Large selection of nightwear

Here we have nightwear for everyone, both for those who want a soft top to sleep in, for those who prefer the classic pajamas or the elegant light babydolls. Shop nightwear from e.g. Calvin Klein, Femilet, Tommy Hilfiger and Triumph. When you need to sleep well at night, you must of course also have some nice nightwear to sleep in. If you prefer pyjamas, babydolls or petticoats to sleep in, you will find a large selection of them in the nightwear category here. You probably know the feeling of pulling off your jeans after a long day at work and jumping into the relaxed trousers and the soft and nice shirt to go with it.

You must feel comfortable and look good, even when you are sleeping. There will be beautiful designs in all models, and you can also find light, fine and feminine dresses. There is also nothing better than having a few different nightwear to choose from. Maybe you want the light dress one night and the warm set of pajamas the next, it's up to you. When you've had a good night's sleep, you automatically get out of bed, refreshed and well rested. Take off your nightwear to let it steam off and then jump into your dressing gown. If you pamper yourself right from the morning, you will be happy and your day will be nice and good.

Change your nightwear

Are you tired of sleeping in the same nightwear every night, or has the old one been used so much that it has completely washed out? Then it might be time for a replacement. But it's always nice to have something new for the wardrobe. You have to decide for yourself whether your nightwear should be usable on a rainy Sunday on the sofa, or whether it should be characterized by beautiful details rather than comfort. As it can be difficult to choose, it may be an idea to have a small selection at home in the wardrobe.

If your favorite nightwear has worn out and you cannot do without the good quality or fit, do not fear. The brands know what you want in terms of quality and which fits are good, and therefore many of the models and designs will return, but you can risk that it is in a new season colour. You can find nightwear from the brands:

  • Femilet
  • Missya
  • Sloggi
  • Triumph

The brands know well what characteristics sleepwear should have and work every day to make it even better. With different brands, you get a wider and better selection to choose your nightwear from.

Season change of your nightwear

The seasons change and so does the selection of nightwear of course. You must have the options to change out of your nightwear as the seasons change. Nightwear is just like your ordinary everyday clothes, which you also change depending on what time of year you are in. In any case, there are very few people who sleep in the thin summer top when winter approaches. There will always be new colors, designs and models in stock, so you can have a nice selection to choose from. You can find these models in stock:

  • Night pants
  • Night shirts
  • Night shorts
  • Night shirts
  • Babydolls
  • Pyjamas
  • Chemisers

Fine babydolls, shirts and chemises

Fortunately, there are so many beautiful, fine and feminine models for us women who need the pampering of soft materials and good quality when we sleep. There will be comfortable babydolls, chemises or women's pyjamas, you just have to find out which model you think is best for you.

  • The babydolls are both short and long sleeved, in different lengths and with colors. A babydoll is quick to put on and then difficult to take off because the material is so soft, light and comfortable.
  • Fortunately, babydolls have also come on the market. The night shirts have beautiful details on them, both with buttons on the front and the rounding at the bottom of the shirt. A night shirt is airy and beautiful to wear.
  • The Chemise top is the nice top, which is available in beautiful colors and with nice lace details, if you want it. A chemise top mostly has thin straps and is therefore made of a light material, which makes the chemise extra feminine. You can also use the chemise for everyday use as a summer top or under the shirt.

Mix and match the nightwear

Some of the nightwear is split up, which means that you can easily find a babydoll without taking your trousers with you. In addition, you can also make your own set, for example take a nightshirt with short sleeves and choose shorts or long trousers to go with it. You can choose just what you want. Mix and match option, offers good models so, available in beautiful and classic colors. Mix and match the models will all fit together in one way or another.

Offers on nightwear

Of course, you need to be pampered once in a while, which is why you can find nightwear, pajamas and babydolls on sale. You can find sleepwear that is as much as 50 percent off. Even though they are bargain items, they are still of good quality and beautiful designs. If you find a babydoll on sale, don't wait too long to buy it home. The offers are going fast and it may be that your size is gone when you have to buy it the next day. Treat yourself to quality nightwear at great discounts.

Put on the robe or the home set before the night clothes

Should the everyday clothes be replaced with some casual clothes before pulling on the night clothes? You can replace your everyday clothes with the home sets from Missya or Triumph, which are both delicious, soft and light. The home set calms the body and you can feel wonderfully relaxed and comfortable.

Get Inspiration for your new nightwear

You might use the classic pajamas with long sleeves and legs in autumn and winter, when you need to cover the whole body at night. On the other hand, it can be more comfortable with some nightwear with stretch for the days on the sofa. If you are into dresses, you might recommend sleeping in your babydolls all year round. If that's the case, you can buy two or three, so you always have something to choose from. Some will think it's enough to sleep in their underwear, which is also an option, as long as they make sure that the bra does not have underwires and padding that give you an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Wash your nightwear correctly, so it lasts longer

Even if you love wearing your nightwear, babydoll or pajama set, it must of course be washed once in a while. That's why it's always a good idea to have a few to choose from, because when one is ready to wash, you luckily have another set waiting for you in the cupboard. It is recommended in the first place. that you wash your nightwear according to the washing instructions that come with the item when you buy it. Here are a few tips for washing your nightwear:

  • Most nightwear can withstand being washed at 40 degrees.
  • If there are small fine details or lace, use a washing bag to protect the materials
  • If there is a print on your nightwear, so please wash it inside out, so that the print is spared.
  • Not all nightwear can be tumble-dried, so pay attention to what the washing instructions say.

Fast and cheap delivery

We want you to have the best experience when you buy nightwear, home sets or lingerie, so we offer you fast and cheap delivery on everything in the store. It actually includes everything that Netlingeri has in stock. If you buy for more than EUR 49, the delivery is even free, another little treat for you. In addition, we also offer a full 365-day right of return if it turns out to be the wrong size. If you are in doubt about size, delivery or something else entirely, you are welcome to contact us on +45 41 40 75 00 or by email We will help you every weekday from. 08.00 to 11.00.