Jbs of Denmark

Large selection JBS of Denmark underwear and loungewear

JBS of Denmark is underwear, stockings and loungewear for women who appreciate quality from the inside out. The collections are produced in the finest materials such as wool, bamboo and cotton and are thus the epitome of smart and comfortable underwear and loungewear for women. All items from JBS ladies are used in the best materials and comfort is essential.

If you are looking for nice underwear, nightwear or loungewear, here at Netlingeri.com we have collected a large selection of textiles, which reflects Danish fashion and which is inspired by the Nordic way of life, architecture and design. Take a look at this page and find your favorites from JBS of Denmark among our large range from the popular Danish lingerie brand.

Sustainable underwear and lingerie for women from JBS of Denmark

JBS of Denmark is inspired by Nordic minimalism. They design and manufacture clothing in the best qualities with comfort in mind for both children, men and women. All lingerie from JBS of Denmark is without annoying marks and is, as the Danish brand itself calls it, "Designed to relax". On this page, we have collected a large selection of lingerie for ladies from JBS of Denmark. All items are your guarantee for high quality and the best materials produced according to sustainable principles and climate-friendly certifications.

All products from JBS are also OEKO-TEX certified and all the latest products are also FSC certified. All lingerie has added cotton to extend the life of the clothes, and all cotton used is 100% organic. The packaging is either made from biodegradable plastic, 100% recycled plastic or FSC-certified cardboard. The collections from JBS of Denmark reflect the Danish view on the environment and sustainability and of course the Danish concept HYGGE, which is an important part of the Danes everyday.

Special characteristics of JBS of Denmark underwear and lingerie for women

When you stand with underwear and lingerie from the Danish brand JBS of Denmark, you can tell with the same mark that high quality and consideration are behind it the design. The lingerie both sits as it should, while at the same time providing space where it should. JBS is Denmark's leading brand within underwear and loungewear, and the renowned company continues to grow, every year that walks.

There is no compromise with their values, which include comfort, quality, individuality and innovation. If you want to feel well dressed inside and have comfortable and classic underwear, then JBS of Denmark is the right choice for you. You will find knickers, hipsters, shorts, sleepwear, homewear, tops and much more that you will love to wear.

Sublime quality from JBS of Denmark

JBS underwear and lingerie for women is characterized by being of a very special quality. With underwear from JBS of Denmark, you can feel deliciously and comfortably dressed inside, and you are sure to get products that stand the distance both in terms of style and quality, so that you can enjoy your lingerie for many years. Once you have tried classic and stylish items from JBS of Denmark for women, it is difficult to switch to another brand.

On this page you will find our current models within JBS underwear and lingerie for women, where you freely choose your favorite styles from everything from panties to babydolls to much more. If you have not yet tried JBS of Denmark, it is definitely time for you to treat yourself to the special luxury. So take a look at the options here, and experience the completely unique quality of design from JBS of Denmark on your own body.

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Since our founding, at Netlingeri.com we have dressed women to become the best version of themselves with delicious underwear and lingerie. And you can show that by wearing the popular Danish lingerie brand JBS of Denmark. Regardless of whether you choose to invest in their underwear, nightwear or t-shirts, you are sure to get good quality and comfortable textiles at prices that everyone can afford.

Do you need help? to replace the underwear drawer with exquisite products from JBS of Denmark, do you have questions or are you perhaps having a little difficulty finding the right size? Then you are always welcome to contact us so that we can help you on the right path. You can contact us via our customer service, which can be done by telephone on 41 40 75 00 or by email support@netlingeri.com. We will endeavor to answer your inquiry as soon as possible.