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Missya is a Danish lingerie brand that was started back in 2003. It is sold today in over 50 stores in Denmark and is also on the market in Greenland, the Faroe Islands and in Sweden. Missya makes lingerie, nightwear, robes and swimwear. It's fashionable colors, smart details and a good fit. If you want to be smart and seductive at affordable prices, then Missya is clearly the leading brand.

Missya is for women of all ages. No matter what size you use, Missya has a bra that fits you. The name Missya is composed of MISS YOU, and this gives the name a feeling of everyday luxury, which the brand also signals.

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Missya gives you lingerie in beautiful details

Missya is a Danish-produced lingerie brand that you've surely heard of before. Missya ensures that you can get the latest and most fashionable lingerie in your wardrobe. Missya constantly adapts to your needs in terms of the materials, the design or the fits.

Missya is definitely something for you who want to be smart, have the latest new and still at an affordable price.

With new designs, there will always be something to choose from, and you can always Missya's basic collection in the warehouse, where fashion collections occasionally appear. Follow the page and see which new and exciting items come in.

Missya for everyone

With Missya's competitive prices, you can find something that suits you and your finances. Whether it's lingerie, nightwear or something completely different you're looking for, security will be something for you.

Missya carries many models, fits and sizes, so they have something for every size and taste. They carry lingerie from A cup all the way up to G cup, with circumferences from 65 to 85. See the beautiful selection of Missya lingerie here on the page:

Missya Basic and Fashion underwear

The Basic collection offers beautiful bras with perfect fits. Here you can choose between comfortable push up bras, lined lace bras, T-shirt bras, feminine strapless bras or a good supportive big cup bra. Whether you choose one or the other type of bra, there will always be matching panties or hipster.

The choice of colors ranges from the classic black and white lingerie to the colorful, patterned and striped lingerie.  Missya lingerie is definitely not for you who want boring underwear.

Missya collections include:

  • bras
  • Panties
  • Swimwear
  • Coats
  • Nightwear

Do you know the Missya series Mary and Dorrit?

The series Mary has followed Missya for many years. You can always find Missya Mary bra fill in stock in the basic collection colors black and off-white. Mary is the perfect T-shirt bra, as it has smooth surfaces where no lace is attached.

The straps are adjustable on the Mary bra, so you can have the straps both plain and set them to cross each other on the back. You can get both the string and the hipster model for your Mary bra.

The Dorrit series is a little more different, as it has beautiful lace on the entire cup. You can always find Dorrit in Black and off-white, where Missya surprises every season with beautiful and fashionable colors. There will be 2 associated panty models for the bra.

Both the Dorrit and Mary series will be with a padded cup, i.e. no push up effect. The padded cup will give you a beautiful rounding of your bust and good support from soft materials.

Remember the Missya Nicole troop

Missya has long had the Nicole bra top in their collection, and fortunately they continue to do so. You can always find the basic colors black and white, where each season a fashion color is added that fits perfectly with the mood of the seasons.

A Nicole lace top is a bra without an underwire. The lace is applied to the cup, the straps and will also go as a piece of fabric that goes further down the body. The Nicole top is perfect to wear under your transparent shirt, or your dress which is open in the back.

Nicole is the solution if you don't think braces are comfortable, but still need a little support for everyday life or parties.

Star bra from Missya

Missya carries their classic star bra, which you probably already know about. Missya starbra goes from A cup to F cup, where in each size there will be extra padding that will make your bust appear larger. Missya always comes up with new colors in the star bra model and also designs their lingerie with beautiful lace and fine details.

Missya has made their star bra even better. They have gone in and changed the materials of the perimeter, which are now more elastic and softer on the skin. The cup and fit are still the same as before.

Star bra named Agnete is the black basic colour, which we always have in stock or can be ordered to your home. The fashion colors will only be available in stock once and cannot be reordered. So if you fall in love with a colored star bra model, hurry to click it home.

Different styles of Missya underwear

Missya underwear comes in different styles, which means that you can find models that suit your personality and your mood on different days. Sometimes you might prefer a deliciously simple design in lovely soft material. Other times, you might want to choose a nice bra in a colorful pattern or a nice print, which brings out the wow factor.

Missya lingerie includes all these elements in the different designs, so you can get something nice for both everyday underwear in good quality and cool designs for special occasions.

Missya follows the trend and ensures that you have the fashionable colors and models to choose from. You mustn't miss anything.

Missya carries the smartest swimwear

Every spring we receive smart styles in Missya swimwear and bikini sets. Missya is one of the lingerie brands that constantly works to deliver the best to you, and today they are actually one of the brands that are at the forefront of fashion when it comes to swimwear.

Missya gives you the opportunity to to mix your own bikini set, by carrying the parts separately. So you can choose a colorful bikini top and a black basic bottom. Missya swimwear can be combined in many different ways, because you can choose between several bikini tops and panty models.

Missya swimwear will surprise you this spring, with new and wildly beautiful designs and expressions and there will be something for one for every taste.

Swimwear from Missya must be washed properly

Take good care of your swimwear, as it will last longer. Your swimwear is exposed to a lot, sun, chlorine and sunscreen over a summer. If you take care of your Missya swimwear, chances are your swimwear will be ready for next season and even more.

Follow the steps and enjoy your swimwear for several seasons.

  • You must always wash your swimwear after use in chlorine or salt water. This ensures that the colors and quality are preserved as best as possible.
  • The sun is strong and will always bleach the color of the swimwear, if you only use the briefs, for example, then throw the top out into the sun. Thereby you reduce the color difference between the panties and the top.
  • When you use sun cream and sun oil, you must avoid it coming into contact with your swimwear. Unfortunately, this can cause your swimwear to become scaly and discolored.
  • When it's time to wash your swimwear, you can use detergent and mild washing powder. You don't need that much, so just use a little bit. Remember that you should never wash your swimwear with washing powder containing bleach. Thereby you achieve that the color lasts as well as possible.
  • Coloured swimwear: Wash your colored swimwear with detergent for delicate washing or detergent for colored clothes.
  • White swimwear: To preserve the white color as best as possible, use a mild detergent.
  • You should never throw your swimwear in the dryer, the heat simply destroys the fibers of the swimwear.
  • The color fastness of neon colors is generally lower than on other colours, therefore the color will fade faster in use.
  • Silver and gold colors wear off in use and in washing.
  • There is no guarantee for pearls, beads, sequins, stones and other applied effects.

Wash Missya lingerie

Missya is a lovely brand with fine details that you should pay attention to when you to wash your lingerie. We recommend that you wash your lingerie according to the washing instructions.

Most lingerie from Missya must be washed by hand, but the panties must of course be machine washed so that all bacteria disappear. Even if you wash by hand, you must still pay attention to the temperature of the water.

If you wash or dry your lingerie at too high a temperature, the elastic may break or become loose.

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