Triumph wire bra

Large collection of wire bras

With one of the many beautiful underwired bras from the German underwear brand Triumph, you get a bra in modern design with exceptional wearing comfort. On this page you will find a nice large selection of all the beautiful underwired bras from the well-known brand.

Often women have a preference when it comes to their bra. Either a bra with an underwire or one without. It is of course a matter of taste, which is mostly about feeling comfortable in the bra you choose. All the beautiful underwired bras from Triumph are produced in soft, comfortable qualities that ensure you a super good comfort all day long.

Is it difficult to choose a Triumph wire bra?

For most, Triumph has become a very recognized and popular brand within underwear. Ever since 1886, the German brand has been providing beautiful underwear for modern women of all ages. It can be difficult to choose an underwire bra because there are often many to choose from. This also applies among the many different models from Triumph. Here you will find beautiful bras that convince with a modern design and a super comfortable wearing comfort that you cannot go wrong with. All the many underwired bras from Triumph are produced in very soft materials such as shiny satin, ultra-fine lace fabric or a soft mix of cotton and lycra that feels light against bare skin.

Once you've decided on a Triumph underwire bra, it's time to to find the model that suits you best, and the possibilities are many. Among the many varieties of wire bras, you will find the romantic bras with small lace and fine feminine embroidery. A bra for everyday use in super soft materials. Or perhaps a push-up bra with an underwire, which conjures up a beautiful bust. What all the beautiful underwired bras from Triumph have in common is that they are all specially developed to give you the absolute best comfort throughout the day, and regardless of which one of the many underwired bras you choose.

Triumph has you in focus

The German underwear brand Triumph started back in 1886 and ever since the popular brand has developed delicious and feminine underwear for women all over the world. Triumph is well-being and therefore comfort has always been at the top of the agenda. Focus on good comfort and quality also means that you can always expect a wire bra in a unique design from Triumph. A design that is both modern, classic and innovative. All so that you can feel comfortable.

Remember to take good care of your underwired bra from Triumph

Unfortunately, your underwired bra will not last forever. It is therefore a good idea to take good care of it so that it does not age prematurely. It is said that a bra normally has a lifespan of approx. 8 months, and this is especially true if you use the same bra regularly. You can easily see when it is time to change your bra. The elasticity in the bra begins to disappear just as quietly, perhaps the small elastic bands in your bra begin to break. If you have a bra that is decorated with small details and lace, they will also start to look boring.

Also make sure to wash the bra correctly and gently. Avoid putting it in the washing machine. A washing machine is hard on your bra and you risk that your bra will quickly break. Instead, wash your bra by hand with a mild detergent suitable for colored clothes. Buy your Triumph wire bra from us and get a beautiful bra in a good, comfortable and strong quality.