Basic underwear

Find your basic underwear here – Panties, bras and tops in good materials

Our basic products are created for anyone who wants to have some basic lingerie in their wardrobe. Use possibly a pair of black basic panties for your beautiful and colorful bra, so you have something to change into. A nice selection of basic lingerie, tops and panties awaits you, which are available in many different materials, models and designs. Most basic items are here to stay, so if you fall in love with a basic model, don't worry, it won't disappear anytime soon. You should feel extra comfortable when you buy your basic underwear. Basic items will match almost all the other lingerie you have in your wardrobe at home. Basic underwear are classic models with neutral colours, which will always be found in the range.

If you are looking for a panty in cotton, micro fiber or modal, you will surely find it here on the website. The good thing about basic goods is that if you go and love your classic bra in black, but want it in off-white, you will certainly be able to find it too. Sometimes the lingerie brands will also make fashion colors in their basic models, so you can also get your favorite bra in colours. You can see the selection of basic underwear here. The basic underwear are most often series that have run in many years. The basic underwear has perfect and comfortable fits, which many women have become very happy with. Many brands want to make their customers happy and satisfied, therefore lingerie brands also adapt to what customers want and demand.

Do you need a basic bra - Find the perfect one here

Under the basic category there is a large selection. But you probably think that it is mostly basic panties or undershirts that you can find. If you are interested in lingerie in basic models, you can also find it, however it is under the bra category, see here. Many brands have models they are successful with. The bra series will continue to be in their collections, both in the basic colors, but also once in a while in fashion colors. Are you looking for a basic bra that is completely smooth in the cup and must be perfect for the everyday T-shirt, we have some different suggestions for you here. You can use the search field to find the bra directly, and thus choose which basic color you want.

  • Missya Mary bra fill
  • Marie Jo Tom bra
  • Femilet Platinum bra
  • Triumph True Shape Sensation

If you are looking for a basic bra with more details, you can you search for these:

  • Marie Jo Avero bra
  • Missya Agnete star bra
  • Missya Caja, Big cup model
  • Femilet Mary bra
  • Prima Donna Madison
  • Chantelle Magnitique bra
  • Triumph sexy angel spotlight bra

There will be a lot of lingerie available in basic models and colours. Every season, the lingerie brands spoil you with fashionable colours. If you have already fallen in love with your basic bra and want it in one colour, don't hold back. Each season, most basic models also come in beautiful fashion and trend colors. You have to be quick, the fashion colors only come once and only a certain number are made. Then you know your bra size, so hurry up and click home your favorite bra in a beautiful colour.


Many brands have their bestsellers, and you want them could also be found on the website. In the basic underwear category, you will see items from Chantelle, Femilet, Missya, Sloggi and Triumph. The brands have good basic series and you have the opportunity to get your hands on them. The Missya series, called Lucia, is one of the brand's bestsellers. The Lucia series has panties in different fits, bra tops and undershirts, all of which are made of microfiber. The Lucia series is perfect for everyday use, as they do not tighten anywhere on the body and are incredibly soft to wear and wear on the skin. Lucia will also be good for sports.

Triumph has a lovely selection of panties from the "Triumph brief business Touch of Modal series", which are luxurious quality items and have the perfect cut with a feminine and timeless design. The series has both tai, hipster, shorts and the midi model. The family series "Olivia" is classic and individual panties and bras with mesh edges and glued seams. The Olivia series is made of Soft Fell material, which makes the panties and bras extra soft. The glued seams mean that there will be no elastic that cuts on the balls or at the hip. Basic underwear is here to stay. If you become happy with your basic underwear and need something new after some time, you will still be able to find the good models and classic designs.

Basic underwear is still feminine

Even if you are looking at basic underwear, don't just expect boring panties or undershirts. There will be beautiful lines and nice details, which you can also order your basic underwear in. Triumph's modal series, where the panties are made of the soft and delicious material model, there will be fine lace in the waistband as puts a feminine touch on the panties. The same also applies to the undershirts, which you can both find completely classic without any kind of details. If you like details on your underwear, some of the tops will have a lace edge, which can be beautiful under a sweater or dress that goes too low in the neck.

Underwear sizes

Knickers, bras, undershirts, tank tops and long sleeved tops, yes there are a lot to choose from. With a large selection, there will also be many sizes to find around. You can find basic underwear in the normal bra sizes. In addition, you can also find sizes that go from XS to XXL or from 38 to 50. The sizes can be for the panties, bras and undershirts. If you are in doubt about which size you should get, you are welcome to contact us. We will of course help you so that you can order the right size home. Contact us on +45 41 40 75 00.

Offers on basic underwear

Once in a while there will be offers or discounts on the basic undershirt, but this does not mean that it is about to expire. We just think you should be pampered. You can also find great deals on non-basic items here. Under basic underwear you might want to wear to the fact that "Triumph's modal series" looks a little different under the description. Triumph's modal series is included in the offer, which reads: 3 panties for EUR 49. If you are more interested in seeing the selection of 3 panties for EUR 49, you can click here.

Underwear in basic colors – The colors must match the clothes

Of course, your lingerie must match your clothes. You will always be able to find lingerie in the basic colours, black, off-white, white and skin-coloured. Basic colors are always a must have in your wardrobe, so you have something to choose from. A black and light bra will always be something you can find in stock. Basic items in the wardrobe, make it possible for you to have something for every occasion.

Use skin-colored lingerie under your light clothes. The skin color is the best color to use under your light clothes, as the color is most similar to your own skin color. Skin-colored lingerie is almost invisible under your light clothes. If you are not interested in the skin-colored bra, off-white is the next color that we recommend, as it is more creamy in color than the white color.

Basic underwear in cotton – and wool underwear

In the basic underwear category, you will be able to find both wool and cotton underwear, depending on what you lack and need. There will be both classic and neutral models in different basic colours, but if you are into lace or small details you will also be able to find it. You can find more about wool underwear here. You can find more about cotton underwear here.

How to wash your basic underwear

How to wash your lingerie can be very different. The new items you order home will always come with washing instructions, which you must follow carefully. If you wash your underwear incorrectly, the shape and form will disappear, and over time will no longer fit you perfectly. Most of the basic items you can choose from must be washed in the machine, as they mostly is made of good materials and thus can also withstand it. Please note that Femilet and Triumph's cotton series must not be washed at the same temperature. Femilet cotton can withstand 60 degrees, where Triumphs can only withstand 40 degrees. Never wash your lingerie in temperatures that are too hot unless the washing instructions say otherwise. Hot water or drying can cause the elastic to break.