today, it is not corsets that are the focal point, but rather a nice design and materials that have been carefully reviewed and quality assured. Why shouldn't it be possible to get undergarments for women with shapes in luxurious materials and nice design? PrimaDonna's answer is: Of course it has to be possible.

The perfect fit and a good confidence

Once you have tried PrimaDonna lingerie, you will quickly find out what it means to have a luxurious and good bra to wear, which provides the best support and contains the best materials. PrimaDonna strives every day to create the perfect fit for their lingerie, swimwear and their bodystockings.

To develop and design the perfect fit and fit, PrimaDonna uses up to 48 parts in a bra, so that you can get the perfect bra. PrimaDonna develops in cash and obtains good materials that are rarely destroyed. PrimaDonna produces their lingerie from materials with good strength and durability, so you can enjoy your lingerie for a long time. Most customers who use PrimaDonna have great confidence in the brand. The customers almost never experience faults in the lingerie or swimwear, because PrimaDonna focuses on delivering the best from the start.

PrimaDonna Madison

Madison is the perfect bra for you who love beautiful and simple details. Madison series has existed in PrimaDonna's selection for many years, as it has the best support and has the most beautiful expression both with smooth surfaces but also beautiful lace pieces. Try Madison once and you will immediately know why this series has so many fans. The unique fit - with lace that fits perfectly around your body - gives fuller breasts all the support they need. And the playful checks cannot fail to put a smile on your face.

You can always find the Madison model in the basic colors black, white, red and cream. In each new collection, they surprise with a fashion color that fits perfectly with the colors of the seasons. When you find your new Madison bra, you must of course have a pair of matching panties with you. You can usually choose between these briefs:

  • Rio brief
  • Hotpant
  • Fullbrief

PrimaDonna's little sister is called PrimaDonna Twist

PrimaDonna is part of Van De Velde, which also has the brands PrimaDonna Twist and Marie Jo, which you can also find here at PrimaDonna Twist is the little sister of PrimaDonna. Twist are beautiful lingerie sets which have a padded cup, but no padding. The Twist series give your bust the most beautiful roundness, the optimal support and lift for you, who have a larger bust.

I Want You is one of the PrimaDonna Twist favorites that many know and want to return to, because it has the perfect design and the most beautiful fit that supports and makes your bust look beautiful. The Twist series I Want You is popular because it stands out a bit from the others, as it has a sexier and more challenging design.

PrimaDonna follows the trend and design of the time

The lingerie selection from PrimaDonna follows the trend and fashion. The design of the lingerie has not been spared. Today, the range includes not only different kinds of bras and panties, but also e.g. shape-wear and sportswear. PrimaDonna has many fans around Denmark and not without reason. The fit is really good, which is one of the top reasons why many return to PrimaDonna again and again. The beautiful designs, the quality of the materials and the variety are of course also some of the reasons why PrimaDonna ranks highly with women with shapes.

How do I find the right fit with PrimaDonna?

To make sure you use the right bra size, you can benefit from reading our little advice and tips so you find the right bra size.

  • The first thing you have to make sure is that the back section is completely horizontal around your back, as it must give you the right and necessary support. It must therefore not be loose, so always start by buying a bra where you have unfastened the piece completely in the outermost hooks, so that you can just as slowly adjust the bra when it starts to loosen.
  • The straps must then be adjusted so that they fit you and are not loose. The straps, on the other hand, should not be tightened too much either. It does not help to tighten the straps to get a better lift, as the straps only provide 10% of the support.
  • The piece between the breasts, must rest on your sternum but must of course feel comfortable. If it "flies" between your breasts, you don't have the right size.
  • If you can feel the underwire on the side near the armpit, the bra is too big. But if the underwires dig into your skin, then the bra is too small.
  • The transition from the bra to your breast must be smooth, if the breasts bulge out, the bra will not fit.
  • Always remember that your body changes all the time and so can your breasts, so it may be time to check if you are using the correct size and perhaps have your underwear replaced. A bra should always feel comfortable and fit well.

Basic bras from PrimaDonna

The most popular bras from PrimaDonna's base program, are the classic models Madison, Deauville and then of course the popular satin series. Both Madison and Deauville are bras with underwire but without padding, which give you a natural lift for the slightly larger bust. PrimaDonna Madison is available in several colors, some of which change from season to season. The satin series are available both with and without removable straps and are based in the colors off-white and black.

Fashionable lingerie in plus size

PrimaDonna delivers a wide selection of delicious fashion every season Bras and panties. All made in a beautiful design, with the softest lace and in an always fantastically good quality and fit. If you haven't tried a PrimaDonna bra yet, maybe now is the time to try it, if not also created by PrimaDonna well-being for you. Netlingeri has underwear for women of all sizes and in many different styles. In addition to PrimaDonna, we also carry brands such as Femilet and Chantelle, so you have a wide selection of lingerie in plus size.

PrimaDonna swimwear – Lasts longer than you think

It is summer and you have to show off your strength, confidence and form. If you have a large bust and want to feel beautiful and comfortable, PrimaDonna Swimwear is a good solution. PrimaDonna bikini tops and panties gives you beautiful shapes and boosts your self-confidence.

Indulge yourself even with a PrimaDonna bikini, which can serve you for several seasons. PrimaDonna bikinis keep the support and fit for a long time, as long as you treat it sensibly. We recommend that you bring two matching bikini bottoms with you as the bikini bottoms always wear out faster.

How do I wash my PrimaDonna bra correctly?

PrimaDonna's prices come with them fantastic quality and therefore we give you some advice so that your PrimaDonna can be your favorite bra for a long time. If you treat your PrimaDonna bra as the washing instructions recommend, you can enjoy your lingerie for a long time. Most PrimaDonna bras can only be hand washed, but still be careful not to wash them in too hot water, as the elastic will break at high temperatures. If you wash your lingerie in the machine, we recommend gentle washing, where your lingerie is a washing bag. A laundry bag protects your lingerie from being destroyed by the machine or vice versa.

When can you receive your PrimaDonna lingerie

Netlingeri works efficiently and tries to deliver your order as soon as possible. You can expect it to take 2 working days before you have your goods if they are in stock. When you receive your item, you have a full 365 days to return the item if it doesn't quite fit. When you buy lingerie online at Netlingeri, you get free shipping on purchases over EUR 49, so don't be sorry to put 2 extra pairs of panties in the shopping basket.