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Should you have a bra without an underwire? Then you will find here all our popular underwire bras from our lingerie brands. Here are wireless brass with and without padding in several different colors and designs that go all the way up to the large cup sizes for large busts from e.g. Triumph, Femilet, PrimaDonna, Sloggi and Marie Jo. See all bras here. You've probably heard of lingerie that doesn't have an underwire attached. In the selection there will be fine lacy bras as well as classic basic bras, all of which are without underwire. Whatever you're looking for, you'll still get the optimal support you need.

You'll still have the options of choosing between a padded or non-padded bra when you need underwired lingerie. There is a huge selection of wireless bras, and it's just a matter of clicking on the different models and finding the one you think is best. The materials in the bra one helps to give it good support in the circumference and cup, even if your bra is without an underwire. There is probably a specific reason why you opt out of the underwire in your new bra. It may be that you find the underwire uncomfortable to wear or that you may not have the need to use a real bra, but still want a lift and good support. No matter what you want from your new lingerie, there will be many options for you here on the website.

Do underwire bras still provide support?

The many quality brands that specialize in lingerie use researched materials so that your lingerie fits well and feels comfortable on your skin. The materials in the lingerie help to give your bosom the optimal support you need. In your bra without an underwire, there will not be nearly as many seams as in a regular bra with an underwire. The fewer seams in your lingerie the better. You will experience a more pleasant wearing comfort in your everyday life if your lingerie has few seams.

It can vary between bra models how good the support is, but of course it also depends on what you are looking for. and what size you are. Although the support may vary, all your lingerie will still support your breast tissue, which is very true. Developments in lingerie are constantly growing and today many lingerie brands can have their wireless bras. to look like underwired bras. The lingerie development means that you will constantly have many and new options to choose from. You can find a lot of beautiful lacy tops, classic bra tops or sports tops, all of which achieve a certain amount of support for you.

There are still many options even if you choose a bra without an underwire - Look here

Fortunately, there are many options for you who want a bra without an underwire. With the good quality brands, you will be able to find many different models, and thus find just what you need. Both the models, the brands and the design mean that there are many varying options for you, even if you choose one Wireless bra. There will be many details to consider when looking for the right bra. Should your bra have wide or narrow straps, a skin-coloured or a red one and must there be lace on it. There are plenty of options, just click in and take a closer look at the different designs you can choose from.

Can my underwire bra still be feminine?

Even if you choose an underwire bra, it doesn't mean you can't feel feminine, sexy or beautiful. Today there are so many brands that make beautiful lingerie, and there will definitely be something for you. You can find a bra without an underwire that has beautiful details, charming bows and beautiful lace that your bra for something special for you. The brands Missya, Femilet, Triumph, sloggi and the brand Neo Noir will give you a selection of different bras, each with their own function, fashion, shape and design.

Which sizes can you get in your bra without an underwire?

The cup sizes go from B to E cup. However, you must be aware that the bowl sizes can vary and the same also applies to the spaciousness of each individual bowl. Do you find products where the sizes are not indicated in bowl sizes, but instead in 34, 38 or 42 sizes. Don't get confused. Some lingerie brands work with both bra models and bra tops. Bra models are sewn to a more shape and thus also have specific cup and circumference sizes. In the model, you can choose a precise bowl size and circumference. The model is good for you who, for example, have a large bust but are small in circumference. Bra tops are indicated in sizes from 34 to 44. The bra top's cup size and circumference follow each other. If you have a small cup, the circumference will automatically also be small.

  • If you use 70B, size 36 in the bra top is a good size.
  • If you use 75E is size 42 in the bra top, a good size.

It can be a bit confusing to find your way around the different sizes. You will be able to find a size guide for the specific bra you are looking at. You can use the size guide. You are always welcome to contact us if you are in doubt about your size on the telephone number: +41 40 75 00 or by e-mail support@netlingeri.com.

Find your new bra without an underwire - And still get good support

If you are looking for a bra without an underwire, then you have come to the right place. You will find popular designs from our quality brands: Femilet, Missya, Sloggi and Triumph. Sizes will go from B to E cup and they are available in different colors, designs and fits. We have wireless brass, which can be both for you with a small bust, but also for the large cup sizes, where you will still get the optimal and good support.

Wireless brass are increasing, and therefore you also have the opportunity to buy a bra without an underwire for your home here with us. The models have modern designs and at the same time still have good comfort for everyday use. Whether it is a sports bra without an underwire, a bra for everyday use or something completely different you are looking for, there will be a guarantee that that you can find the right one in the selection.

Find a bra style – Just without an underwire

As you have probably already seen, today there is a large selection of bras without an underwire. There are new designs all the time and you can currently find bras without an underwire, but which have exactly the same shape as a bra with an underwire. It is the materials that go in and help with to express the hoop shape. The materials that the brands work with ensure that the bra will feel comfortable on the skin.

There are also several brands that use soft underwires in their bra models. Soft braces are silicone braces that are more flexible, soft and move with the body's movements. You won't feel nearly as much with a soft underwire as a normal underwire. If you don't like the underwire but really want the bra model, there are good options. Triumph's lingerie models "Magic boost bras", which is a fantastic collection. Magic boost with soft braces follows the body's movements. In Triumph's "Magic boost" collection, you will be able to find different shape models, so you can still get the model that fits your bust best. Find Triumph's lingerie, where you can also find Magic boost models here.

The sports bra supports you even if it is without an underwire - Read why

You will be able to find good sports bras with maximum support that your bust needs when you're in motion. The reason why most sports bras are underwired is that the underwire is not suitable for being twisted and in hard and fast movements. Underwire will go in and bother your skin when you do sports. When you do sports, use a sports wireless bra, because your own and your body's fault.

Have you had breast surgery - Use a bra without an underwire

A bra without an underwire is a good model for you who have had breast surgery, as there will be no underwire to bother you. You must still have the optimal support, the right stops and, in addition, the circumference must be comfortable for you. With a bra without an underwire, you will avoid the many stitches that could bother you and your delicate areas.

It is a good idea that you still focus on your support when you have had surgery or have a scar that you need to take extra care of. You must have a bra with the right circumference so that the bra does not slide around on your body. You must also pay attention to the cup size so that the bra fits perfectly. See the most optimal support bras you can get.

How to wash your bra without an underwire - Read here

The best way to treat and give your bra the longest life is to wash it by hand. By hand washing, you protect the elastic fibers and retain the bra's shape and model. There will always be instructions with your purchase of your bra, and it is important to follow them carefully, as the warranty will be void if the washing instructions are not followed. If your bra is washed in water that is too hot, the elastic will break and your bra will not be able to give you optimal support and will therefore be ready to be discarded. If the washing instructions say that you may wash your bra in machines, we recommend you use a washing bag so that the bra can still keep its shape.