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Bras for those who breastfeed must of course be able to do a bit of everything. A nursing bra must be easy to open. The nursing bra must be made of soft materials, and at the same time it must be a bra that wants to support all the way. Netlingeri carries nursing bras from e.g. Chantelle, Anita and PrimaDonna, who all is made of delicious materials. A nursing bra must of course meet all your needs - This applies to comfort, support, design, quality and fit. At the same time, the functionality and usability must also be good. During pregnancy you are more sensitive, and therefore you must also have a pregnancy bra that helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. You must have a nursing bra designed for expectant mothers who need good comfort, flexibility, support and good functionality.

When should you buy your nursing bra?

As your pregnancy progresses, you will notice that your old bras start to feel smaller and smaller, and here you are probably tempted to go out and buy your first nursing bra. But stop for a moment and consider what week you are in. Your breasts will certainly grow even more, and all of a sudden your first nursing bra purchase will be wasted because it has now also become too small.

As you do not know how much your breasts will grow during pregnancy, it is a good idea to wait as long as you possibly can before giving birth. If you can wait until 3 weeks before the birth, it will be good, as you will certainly have a nursing bra that fits you well both in the cup and around the circumference. When you first buy your nursing bra, be aware that it is slightly larger in the cup, so that there can be room for the milk when it arrives as well as your nursing pad. If you have grown before your nursing bra out of your current bras and need something new, you can take a look at our offers page. Here you will find good offers on lingerie which can support you until you start using the nursing bra.

What should you pay attention to?

When you go out and invest in a nursing bra for yourself, you must be absolutely sure that there is plenty of room for your nursing pad and the milk. If you buy your nursing bra that is too tight both in the cup and the circumference, you will squeeze the many mammary glands together, and this will prevent the milk from flowing freely. To make it easiest for you and the baby, you must make sure that your nursing bra has an opening that is large enough for the breast to come out unhindered. If the opening on your nursing bra is not large enough, you will close off a lot of mammary glands during breastfeeding.

If you have a nursing bra with an opening and closing mechanism, make sure that it is good and solid. It will mean a lot to you that the opening and closing of your nursing bra is good, because you will be breastfeeding many times a day, and therefore it must be easy for you to get to. Open - and the closure must be able to be opened many times during breastfeeding.

You must pay attention to the cup size and how the underwires sit in the middle part and out on the side of your body. Even if it is a nursing bra, it must still be comfortable to wear for a long time and therefore it is important that it fits you perfectly and will not bother you at any time. Then your bosom and nipples are most likely to be sensitive, avoid nails, spikes or lace near the nipples as this will also bother you.

Which nursing bra should you choose?

There are many factors that come into play when you have to choose a nursing bra for yourself. There are nursing bras that can be with or without an underwire as well as with or without padding. You can easily use a nursing bra with an underwire, as long as you are aware that the underwire does not sit on your chest and clamp. The brace can be a small reason for the free flow of milk being closed.

Many people find it most comfortable to have a nursing bra without an underwire. The underwire will usually bother your breasts because you have to be ready to breastfeed all the time. Many people think they can easily use their regular bras. We would not recommend that, as the material on a nursing bra is much softer and nicer to wear on your breast, which can be sore when you breastfeed a lot. A nursing bra is necessary if you want to feel most comfortable and make breastfeeding easier for yourself.

What sizes can you get your nursing bra in - Look here

On the website you will be able to find nursing bras in the Triumph brand. You will find A to E cup sizes, where you can choose from 75 to 90 in circumference. With a 75A in the smallest size and 90E in the largest size, there will be a large selection of sizes you can sample. This means there will be a nursing bra for you with a small bust, but also a nursing bra for large sizes. When you order a nursing bra, you have a 365-day right of return, so you have time to find out of what size you need - and remember there must be room for the nursing pad. Read more about our Conditions here.

How many nursing bras should you have?

You will use a nursing bra just as much as your regular bras. Your nursing bra is the closest thing to your body, where you also sweat, and therefore you must have several nursing bras. 3 nursing bras will be natural to have in your wardrobe, so you have someone to change between when you have to wash them once in a while too. On the website you will find the basic colours, black and white, which many choose one of each, so that they have a nursing bra that matches their choice of clothing.

Which material is good for your nursing bra - Read here

It is important that you get a nursing bra that sits comfortably on your chest and body. Your nursing bra must therefore be made of nice and soft materials. It must be materials so that your skin can breathe in your nursing bra. You will be able to find a nursing bra from the brand Triumph, which is made of beautiful micro fiber that feels soft on the body. Microfiber also does not go in and tighten the body and, in addition, your skin will be able to breathe. The nursing bra is neutral, classic and smooth in design so it can match any look you have.

The straps of your nursing bra

It is of course important you will find a nursing bra where you can adjust the straps so that the cup can always lie close to the body. When you have adjustable straps, you have the option to change the length of the straps, as you will often gain weight at the end of pregnancy, and will lose the fullness again when you start breastfeeding.

The better you can get your shoulder straps in, the better support they will give you. When looking for nursing bras, notice that the stops must be firm, wide and padded. Good straps will support both your shoulders and neck as best as possible. Also remember to see our selection of our Wireless bra here.

Washing nursing bras – Read here

There are no rules on when you should wash your lingerie. But lingerie that sits close to the body is more exposed to sweat, dirt and bacteria and therefore it is recommended that you wash your lingerie after 2-3 times, even if you don't think it smells. There will always follow the washing instructions on the inside of your clothes, which you must follow carefully. If you need more information about washing your lingerie, you can click here.

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If you're about to buy a nursing bra, but have some questions - don't hesitate to contact our customer service on +45 41 40 75 00 or You can also read more about what size your nursing bra should be in our guide on bra sizes.