Femilet swimwear

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Danish Femilet is known worldwide for their underwear in stylish designs with good fits. This of course also applies to their delicious and stylish swimwear. You will find a wide range of beautiful swimwear for women that suits women of all ages.

Among these you will find various bikini tops, bikini bottoms and swim suit.

When you have to choose the right swimwear, it is important that you choose swimwear that has the right fit. The swimwear must feel nice to wear, and then it must be able to hide or emphasize what you want when you bathe.

The swimwear from Femilet is produced in super soft and delicious materials, which all feel comfortable to wear. In other words, it's swimwear in which you can feel comfortable. Among other things, because of the swimwear's good fit and nice materials.

Swimwear in the right fit

For many women, jumping into a small bikini or a tight bathing suit as soon as summer has announced its arrival. For some women, it can even be a boundary-breaking feeling to put on your new swimwear and thus show off your body in public on the beach or by the pool.

Perhaps children have arrived, and the body is therefore not quite as resilient as before. The breasts have also become different, and the stomach skin may not even be as tight as before. There can be many different reasons why many women do not enjoy wearing swimwear - especially after they have given birth.

However, there is no reason for that. Because with the many different models of delicious and fashionable swimwear in great shapes and fresh colors that you will find at Danish Femilet, it no longer has to be an obstacle to jump into the light clothing.

Femilet has designed beautifully swimwear, which means that you can easily feel comfortable when you dress in the delicious swimwear. The swimwear is made from materials that retain their color and fit, even when you go in the water. You therefore don't have to think about whether the swimwear fits well, even if you lie and sweat on the beach for hours.

Swimwear can be deceiving

A good rule to remember when buying new swimwear is that it expands when it gets wet. It is therefore a good idea to buy swimwear that fits a little tight when you try it on. If you buy a bikini top that is too big, the bowl will open up in the water, which is not the intention. If you use panties that are too big, they will fall down around the bum.

How to keep the color of your swimwear

Have you bought your new swimwear from Femilet , you also want the color and shape to look good for a long time. It is important that you take care of the swimwear, and therefore also wash it in the correct and most gentle way. If you don't do this, you will easily destroy the fibers in the fabric, and this can be clearly seen.

After a swim, in either chlorine or salt water, it is important that your Femilet swimwear is rinsed clean water. Chlorine and salt water are harsh conditions for your swimwear. If it is not rinsed through properly, it affects both the color and the elasticity of the fabric.

If you lie on the beach for many hours and enjoy the sun's warm rays, you are probably also someone who uses a good sunscreen. Sunscreen is hard on your swimwear and leaves ugly patches. Make sure to lubricate your body well before jumping into your swimwear. Swimwear must be hand washed with a mild detergent. Especially if it is swimwear with underwire, it is important that you wash your swimwear by hand.

Buy your swimwear from Femilet from us and get beautiful swimwear that highlights the best in you. Also on a hot summer day at the beach.