We have prepared a nice page with various tips & advice. You have, among other things, opportunity to read about our customers study our washing guide for underwear, lingerie and swimwear.

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When you buy quality underwear, lingerie and swimwear, you want it to last a long time. Therefore, of course, you also have to treat the products with care. If you follow our simple guide, you can ensure the longest possible lifespan of your lingerie.


It is super delicious to have a lot of different swimwear with you on holiday. Therefore, you will probably also build up an exciting selection of smart swimwear over the years. It is important that you take care of your swimwear, as it is exposed to harsh sun, salt water, chlorine etc.

Remember, you are supposed to be able to use it next year as well.


How to take best care of your underwear. Follow our guide and you are sure that the colors and shape will last as long as possible.