Be inspired by the large selections of panties just for you

Choose from a lot of different types of panties. String panties, tai panties, hipster panties, brazilian panties and period panties. We have popular panties from Hunkemöller, Triumph, PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Chantelle and other famous brands. Be inspired by the many selections just for you. There will be amazing collections of panties, thongs, hipsters and more. Look at the selection, there will certainly be something for your shapes, needs and wishes.

It started with the loose trousers, which went all the way down to the women's ankles. In the 1900s, the briefs got the shape we know today. Short and tight-fitting panties in a large selection. If you want to know more about all the different panties and models available, you can read more about them below, where each panty will be described to you. A large selection of panties requires many brands: Bjørn borg, Change, Chantelle, Femilet, Freya, Marie Jo, Missya, Neo Noir, Prima Donna, Sloggi underwear and Triumph. The many fantastic brands mean that you have a large selection to choose from and can therefore also find just the right one.

Do panties have to match the bra?

No bra without matching panties, most women agree with that opinion, but of course it depends on taste and preference. You might be the one who buys a bra and without hesitation must have a pair of matching panties. Many lingerie brands recommend that when you buy a bra, you must have two pairs of matching panties with you. With two panties, you can wear a beautiful set for two days, since you can use your bra for more than one day. But if you love to mix and match with your lingerie, then it's just alright. It may be that you only use panties made of certain materials. Everyone's needs are different and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

You can never have too many panties. It's always great to have a variety of panties to choose from, whether it's a certain color, shape, or something completely different. You can benefit from having some basic panties that are solid in color and will be able to match most things in your wardrobe to your advantage. Even if you have many basic panties, there is nothing better than feeling delicious and comfortable with a matching lingerie set. For some women, it is of great importance that they also look good under their clothes, even if only they themselves see it.

Which models can you choose from – Find out here

Fortunately, there are many different models, shapes and colors that you can choose from. It is a good idea to find out which model you like best and then start choosing colors. You can choose from many beautiful strings, which are the panties that are almost completely invisible under your tight-fitting clothes. In addition, you will also be able to find the tai panty, the hipster model, boxer shorts, hot pants and the maxi model. There will be a large selection, so you can get just the right home for you. You can read more about the panty models here or look further down where each panty type is described. Hopefully you will become more aware of which model suits you best.

The String is the perfect model for your tight-fitting clothes

You have certainly heard of the String before. The String has long been one of the most popular panties among women. The string is a panty which is perfect for your tight-fitting dress or your pants, where you don't want the visible panty edge on the butt. The front of the string covers everything, but the back of the string goes between the buttocks and thus will not lie on the buttocks as some of the other panty models do. If you want to hide your panties and make them as little visible as possible, the string is just the thing for you. You must also consider the color choice of your panties. It is not possible to buy a pair of black thongs when you are wearing light or white clothes.

When you are wearing light clothes, you have an advantage if your underwear is skin-coloured. Skin-colored lingerie is less visible than if you choose white lingerie. Here you will find the large selection of strings panties for you, where you can choose from the many quality brands. For your classic black dress, you can of course choose from all kinds of colors, but you can also consider a pair of black classic seamless string panties. There will be a large selection of seamless panties. The brand Sloggi is one of the popular brands when it comes to the seamless model.

The hipster model is good for you with low-rise trousers - Read more here

The hipster panty comes from the English word, hip. The hipster panty sits precisely on the hip and covers larger parts of your butt. The hipster sits low on the waist and is perfect for those of you who wear low-rise trousers. The hipster panty is a model that is wide at the side and actually also all the way around the hips and balls. In the back, the hipster cuts low, but the lower part of your bottom will still be visible. The front cuts the model at the top of the thighs. Hipster panties always sit beautifully close to the body, and can be decorated with fine details of lace and bows, which of course are available in many different colours. See the selection of hipsters here.

Be aware of your hipster panties, because there are also a hipster string. A hipster string is a mix of the two panty models. At the front of your hipster string, the panty looks like a regular hipster, while at the back it looks like a string model that goes between your balls. The upper part of your balls will still be covered with fabric. The model is good for you who want your balls covered. Even if your balls are covered, you will be able to find hipsters with beautiful lace, which makes the panties more light and feminine. A seamless hipster model is perfect for everyday wear. The seamless panty is incredibly comfortable, which is perfect under your fitted dress. The panties will be invisible under your clothes precisely because there are no seams to see.

