Large selection of robes

Cloaks have become very popular again. You will find dressing gowns, bathrobes, evening gowns, dressing gowns and kimonos on this page. They are all available in a myriad of designs and at low online prices below. Common to all the coats is that they are all produced in soft and light materials. The dressing gowns are available in beautiful fresh colors as well as completely neutral ones. There is really enough. Coats and homewear are incredibly nice to pull on in the morning, after work or in the evening when you need to relax. The quality and warmth of the robes and housewarmers automatically make you relax and enjoy the beautiful morning or quiet evening.

You can find classic, colorful dressing gowns that are well-fitting, elegant and dressy for all body shapes. Use your robe, kimono or cozy set for the beach, the swimming pool, at the breakfast table or on the sofa with your favorite book. Homewear, also known as home set, is the perfect cozy outfit, the robes are lovely to jump into after the bath, before you take off everyday clothes, or just before you get under the covers. There will be a large selection of soft and thick dressing gowns, light robes and beautiful home sets for you. You are welcome to explore the fine collections and we hope you will find exactly what you want. you.

A cozy evening at home

After a long day at work, it's time to pamper yourself. Make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea and put on your relaxing clothes. When it comes to relaxation, you must of course wear something comfortable, soft and delicious. Therefore, find the nice robe or cozy set. We all need the relaxed cozy moments, and so do you.

It could also be that you are looking for something completely different, perhaps something delicious, light and a little sexy for the cozy evening with your partner. Among our soft and thick robes, you can also find the light and feminine robes, with beautiful details of lace which can also be slightly transparent. Take a look at the wonderful selection of delicious robes and home sets, and find what you are currently missing.

Get your morning off to a good start

A good start to the morning makes your whole day better. Start with a morning smile, and pull on the soft dressing gown, light kimono or the lovely home set from Missya or Triumph. Start your morning quietly in the dressing gown, which is made of lovely soft materials and pampers you and your skin. Then you are ready for a good day. You can find your coats both with and without ties. The ties can be taken off and on as you like.

The dressing gown after the bath or the swim.

There is nothing better than swinging in the lovely robe after you have just been in the shower. In addition, there will also be dressing gowns, which are perfect after a bath. Some coats contain materials that can help to dry the rest of your body from the water droplets. If cotton appears in your dressing gown, it will be good for taking the last moisture from the body. It may also be that you want to keep the warm body temperature after the bath, so you should without a doubt pull on the fluffy and terry dressing gowns that will always be in stock.

coats in several lengths

It can be different from person to person what you think is best, a long or a short coat to jump into in the morning before everyday life starts. There are ties at both lengths, so even if you choose a long robe, it can still fit close to the body. The sleeves are long-sleeved on all the dressing gowns you can choose, however, you can roll up the sleeves without problems. kimono robes usually have very short sleeves. We hope you feel like treating yourself to a good robe.

Homewear – Home sets that are soft and comfortable.

Home sets are just right for those relaxed moments when it gets colder outside and it's a sign of coziness in front of the television. You can find a home set where you can choose between designs, colors and models from the good brands that know what features a home set should have.

If you are not into a home set and would rather have something that is a little thinner in the materials, then you can look at our large nightwear selection. In the nightwear category, you will still be able to find soft and delicious materials, albeit in lighter materials. In the nightwear category, there will also be babydolls, trousers and jumpers, which you are welcome to take a look at.

Kimono – light and elegant

In the selection there will be robes that are thin and light, they are called kimonos. A kimono is made of thin materials and thus not as warm as the terry dressing gowns that are in stock. A kimono is for you who would like to have something light covering over your underwear in the morning or in the evening. You can also use your kimono outside the nightwear. The kimono has become so popular because of the fine details of lace and patterns. With the beautiful details, the kimono is not only used as a robe in the morning or in the evening, but now also for everyday use, outside the clothes. The kimono gives an extra zest to your everyday look.

Kimono with lace can also be seductive. You can feel feminine, sexy and still comfortable with a kimono. Kimono is mostly made of satin and lace, which makes it light and nice for a cozy evening at home with your partner. When you are in the process of finding the beautiful kimono for the evening, why not find a beautiful set of lingerie to complete the look. Find a bra and a pair of panties, which make your evening absolutely perfect. We hope you can find a beautiful kimono that suits your wishes and needs.

Offers on home kits and robes

Of course you also need to be pampered once in a while. Therefore, there will be a selection of robes or home sets on offer. You can find both classic and colorful dressing gowns in different qualities and materials. When there are offers on dressing gowns or home sets, you don't have to wait too long, as the sizes can quickly be taken in front of you. So if you fall in love with one, order it home and treat yourself to good mornings and evenings.

When you shop online at Netlingeri, you have good advantages

When you buy from Netlingeri, you get fast delivery and a 365-day right of return, so you have plenty of time to try on your new robe or home set and think about the purchase. We have a large and wide selection from the tastiest, well-known brands. If you buy over EUR 49, you even get free shipping.

If you are in doubt about the length, model or something else entirely, we would be very happy to help you find the right item for your home. You are welcome to contact us on +45 41 40 75 00 or by email You can get hold of us all weekdays between 08.00 and 11.00.