Tanga panties

Large selection of thong panties

Tanga panties give a challenging and sensual look, as it covers less of the ball compared to, for example, tai panties. In addition, the tanga panty cuts lower on the hip and has a lower waist cut compared to many other women's panties. In front, tanga panties resemble a string panties. If you are looking for one or more pairs of tanga panties, here at Netlingeri.com we have collected a large selection of the popular panty models in one place - namely on this page. Dive into our range and find your favorites from the popular category.

Thong panties are for you who want a challenging look

Thong panties should be part of every woman's wardrobe, as they are the perfect panty model if you are in doubt whether you are more into thongs or the classic tai panty. You can easily combine a thong with any BRA, making it the ultimate panty when you want to mix and match tops and lower part. In addition, such a panty also makes you look delicious and seductive, as it shows a bit of bare skin, since it does not cover the entire butt.

At Netlingeri you will find a wide selection of tanga panties from many different brands, in different materials and price levels, which match our range of bras and different women's preferences. You will find models with and without lace, seductive and simple and in many different colors and designs. The thong panty covers a little bit of the bum, so you can still see some of the rear. In addition, this panty model has a high leg cut, which makes your legs appear optically longer.

Find your tanga panty size

When you buy tanga panty, a particularly important element is that the chosen model fits you perfectly. For us women, there is nothing worse than if the panties chafe at the seams or crawl up when we are in motion. Therefore, be aware that your panties must always fit close to the body, regardless of whether it is the feminine tanga panties or another panty model. When you want to treat yourself to a pair of delicious tanga panties, you must first of all find out which fit and model is best for you and your body.

With a pair of tanga panties, you are guaranteed that they will sit beautifully and comfortably throughout the day, regardless of body size. If you are stuck with some special criteria, such as that the tanga panties must be made of a certain material or something else, then with our wide and specially selected range we have tried to create a range in different shapes, colors and materials from different well-known brands, where there will surely be something that suits your taste. But keep in mind that fit and size are the most important elements in order for you to ultimately be satisfied with your finished look on the outside.

Buy tanga panties here at Netlingeri.com

If you need to treat yourself or a loved one to a pair of tanga panties, you've come to the right place. On this page, we have collected a wide range of our specially selected favorites in several shapes and colors, which means that you would like to find just that pair panties you are looking for. You can choose from many different designs, colors and sizes. The range is so wide that it can easily seem overwhelming. Take a closer look at this page, where we have tried to make it as easy and clear as possible for you by carefully selecting an assortment of modern and timeless tanga panties.

We strive for our selection to be aimed at you, so that if nothing else you get an insight into the advantages of the different tanga panties. We are open 24 hours a day, so you have the opportunity to order your lingerie when it suits you. Should you have questions about size or anything else, you are welcome to contact us either by phone or email, where we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible during weekdays.