The Tai panty gives you longer legs

A Tai panty ends at your waist, and with the high leg cut, the Tai panty has had a good reputation for giving the illusion of longer legs. A tai panty covers the entire ball. The leg cut gives a nice and feminine look. The Tai panty is more light and open than the hipster or hot pants model. The height of the briefs will usually cut in the middle of your hips and is a nice comfortable brief for everyday use. You will be able to choose between basic tai briefs in cotton with a good elastic to hold your balls. But the tights are of several designs, and therefore you can also choose a panty with fine lace details, with pure lace, but also in the seamless model.

The maxi panty - Provides good support for both stomach and balls

We mustn't forget the maxi panty. The panties are a fantastic model for you who would like your panties to sit higher in the waist. The waist of the panty goes up higher than what the tai panty does. If you choose the maxi panty, you will get optimal support for both stomach and balls. The maxi panty is a design for girls who are slightly rounder, but may still be something for you who have a smaller waist.

You will be able to find a selection where there are both completely smooth and classic designs, but also designs with fine lace and small details that make the panties feminine and beautiful. The maxi model's good height in the waist means that there is no will be a cut from the elastic in the middle of your hips. You will therefore get a smooth transition under your dresses, which cannot be seen, precisely because the elastic sits higher on the hip and sometimes right up to your waist.

Large collection - Large selection

What you are looking for, you will get, and with a large selection of panties and strings for women, you will have the opportunity to find panties with detailed lace, good materials and in perfect fits. You will be able to find panties for all occasions, whether they are everyday panties in delicious cotton with high comfort, or the string without seams that should feel comfortable to wear, or perhaps you are looking for the cheeky panties for a special evening.

Shapewear panties - Tighten up the balls and waist

The Shapewear panties are for you who want to tighten your balls or waist, so that your dress can fit perfectly. With shapewear, you will feel gorgeous, as it just goes in and gives you a beautiful silhouette. Panties with a shape effect are available in both high-waist and low models. High-waist goes high up in your waist and supports. All shapewear panties tighten up your shapes easily. The shaping material you find in the selection is made of comfortable materials and helps to give your body a beautiful silhouette.

Hotpants and boxer shorts

You will be presented with a nice selection of hotpants, which are the panties with thigh-short pants. Hotpants are tight fitting and sit nicely on your balls. Hotpants are seen both as underwear but also in the shorts category. The hotpants model has the advantage that it does not climb up so easily. It is a design that is good under your dress and skirt, but can also be comfortable for you who run and go to the gym a lot. You will be able to find different styles and colors as well as hot pants with cute lace. Hotpants with a sporty design will also be found in the selection. The brands you can choose from when buying hot pants will be Bjørn Borg, Femilet, Freya, Maria Jo, Prima Donna, Sloggi and Triumph.

How do you wash your panties?

You probably know the problem of your panties becoming discolored. Here you can learn more about how to wash your underwear so that it still retains both its shape and colour. Your lingerie, which sits close to the body, is more exposed to sweat, dirt and bacteria and therefore you must wash your panties every time you have worn them. When you have to wash your panties or other lingerie must follow the washing instructions carefully, just as you do with all the other clothes you wash. Do not use detergent with a bleaching effect. When you have to wash your underwear in the machine, you must stick to colored detergent.

If you do not wash your lingerie in the machine, you must make sure that the detergent is properly dissolved before you throw the lingerie into the water. Your lingerie does not benefit from soaking for more than five minutes. When drying, do not use a tumble dryer or direct heat. The underwear's elastic will break if exposed to high temperatures. Direct sunlight will cause your lingerie to fade. Some of your cotton panties can withstand being washed at 60 degrees, but everything else must be washed by hand or at a low temperature in a laundry bag. A delicate panty should only be washed at low heat.

Which panties are best for the abdomen?

The best panties for your abdomen are undoubtedly cotton panties. The advantage of cotton panties is that they allow you to breathe in a completely different way than if you use panties made of synthetic material. Netlingeri has a large selection of panties that are good for your abdomen - for example Sloggi Double Comfort. See all our Cotton underwear here.