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We have a huge selection of smart and adult bikini tops from several of our well-known brands such as Triumph, Femilet, PrimaDonna, Wiki and Marie Jo. We have bikini tops with and without underwire, with and without purchases, and with halter necks. With the perfect bikini top, you will feel comfortable on the beach or in the swimming pool. There will be a large selection of bikini tops for you. In the range, you can mix and match the bikini tops and bikini briefs, as all items are sold separately.

Find your new bikini top that can give you confidence by the pool or at the beach. It is important that you feel comfortable in your bikini set, therefore there will be a large selection to choose from. Summery prints and feminine details that have the perfect fit are ready for you. There are different models and fits that should emphasize your figure and make you feel comfortable. Are you into Bandeau, push up, triangular bikini or something completely different, then the selection will be ready for you. You will be able to choose from many models in different designs.

Which bikini model should you choose

Summer is here and there will be a nice selection of bikini tops for you. However, it can always be difficult to choose when there are so many to choose from. But one thing you definitely want is for it to be beautiful and fit perfectly. It is always great to try between the different models, to find out which type of shape fits best and fits best. your body shape. When you find out which model suits you best, the selection will of course become smaller and then you can focus on which colors or patterns you think your new bikini should be in.

As I said, there are many different bikini tops. Bandeau, halter neck, triangle cup, push up and should the top be padded? The many models come with bikini bottoms, such as the brief, tanga, tai, hipster and midi models.

  • Do you have a narrow waist, but have wide hips and thighs: Find a bikini top that draws attention and a bottom that doesn't. There should be more focus on the upper body than the lower body.
  • If you have a large and full bust, then you should choose a bikini top with underwire, so that you get the optimal support. When you wear the best support and good straps, you no longer have to be afraid to let loose in the waves.
  • If you have small breasts, you can use a strapless bikini or a bandeau. You should always go for padded and colored bikinis with fine details. In this way, your bust will look and appear larger.
  • Muscular body with few shapes, then a bikini top with many details and patterns will be perfect. Look at the triangle bikini tops, so that they don't make your body wider or longer.
  • If you have a full bum, thighs and hips, you can look for the panties that have ties on the sides or the tai model. They are higher in the crop, and will make your legs appear longer and your butt smaller.
  • Full stomach, breasts and shoulders but narrow hips, this body shape is called the apple shape. You need to find bikini bottoms with strong colors, patterns or details. In addition, you need to find a bikini top that supports your bust well.

There will be a large selection of models, colors, designs and details waiting for you.

Bikini for large breasts

If you have a larger bust and need good support to keep the shape of your breasts nice and at the same time have optimal support, then you have come to the right place. You will be able to find a large selection of bikini tops that will give your bosom the best support. It is important that when your bosom needs extra support, you must both focus on the circumference, the cup size and the straps. The circumference is what gives your bust the support and the perfect lift. It is not the stops that must support your bosom, however the stops must still be at a good width on your shoulders. The stoppers ensure that the cup itself lies close to your chest and does not open.

When you buy a bikini, the cup must be the right size, just like a normal bra. The cup must be able to accommodate your bust and the underwires must be outside your chest and not on your chest. The more you pay attention to how the bikini top fits, the better bikini top you give yourself. The brands Change, Femilet, PrimaDonna and Triumph offer you bikini tops that are for slightly larger breasts that need a good support. Of course, all bikini tops also come with bikini briefs that match the top. You can both choose the panties that match the top, but also find a completely different one.

Offers on swimwear

How wonderful it is with offers and discounts, because then you can pamper yourself, extra. You will be able to find many different designs to choose from. Whether you are the girl who likes the classic bikini or the more colorful girl who loves patterns and challenging designs, no matter what you are into, we have something for you.

How to wash your bikini top

Take good care of your swimwear so it lasts longer. Your swimwear is exposed to a lot, sun, chlorine and sunscreen over a summer. But if you take care of your swimwear, it will also be ready for next season and even more. Follow the steps and enjoy your swimwear for several seasons:

  • You must always change your swimwear after you have been in chlorine or salt water. This ensures that the colors and quality are preserved as best as possible.
  • The sun is strong and will always bleach the color of the swimwear. For example, if you only use the panties, throw the top out into the sun. Thereby you reduce the color difference between the panties and the top.
  • When you use sunscreen and sun oil, avoid it coming into contact with your swimwear. Unfortunately, this can cause your swimwear to become scaly and discolored.
  • When it's time to wash your swimwear, you can use detergent and mild washing powder. You don't need that much, so just use a little bit. Remember that you should never wash your swimwear with washing powder containing bleach. Thereby you achieve that the color lasts as well as possible.
  • Use a laundry bag when washing in the machine.
  • Coloured swimwear: Wash your colored swimwear with detergent for delicate washing or detergent for colored clothes.
  • White swimwear: To preserve the white color as best as possible, you must use a mild detergent.
  • You should never throw your swimwear in the tumble dryer, the heat simply destroys the fibers of the swimwear.
  • The color fastness of neon colors is generally lower than on other colours, therefore the color will fade faster in use.
  • Silver and gold colors wear off in use and washing.
  • There is no guarantee for pearls, beads, sequins, stones and other attached effects.